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Chapter 4 Drinking and Selling Drunk

The female classmates around them, when they heard that Jiang Qixin’s boyfriend was the president of a multinational company, all gathered around her to flatter and flatter her.

Jiang Qixin was held by the stars Gongyue, triumphantly excited, and from time to time cast provocative eyes at An Qianyan.

“Leave her alone! She deliberately retaliated against you!” Luo Jingjing, her best friend, pulled An Qianyan away.

The two came to a relatively secluded sofa and asked for a good bottle of red wine.

An Qianyan directly picked up the bottle and drank.

“Qianyan, what are you doing?” Luo Jingjing saw this and hurriedly grabbed the red wine bottle in her hand.

“Jingjing, leave me alone, let me drink!” An Qianyan said in a gloomy mood.

“You can’t guilty of torturing yourself so much for Jiang Qixin, isn’t she deliberately retaliating against you because she can’t get Feng Xiujie?” Luo Jingjing said with a look through her lips, turning her lips in disdain.

When they were in school, everyone knew that Jiang Qi loved Feng Xiujie and chased him down, but Feng Xiujie liked An Qianyan, chasing her frantically, and even put on a sensational rose. Huazhen moved her, but An Qianyan never agreed.

A man who is obsessed with herself, but loves another woman deeply. Jiang Qixin has forged a beam with An Qianyan since then. Every time she sees her, she is either rude or sarcasm, and she really takes her as a thorn in the flesh.

“I’m not because of her. Haven’t Jiang Qi been aiming at me like this all these years? I’ve long been used to it.” An Qianyan shook her head lightly, not paying attention.

“Then who are you because of?” Luo Jingjing asked curiously, suddenly thinking of the car shock they had ran into in the underground garage, and suddenly understood: “Because of your husband Ye Zhenwei?”

An Qianyan’s eyes became sore, as if a huge boulder was pressing on her chest, making her breathless.

“Hey, I told you earlier that Ye Zhenwei can’t be trusted! You have to repay me and marry him! Now you are tasting the bitter fruit?” Luo Jingjing sighed deeply, and couldn’t help but say: “You said that How kind Feng Xiujie is to you, if you accept him, this kind of thing won’t happen today?”

“…” An Qianyan didn’t speak, her eyes dimmed, and she picked up the bottle and filled herself with wine.

In fact, when Feng Xiujie chased her wildly, it wasn’t that she didn’t move her at all. It was just that at that time her father was reported for corruption and bribery.

At that time, An Qianyan would always be pointed out in school. The classmates isolated her, laughed at her, said she was the daughter of a corrupt official, and Ye Zhenwei came forward to defend her.

Later, in order to return the dirty money to her father, fight for commutation, and lenient, she went around raising money, and Ye Zhenwei borrowed money to help her.

Ye Zhenwei was kind to her, she could only repay him with herself, and promised her.

In recent years, the business of Ye Zhenwei’s plastic factory has grown and has been very good to her.

Not only was she caring and considerate, she was filial to her mother, and she never treated her materially.

Almost everyone around me envied her for marrying a good husband who really loved her.

An Qianyan has always believed that her original choice was correct.

However, she didn’t expect that her “good husband” would have been carrying her on his back some time ago, and he would be in love with the female student.

An Qianyan was distressed, her chest was dull, and she was unbearable with the helpless panic and anger she had never had before.

Only through alcohol!

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