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Chapter 3 Attending Classmates Reunion

In the box, there was a loud voice and the atmosphere was very lively.

“Look, who’s here? It’s the two golden flowers from our department.” A male student couldn’t help but roared when she saw An Qianyan and Luo Jingjing walk in.

Everyone looked at them.

An Qianyan and Luo Jingjing used to be the beauties that everyone envied in the school, and their relationship is good, so they are called “two golden flowers”.

Many boys in the school took the initiative to pursue them.

“It’s rare to invite two golden flowers tonight. I have to accompany us for a few drinks tonight. I won’t be drunk or go home.” Some male students said brightly in their eyes.

“Go, don’t think about playing Qianyan’s idea, Qianyan has her husband, she wants to drink, I will accompany you!” Luo Jingjing knew that An Qianyan was in a bad mood tonight, and quickly sent away the classmates who were surrounding them. .

Everyone knows that Luo Jingjing is still single, and many male classmates followed her.

But there are still many female classmates who still surround An Qianyan.

“Qianyan, I heard that you married a good husband and opened a plastic factory at home?”

“Your husband seemed to be named the plastic king of our city last year, right?”

“I have met Qianyan’s husband, young and promising, handsome!”

“When Qianyan got married, her husband gave a big diamond ring!”

“Qianyan, you are so happy! My husband has a successful career, and I love you so much!”


Listening to these female classmates, your words of envy, if you say An Qianyan before, might feel very happy.

But now, apart from a strong smile, her heart is full of misery and sadness.

Her so-called “good husband” with a successful career is now in a car shock with female students in the hotel’s underground parking lot.

Their marriage has long existed in name only, but she has been kept in the dark, thinking that she married well.

Everything is just a hypocritical appearance.

An Qianyan bit her scalp, listening to the compliments of these classmates or envy or jealousy, she felt guilty in her heart.

She felt like she was suffocating.

She was planning to find an excuse to leave when a clear and familiar female voice sounded behind them.

“An Qianyan!”

An Qianyan was startled and turned to look subconsciously.

I saw Jiang Qixin, her former classmate, walking towards them with a tall and handsome man.

The man wears a black handmade suit with a straight and straight body, a long and straight figure, sharp facial features, well-defined outlines, steady and elegant manners, and exudes a noble and indifferent high-ranking aura, giving people a deep introverted, yet ok A sense of distance beyond sight.

His appearance immediately attracted the attention of the group of female classmates beside An Qianyan.

“So handsome!” The female classmates stared at him intently, showing idiots, and couldn’t help screaming.

A triumphant smile appeared at the corner of Jiang Qi’s mouth, enjoying the envy of the female classmates, and raised her chin high.

Under the praise of everyone, she came to An Qianyan and looked at her carefully: “It’s been a long time!”

“Long time no see!” It’s not that An Qianyan didn’t feel the provocative hostility from Jiang Qixin, but she was upset about Ye Zhenwei’s derailment at the moment, and she was really in no mood to deal with her.

“This is my boyfriend Leng Haochen, he is the president of a multinational company!” Jiang Qixin raised her chest and introduced with great pride.

Hearing this, there was another envious exclamation around him.

But An Qianyan clearly saw Jiang Qixin’s so-called boyfriend frowned.

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