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Chapter 7 Wearing His White Shirt

An Qianyan cleaned her face, turned on the shower head, stood under the shower, and cleaned her body. She strangely discovered that there were no traces of love left on her body, nor did she feel any discomfort in her body.

Didn’t anything happen to her and that man last night?

But why did he tell himself they did everything they shouldn’t do?

An Qianyan couldn’t understand, she closed her beautiful eyes and let her whole body rinse with cold water.

She washed it for a long time and hit the shower gel three times.

I walked out of the shower room and looked after myself in the mirror. My face has returned to normal, and my whole body skin is pink and white, delicate and shiny…

An Qianyan breathed a sigh of relief, picked up the bath towel and gently wiped the drops of water on her body.

When she wiped her body clean and was about to leave the bathroom, she discovered a very serious problem. She had no clothes to wear.

Looking at the men’s bathrobe on the shelf, she could only take it and put it on her body first. The large bathrobe was hanging down to her feet, and the bag was tighter, so that she would not be embarrassed because she had no clothes.

Pushing the door open, he didn’t expect Leng Haochen to be standing at the door. The two of them collided with each other, and An Qianyan awkwardly wrapped her bathrobe.

“I didn’t change clothes!” She pulled her lips unnaturally.

Leng Haochen’s dark eyes cast a deep glance at her, then turned and walked to the closet, and when he returned, he handed a shirt to her hand: “Wear this first, I don’t have any woman’s clothes here.”

An Qianyan unfolded the male white shirt in her hand. Although she felt awkward, it was better than her wearing a men’s bathrobe. Moreover, Leng Haochen was tall, so this shirt was big enough!

An Qianyan closed the bathroom door again and put on this white shirt!

A white shirt is actually a very sexy dress, especially suitable for women with pure white temperament. It will be more flavorful when worn.

An Qianyan is just such a woman. She is slender and slender. The hem of the white shirt just covers her ass, revealing two dazzling long legs. She unbuttons the top two white buttons. The beauty on the chest is like a shadow.

She walked out of the bathroom, Leng Haochen caught her gaze all at once, and her black eyes instantly became hot. He had never seen a woman dressed in a white shirt to look so beautiful, charming as if she was seduced. Striking!

“Um…Is something wrong with me?” An Qianyan saw him staring at her, and took a step back nervously. She didn’t wear any underwear, so she felt insecure, and was stared at by him straightforwardly. I just feel that my heart is beating hard.

Leng Haochen suddenly had the urge to throw her down. He coughed lightly, concealing his embarrassment, and mocking in a cold voice: “You are really ugly in this shirt. You are not allowed to wear it in the future.”

After speaking, he turned and dialed an internal phone, and ordered someone to bring a skirt over.

An Qianyan’s face stagnated, and the corners of her mouth twitched greatly.

What qualifications does he have to judge whether she looks good in this shirt?

What he did to her last night, she hasn’t settled with him yet?

“Where is Jiang Qixin?” An Qianyan asked with a cold face, holding back her anger.

She remembers that Jiang Qixin claimed to send her drunk back last night!

As a result, Jiang Qixin did not send her home, but to her “boyfriend” Leng Haochen’s bed.

“I don’t know!” Leng Haochen answered indifferently with a handsome and deep face, without a trace of emotion.

“Why don’t you know? Aren’t you her boyfriend?” An Qianyan glared at him angrily, not to be convinced.

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