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Chapter 6 What happened last night?

“Are you awake?” Leng Haochen asked blankly, looking down at her condescendingly. An Qianyan’s head was noisy, her eyes widened and she watched the man calmly.

She clenched the sheets with both hands, and was pounding restlessly, looking at the man in front of her defensively: “What did you…what did you do to me last night?”

Leng Haochen stared at her deeply, “This situation should be clear, right?”

“What do you mean?” An Qianyan’s heart was startled, her face a little pale.

Leng Haochen’s deep phoenix eyes, staring at her tightly, sneered, and his voice was shallow: “What we should and shouldn’t do, we have done it!”

“What?!!!” This answer was like a bolt from the blue to An Qianyan.

That’s it! ! ! They have done what they should and shouldn’t, so she has been deprived? ? !

Have a one-night stand with a strange man?

An Qianyan was messed up, and the blood in her body was flowing backwards. She clenched her fists tightly, and her anger surged from the bottom of her heart.

“You rascal, bastard! You dare to insult me ​​while I’m drunk and unconscious!” An Qianyan angrily rebuked, regardless of her image, she rushed over to the man who took advantage of her last night and fisted. .

But he forgot that he was now naked and wrapped tightly in a sheet.

An Qianyan only felt cold on her body. She lowered her head to see that the cover sheet on her body was gone, and she stood naked on the spot!

Leng Haochen was also stunned by this sudden situation. He raised his eyes to look at the woman standing in front of him, his black eyes became deeper and deeper, and his breathing became more rapid…

This woman is simply the incarnation of a fairy, with long black hair draped over her shoulders, her white jade skin is more delicate in the dim light, and her rugged figure is perfect to make people burst into blood.

“Ah!” An Qianyan screamed, raising her leg to escape, but Leng Haochen stepped forward and hugged her waist uncontrollably, and hugged her directly.

“What are you going to do?” An Qianyan asked angrily, ignoring anything else, covering her body with her hands.

“Take you to the bathroom!” Leng Haochen’s deep eyes glanced at her, his body exuding an aura of no anger.

“What are you doing in the bathroom? You let me down!” An Qianyan glared at him, struggling hard.

“Take a bath, I have never seen such a sloppy woman like you!” Leng Haochen had a cold face, and his low voice couldn’t hold his beak.

An Qianyan just wanted to refute him, where is she sloppy?

Ren had been thrown into the bathroom by Leng Haochen and closed the door by the way.

An Qianyan frowned, turned and looked up at herself in the bathroom mirror, almost shocked by her face.

“Ah!” She screamed in surprise, her face shocked.

This… Is the person in the mirror still her?

The thick black eyeliner has been spent, the pink cards on the face are piece by piece, the mouth is even more magical, the surrounding circle is full of red lipstick marks.

She looks like a witch in a fairy tale, she has no image at all.

I remembered what Leng Haochen said just now, saying that they had done everything they should and shouldn’t do last night.

She suddenly admired his courage. He could do it like this. How hungry is this?

An Qianyan curled her lips speechlessly, and quickly cleaned herself.

Last night, Ye Zhenwei and the girl student shook the car. She was so drunk that she fell asleep before she could remove her makeup…

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