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Chapter 5 was stuffed into a luxury car and fell into his hands

An Qianyan poured herself a lot of wine, and Luo Jingjing knew that she was depressed, and did not stop her, but drank with her instead. She didn’t know how much she had drunk, An Qianyan only felt that her alcohol was surging and her headache was splitting, only to realize later that she was drunk.

There are noisy toasts and music all around, and everyone in the class reunion gathers together, but she is the only one!

An Qianyan fell asleep for a while, and dumbly heard the comments from her classmates around her, which probably meant, “An Qianyan is drunk, what should I do?”

“Leave her to me! Hao Chen and I will send her back!” Jiang Qixin said suddenly and bravely.

Then someone fished her arm from behind and pulled her up from the sofa.

An Qianyan subconsciously stretched out her hand to block her, and the people behind her groaned, but still strongly pulled her into her arms.

In this way, An Qianyan was dragged out of the box half-armed.

She opened her eyes in a misty manner, and vaguely saw her tightly pressed thin lips, deep eyebrows, straight nose, and beautiful lower jaw.

Who is he?

An Qianyan only felt that she was a strange man she was not familiar with.

She tried to break his hand lying on her waist, trying to break free, but she didn’t have enough strength.

It was dragged all the way out of the hotel and stuffed into a Bentley luxury car.

An Qianyan couldn’t help but whimpered, lowered her head, and bit his finger directly.

The man couldn’t help but “sizzled” and looked at her with a frown.

Although An Qianyan collapsed on the back seat, dull and weak, she could still feel the powerful aura emanating from the man, and she shrank subconsciously even if she was drunk.

Jiang Qi’s sullen voice came from her ear again: “Hao Chen, you don’t need to be polite with her! She is in our hands tonight!”

An Qianyan uneasyly grabbed her, she only felt that Jiang Qixin had something in this sentence, she was not as simple as sending her home with a kind heart.

But at the moment she was so drunk that she couldn’t move at all.

As the car turned on, she fell asleep groggy.

When she woke up again, An Qianyan’s head was so painful that she almost exploded.

She squeezed her temples, opened her eyes, and entered a strange room with luxurious decoration.

European-style furnishings, retro curtains, high-quality imported carpets, palace-colored wall coverings, luxurious chandeliers…

Not like a hotel, but more like a villa room.

An inspiration flashed in An Qianyan’s head, and then she remembered that she attended the class meeting last night and drank too much because she ran into her husband’s car and drank too much. After being drunk, she seemed to be taken by her dead rival Jiang Qixin and her boyfriend into the car…

What did they do to her?

An Qianyan abruptly sat up from the big bed, the soft silk covering her body was slipped off, and a chill came in an instant.


An Qianyan lowered her head, looking at herself naked and naked, she was shocked and she screamed.

How could this be?

Who took her clothes off?

How could she lie on such a strange and luxurious bed?

An Qianyan’s face was horrified, her heart beating like thunder.

At this moment, there was a steady sound of footsteps outside the door.

Then the door was opened, and a tall and tall figure came in.

An Qianyan’s eyes slowly moved up, and when she saw a handsome and domineering face, she was shocked!

“You…” She stared in surprise.

The man wears a black shirt, and his fine black hair looks a bit messy, with carved facial features, noble and cold, a pair of cold phoenix eyes, without the slightest temperature, like the lips slightly pressed like a blade , Indifferent and indifferent.

Isn’t he Jiang Qixin’s boyfriend, Leng Haochen?

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