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Chapter 5 Announcement of Pregnancy

Two months later.

Cheng Xiaoya rushed into Fu Xuan’s office, and Fu Xuan’s secretary followed closely: “Mrs. Fu, sorry, Fu Dong is in a meeting, you…”

Before finishing speaking, Cheng Xiaoya had already opened the door of Fu Xuan’s office. Fu Xuan was taken aback for a moment, and immediately waved his secretary to leave. When everyone in the meeting saw something was wrong, they also left Fu Xuan’s office within a minute.

Cheng Xiaoya stepped forward and slapped a pregnancy test stick on Fu Xuan’s desk.

“Mrs. Fu, what a big deal is this coming here!” Fu Xuan teased deliberately. After getting married, Cheng Xiaoya never came to the Fu Shi Enterprise Building, let alone entered his office.

“I’m pregnant!” Cheng Xiaoya said coldly, “I think we have to talk about it!”

There was a burst of ecstasy in Fu Xuan’s heart, but the enthusiasm was cooled by Cheng Xiaoya’s clear face like an iceberg.

He pretended to be stinky and hard, leaned against the back of the chair, and spit out a few words with the ice cubes: “Don’t worry, my Fu family child, I will treat it well! What else do you want to talk about?”

Cheng Xiaoya slowly took a seat on the chair, greeted Fu Xuan’s gaze without any fear, and calmly said: “Fu Xuan, you and I have grown up together since you were young. For three years, even though you don’t communicate much, you never I’ve never been gentle to me. Now I’m pregnant, and we can’t get a divorce. Then, I ask you, Fu and Cheng’s alliance, to help Cheng, Cheng’s recent business setbacks have been set back, and you can’t lose any more business. .”

Fu Xuan rolled his eyes: I’ve been taking contraceptive pills secretly since I got married, don’t you know? You don’t know that taking birth control pills is bad for your health! I am too lazy to say it! I want to secretly replace them with vitamins, and see how you continue to sing this drama! I’m fine now. For my own business, I am willing to give birth to a child! Having a child is also the eldest son and grandson of the Fu family, should I help you with your Cheng family’s business? My Fu Xuan is very expensive! How many women are waiting to help me have children! You are not missing, right?

“Okay, how do you want me to help?” Fu Xuan simply put both legs on the desk, crossed his hands behind his head, opened comfortably, and squinted at Cheng Xiaoya to talk, bent on watching a good show.

“I only help Dad look at the communication business now. I do have limited abilities. I want to take advantage of Mr. Fu to help me manage all the business of the Cheng family. After all, my sister is still young, and my father’s health is getting worse and worse in recent years. Okay, I really need your help.”

“50% of the shares you currently hold will belong to me.” Fu Xuan offered the price and said to her heart: Xiaoya, have you always been stubborn? Today, when I condescend to beg me, I must seize the opportunity.

“You! Take advantage of the fire!” Cheng Xiaoya clenched her fists, her eyes burst into flames.

“Mrs. Fu, you are here to beg me now, pay attention to your attitude! Besides, after 7 years of marriage, isn’t it all the joint property of the husband and wife. What is given to me now will still be yours, even mine. It’s all yours! Now you need my help so much, behave better, give me some benefits, please beg me? My conditions are like this, you consider it!”

Fu Xuan simply closed his eyes, and his heart was overwhelmed. I hurriedly thought: The green hat you gave me by Cheng Xiaoya was before marriage and I can forget it. But in the past three years, you have always looked like a little daughter-in-law who has been resigned and aggrieved in all sorts of ways. That is enough. Are you the one who made the mistake at the beginning? If you have the courage to make mistakes, should you have the courage to take responsibility?

Cheng Xiaoya abruptly suffocated her stomach full of anger, slapped the table vigorously, stood up: “Okay, I promise…” Cheng Xiaoya fainted before finishing the words.

With a bang, thanks to the soft carpet in Fu Xuan’s office, Fu Xuan was stunned for a while to see her fall.

When he came back to his senses, Fu Xuan’s face turned pale. This is no fun. Just like burning his butt, he quickly walked around the boss table, picked up Cheng Xiaoya and ran out, and asked the secretary to call the driver to prepare a car and go to the hospital. .


Fu Xuan walked back and forth like an ant on a hot pot outside the emergency room, constantly scolding himself, this big bastard, to compare with a pregnant woman.

The doctor came out: “Xiaoya’s family! Xiaoya’s family! So careless, pregnant women, no food, low blood sugar fainted, no one at home to take care of it?” Fu Xuan can only do nothing but pretend to be grandchildren, all lost the past Guiding the pride of the country.

The doctor continued to look bad and said: “After a comprehensive examination, the fetal image is not very stable. It is recommended to stay in bed. If there is bleeding, take it to the hospital immediately.”

In the ward, Cheng Xiaoya was still asleep. Fu Xuan secretly squeezed Cheng Xiaoya’s hand, and said to her heart: Cheng Xiaoya, don’t be okay. Starting today, I will forget the past, and you will also forget the excessive things I did to you. Let’s start again, okay?

In her sleep, Cheng Xiaoya felt that her hand was being grasped, and she swayed and saw her mother who had been gone for a long time, vaguely but gentle.

Slowly opened her eyes and saw Fu Xuan’s expression tense and tightly holding her hand. She recovered her senses, smiled indifferently, and said weakly: “Fu Xuan, just follow what you said, as long as you can help Cheng , You arrange for a lawyer to prepare documents and come to me to sign at any time.” Cheng Xiaoya turned back and stopped looking at him after she said, closing her eyes.

Fu Xuan felt cold and couldn’t put his face down, so he could only let go of his hand in embarrassment, stood up, and reluctantly said: “Cheng Xiaoya, yes, you said, I will let the lawyer prepare the documents. You’re fine. The housekeeper will pick you up and leave the hospital, and I will go back to the company first. Also, I solemnly warn you that you are pregnant now and treat my Fu family’s children better.”

After leaving the hospital, Fu Xuan patted his head fiercely, and said to himself for a while: Cheng Xiaoya, you can’t be gentle with me, give me a step, and we can’t forget the past and start over! Damn it! Fu Xuan, you can’t let pregnant women be a little bit. People say that you are a fool after three years of pregnancy, and you are a fool with a woman. Is it fun to care about? In the end, you are more stupid than pregnant women, you are not! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

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