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Chapter 8 The Girl Who Came to Her Home for Tuition

“…” Leng Haochen didn’t answer her, but turned around indifferently and walked to the door. “There is breakfast downstairs, you leave after eating!” His low voice was beyond doubt, and after the last sentence, he left.

After a while, there was a knock on the door outside the room, and a servant sent An Qianyan a skirt.

An Qianyan got up and went downstairs, only to realize that this is actually a mansion villa, decorated to a very high grade, everywhere is magnificent!

“Miss Ann, your breakfast is ready, please come with me!” A maid came to her and said to her coldly.

“No need! I want to go now!” An Qianyan only felt that she was incompatible with this place, not to mention that she was not familiar with Leng Haochen, so she was really not suitable to stay here for a long time.

The maid stunned, and did not hold back, but a formulaic voice: “I will notify the driver!”

An Qianyan just wanted to say that she could go back by herself, and there was no need to ask the driver to take her off so troublesome. The maid had already contacted the driver on the internal phone.

An Qianyan can only give up.

Under the guidance of the maid, she left the luxurious villa, only to find that the landscape outside the villa was even greater.

This is a majestic European-style single-family villa, which occupies a very large area. A large lawn gardening can be seen outside the villa, and many servants are trimming flowers and plants.

An Qianyan was surprised that the driver had already drove the car in front of her.

She got in the car and the driver drove her away.

It would take more than ten minutes to drive from the gate of the villa to the iron gate outside, and it would take at least thirty to forty minutes if she walked.

After leaving the villa, there is another private road with no one.

If she doesn’t drive, she can’t go out alone.

Finally, the driver drove the car onto the road, asked An Qianyan’s address, and drove her back.

An Qianyan was going to work at school, but thinking that today is the weekend, she asked the driver to take her home directly.

The luxury car stopped at the gate of her community, An Qianyan thanked the driver and got off.

She took the elevator upstairs and opened the door of the house with the key.

Before I walked in, I heard the noise of men and women playing inside.

An Qianyan walked in the door suspiciously and saw that Cheng Xiqian and her husband Ye Zhenwei were playing in the water.

Cheng Xiqian is the cousin of An Qianyan’s distant relatives. A few years ago, her family bought the key high school where she worked.

In order to make up for her grades and successfully admitted to a university, she would come to An Qianyan’s home every weekend to learn English.

In the past, Cheng Xiqian came to her home to take care of her own tuition, and An Qianyan did not realize that she had such a good relationship with her husband Ye Zhenwei.

It’s time to play in the water together.

What’s more, because of this, Cheng Qianqian splashed water all over her body, her dresses were all wet, and the figure inside was also dewy.

It’s always wrong to play with her husband Ye Zhenwei in this way.

An Qianyan frowned, feeling a little uncomfortable.

“Auntie, are you back?” Cheng Qianqian heard the sound at the door and immediately turned her head and looked over. When she saw An Qianyan was back, she immediately greeted her and gave her a big hug.

Cheng Qianqian has a slender figure, fair skin, and charming features. She is a typical “first love” face, giving people a pure feeling.

An Qianyan hugged her back and looked at Cheng Xiqian’s small innocent expression, thinking that she should have been thinking too much.

Isn’t it just playing in the water? She is now in her youth and naturally likes to play around.

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