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Chapter 4 Deciding to Get Pregnant

It’s okay. Although the heart is not with me, at least people are with me. You, Xiaoya, can only be my wife in this life. What I do to you, I will never let other men touch you! You Xiaoya can only be my Fu Xuan’s wife!

After the wedding, Fu Ye officially retired and handed over all the Fu’s enterprises to Fu Xuan to take care of. Fu Ye took his wife Wen Xiangli around the world and rarely returned to Qingyang.

Before long, Cheng Guoyao arranged for Cheng Xiaoya to be the assistant to the president of a communications company under the Cheng Group, so that Cheng Xiaoya would learn to take care of the family business with her.

Cheng Guoyao’s second daughter, Xiaoya’s half-sister, Cheng Tiantian is still in high school.

Cheng Xiaoya and Fu Xuan have been busy with each other, there is no intersection during the day, and the days go by quickly.

Under the leadership of Fu Xuan, the Fu Group’s performance has soared year by year and its scale has expanded day by day, and the situation is very good.

One day, father and daughter were chatting in the office. Cheng Guoyao picked up the low-sugar mocha that Xiaoya gave him during the process, put it on the tip of his nose, and sighed softly: “Well, Cheng Xiaoya, the coffee you make, has your mother’s eight success strength. Yes!…How are you with Fu Xuan recently?”

“I have never drunk my mother’s coffee. Dad, you still miss your mother’s craftsmanship for so many years. It can be seen that mother is not an ordinary person! Although my mother has been away for so many years, the relationship between you and your mother is really enviable. You can meet unforgettable fairy feelings!”

Cheng Xiaoya put down the laptop in her hand and looked up at her father with a wry smile, “Fu Xuan and I can’t compare with you. He is busy with his career, I am busy with mine, and we meet at most at night. Most of the time, He came back late, and it was not easy to speak a few words.”

Cheng Guoyao said: “Cheng Xiaoya, in terms of business, you really have to seize the opportunity to ask Fu Xuan more. He is really good. Hey, but young people, don’t neglect your life for the sake of work! Both of you I can’t see you, when will my grandson come out!”

Cheng Xiaoya lowered her head and started working again, with a cold face: “Dad, don’t even think about it! In business, you are my best teacher. I want to learn more from you! I will work hard and help more. You share a little!”

Cheng Guoyao sighed, immersed himself in a cup of coffee, took a meal, looked at the coffee in a daze, and slowly said: “Cheng Xiaoya, look at Tian Tian is still young, and Tian Tian is a child, spoiled by your Aunt Ding, it is almost lawless. Different boys come to the house, and my blood pressure has been high several times. One day, I will be pissed off by this boy! You are my sister, if my dad is gone in the future, you have to promise my dad to take care of it Auntie Ding and Tiantian!”

Cheng Xiaoya watched her father worry, and she couldn’t help but worry from it: “Dad, don’t say that! My sister is still small now, and when she grows up, she will be sensible. I will talk to her more when I have time. Your health matters. You are the backing and support of our whole family! You must pay attention to your health, take care of yourself, and don’t have any trouble!”

Cheng Guoyao shook his head and said helplessly: “My child, Dad, old! I wanted you to marry Fu Xuan. Fu can become our alliance and consolidate our business. But you two are always cold and indifferent. I am worried!”

When Cheng Guoyao saw Cheng Xiaoya bow her head in silence, she simply put down her coffee cup, walked out of the boss’s desk, and stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows. From the top of Cheng’s Building, she looked down at Qingyang’s large skyscrapers, and the sun coated all the magnificent high-rise buildings. A layer of dreamy Phnom Penh.

Cheng Guoyao put his hands behind his back and said word by word: “Cheng Xiaoya, look at Qi’s oil and hospitals in the past two years, and Qi Shenghui and Qi Yuan are ambitious to expand their territory in communications. Xi’s Xi Yuanfang Not to be outdone, in addition to their own real estate, they also fixed their eyes on our gas business. On the surface, your Uncle Xi and Uncle Qi are friends of your father, and they usually have frequent contacts. But you really want to Remember, shopping malls are like battlefields. There are no eternal friends or enemies, only eternal interests. With father’s current state, Cheng can only keep the current business map. Dad is old, Cheng has to move forward. With great strides, my father is powerless, and I really have to rely on Fu Xuan and your husband and wife to work hard together to make the Cheng family good.

Hearing Qi Yuan’s name, Cheng Xiaoya’s heart stopped for a while. This person, to her, is always a nightmare existence. If possible, she would never want to see this person again in her life.

Cheng Xiaoya stood up, stood shoulder to shoulder with her father, and said solemnly to Cheng Guoyao like an oath: “Dad, I know the company’s situation. Don’t worry, I will communicate with Fu Xuan. Fu Xuan will not leave Cheng’s stance. “

After talking about business affairs, Cheng Xiaoya turned to Cheng Guoyao with a mischievous and relaxed smile, and said to Cheng Guoyao in a particularly cheerful tone: “Besides, don’t you want to upgrade? I will go back and talk to Fu Xuan. We will work hard to make you become a member as soon as possible Grandpa.”

Cheng Xiaoya hopes that her pretending to be relaxed guarantee can make her father relieved temporarily.

On the same day, Cheng Xiaoya arrived home and turned over the cabinets and turned over all the contraceptives that had been hidden in a dozen places such as the small mezzanine of the dressing table, the inside of the drawer of the bedside table, the seams of the jewelry box, the watch box in the dressing room, and the small pockets in the bag. When I came out, I set up a stall on the coffee table, watched for a long time, stood up, and threw my brain into the trash can.

Since the wedding night, Cheng Xiaoya began to take contraceptives. She always believed that the child must be the crystallization of the love of her parents. Since Fu Xuan does not love her now, she does not want to give her child an unhappy family.

Fu Xuan didn’t seem to know that she was taking contraceptives, but for the sake of safety, Cheng Xiaoya always bought a lot of contraceptives and hid them in the bedroom and locker room so as to remind herself to take the pills at any time.

Although the contraceptive pill will make her fat, she feels that she is thin and fat is not a bad thing anyway. Contraceptives, but she has been a magic weapon for protecting her inner strength in the past three years.

“I have enough time to wait for Fu Xuan to change his mind, find that I am good, and fall in love with me again. Only then can I let Fu Xuan and my baby come into this world.”

As the contraceptives went into the trash can, Cheng Xiaoya suddenly felt that she was stripped, completely unprotected and exposed to reality.

The reality is cruel, and Fu Xuan did not change his mind.

Cheng Xiaoya told herself: Xiaoya, you must have a strong heart and be prepared enough psychologically. It may take too long for you and your future baby. Waiting for your husband and baby’s father to truly love you and take care of you from the heart. Give you a warm home.

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