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Chapter 3 Wedding Night

Afterwards, no one took the initiative to mention this matter again. As soon as Cheng Xiaoya graduated, under the auspices of the two parents, Fu Xuan and Cheng Xiaoya held a super grand wedding that sensationalized the whole city.

The eldest daughter of Cheng Guoyao is married, and the natural scenery is endless.

Cheng Xiaoya lost her mother in her early years, and Cheng Guoyao even gave the jewelry left by Cheng Xiaoya’s mother to Cheng Xiaoya on the day of Cheng Xiaoya’s wedding.

Before the wedding, Cheng Guoyao took Cheng Xiaoya’s hand and said earnestly: Cheng Xiaoya, you have grown up and married today. From now on, you will be a member of the Fu family. Take care of yourself. Collect all the jewelry your mother left for you. In addition, Dad has transferred all Cheng’s shares in your mother’s name to your name. You know that I and your Aunt Yanhua have no children. In the future, your father’s other property will be owned by you and Tiantian. You can follow Fu Xuan and learn more about shopping malls. Don’t take care of others. I hope you and Tiantian Neng will be in the same mind in the future. , Carry the banner of Cheng family together. “

Cheng Xiaoya burst into tears and nodded her head. Cheng Guoyao raised her hand to wipe the tears from her daughter’s face. Seeing that her daughter looked exactly like her mother, she couldn’t help but think of her ex-wife Fang Fang’s gentle and graceful appearance.

Cheng Xiaoya’s mother, Fang Fang, is weak. Since marrying Cheng Guoyao, she has suffered from constant disasters and has been taking medicine for more than half a year.

Not long after the birth of Cheng Xiaoya, Fang Fang had to use abdominal dialysis every day to maintain his life due to renal failure. Cheng Xiaoya was not two years old because Fang Fang refused to undergo a kidney transplant. When Cheng Xiaoya was less than two years old, Fang Fang passed away.

Before Fang Fang left, she firmly held the hands of her baby daughter and her husband Cheng Guoyao, and let Cheng Guoyao take care of her daughter with a few whispers. Yiren was gone before she finished speaking. More than a year after Fang Fang left, Cheng Guoyao continued to marry Ding Yanhua.

Cheng Xiaoya’s impression of her mother has long been blurred. She was wronged when she was a child. She only knew that she was holding her mother’s photo and whispering to her mother, but her mother’s voice and smile had already disappeared in the wind.

Cheng Guoyao patted his daughter on the shoulder, and couldn’t help crying when he thought of the gains and losses from this journey.


On the wedding night, Fu Xuan was half drunk, and all the best men drank awkwardly. Finally, the drunkard helped the drunkard and threw Fu Xuan on the bed of the new house, where he disappeared.

Cheng Xiaoya didn’t remove her makeup, and thanked the best men in a red wedding cheongsam to see off the guests.

When he returned to the room, he let the servant go back to rest, squatted down by himself, and carefully took off his shoes and socks for Fu Xuan. He got up again and tried to embrace Fu Xuan’s body, blushing, propped Fu Xuan up from the bed, and took off his wedding black tuxedo.

Fu Xuan’s height is 185. Cheng Xiaoya’s height is close to 170, which is pretty good, but she is quiet and less active. She is thin, and it takes a lot of effort to move a big man like Fu Xuan.

Fu Xuan took advantage of Cheng Xiaoya’s time to undress him, and held the bride’s bun back tightly on the back of Cheng Xiaoya’s head.

Cheng Xiaoya suffered a pain, her head tilted back, and Fu Xuan’s hard-lined face was greeted frontally. Fu Xuan was no longer drunk.

Fu Xuan leaned close to Cheng Xiaoya, her thin lips deliberately struck Cheng Xiaoya predatory.

This is not a kiss, this is to tear Cheng Xiaoya into pieces.

Cheng Xiaoya was like a frightened deer, she didn’t dare to move, until the faint smell of blood came out of her mouth, she came back to her senses: “Brother Fu Xuan…”

“Don’t shout so beautifully, when you and Qi Yuan went to bed, why didn’t you think I was your fiance!”

“Brother Fu Xuan, I didn’t…” Cheng Xiaoya’s vague and cowardly voice angered Fu Xuan even more.

Fu Xuan sat upright and pushed Cheng Xiaoya down on the bed. Cheng Xiaoya’s bridal cheongsam blended with the red silk satin quilt.

Fu Xuan supported his body with one hand, neatly tore off the bow tie, and rudely tore off his shirt, the buttons fell apart.

Cheng Xiaoya had already lost her thoughts, her eyes were muted and Fu Xuan strangled her throat. She thought he was going to strangle her to death!

This is not the wedding night Cheng Xiaoya imagined.


After the sophomore meeting, Cheng Xiaoya had actually not seen Fu Xuan again for more than 2 years, and Qi Yuan had not appeared since that time.

Cheng Xiaoya only knew that during that time, Qi Yuan told her that her stepmother Ding Yanhua had a secret relationship before marrying her father, and there was a very important evidence of this relationship, which was an illegitimate daughter.

Of course Cheng Xiaoya was curious. During that time, she followed Qi Yuan all the way to investigate the matter, but she had no clue. However, Qi Yuan confessed to Cheng Xiaoya on the way to send Cheng Xiaoya back to school one night. After being flusteredly rejected by Cheng Xiaoya, he became angry and wanted to commit a crime in the car. He tore Cheng Xiaoya’s little dress and couldn’t cover her legs.

Cheng Xiaoya opened the door of the car in embarrassment and escaped when the two were fighting with each other, stumbled and ran back to the bedroom barefoot, crying.

Then, there were sightings of Fu Xuan and Xi Meng on the spot the next day. Cheng Xiaoya said heartily, I am the victim, okay!


The past has changed, and the past is unsolvable.

Cheng Xiaoya looked at Fu Xuan who was sleeping, her whole body aching, and she sat quietly on the back of the leather bed all night.

If you have come, you will be at peace, Cheng Xiaoya, this is the marriage you have longed for since childhood, this is the bridegroom you have dreamed of since childhood. Keep it, keep it so that you can see the bright moon at last. Brother Fu Xuan will one day understand your love for him. of.

The sky is bright.

When Fu Xuan sat up, stroking his forehead, he saw Cheng Xiaoya, who was wrapped in a bath towel, walking slowly out of the bathroom, her black hair dripping with water, and the blood and bruises on her lips were obviously his masterpiece.

Fu Xuan felt that his heartbeat was fast. This is the Cheng Xiaoya that he wanted since childhood, like a fairy Cheng Xiaoya!

But why, she wants to be with others! When he thought of this, he avoided Xiaoya like a plague god, and he seemed to run out of the new house, without even paying attention to the darker red stars on the red sheets.

Fu Xuan sat in the study room, and the words of Xi Meng kept ringing in his ears: “Brother Fu Xuan, Qi Yuan is your university classmate? It seems that you are pretty good? He has been dating Cheng Xiaoya for a long time, don’t you know that we? Everyone in the school knows…” He fell asleep again, blurred with heartache.

It’s okay. Although the heart is not with me, at least people are with me. You, Xiaoya, can only be my wife in this life. What I do to you, I will never let other men touch you! You Xiaoya can only be my Fu Xuan’s wife!

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