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Chapter 1 High-profile Return

In the early summer, the night sky is vast, and the cold crescent moon hangs high in the sky, and the light and shadow reflect the land, as thin as the eyes of the gods, cool and indifferent.

By the Jingshi Lake, Ji Zi is proud and independent. Senhan’s cold eyes faintly glanced at the shallow waves in the Shihu Lake. After a while, she walked up, leaned over and stroked the fiery red liquid with her hand, and the red liquid was swept away. A thin wave, like a red snake in the spring suburbs, climbs between the plain fingers.

Suddenly, the air was cut through, accompanied by a sharp icy blade sound, behind him, a black shadow attacked.

Ji Zi didn’t move his eyes and ears, but when the black shadow was leaning up, he moved his neck slightly, and his fingers bounced a few drops of water. As soon as the wind arrived, the drops of water immediately attacked the shadow like a hard iron ball. Ying seemed to have expected this a long time ago, and calmly used the long blade to block the water droplets, only listening to the sound of “clang” in the air, the shadow was still caught off guard, the water droplet had penetrated the long blade, like the shadow of the black shadow’s chest. go with.

The black shadow was shocked, and quickly jumped in the air, and then backed a few steps. The true energy in his body fluctuated a little. He closed his eyes and adjusted his breath. When he opened his eyes again, the solemnity of his eyes had returned.

“Miss’s five elements imperial skills have been refined, and this water imperial skill has reached the stage of transforming into power, and my subordinates congratulate Miss.” Bai Fei said with excitement.

Ji Zi got up slowly, shook the drops of water from his hand at random, turned his head and glanced at Bai Fei, then moved his eyes away, “Don’t say anything if you don’t, if it wasn’t for the strong nature of the corpse water, the blow just now would not be so powerful. .”

Bai Fei only acts as her own young lady. He is inexhaustible to learn, and his heart is full of admiration. The most difficult part of the Five Elements Imperial Art is water imperialism. The water droplets must be materialized, and the iron and blade will be broken. Power, I don’t know how much internal force to inject into the user here, and its potential is definitely not to be underestimated.

“How’s it going, what does the Ji family mean?” Ji Zi asked directly, not wanting to talk more about military force.

Bai Fei remembered the purpose of coming this time, and quickly bowed his head and reported respectfully, “It is as expected by the young lady, the sinister villains of the Ji family really saved them for the second miss of the Ji family and kissed him. It means, among the four mainland countries, no one knows that the current three kings of the Chi Kingdom are ugly and cruel, violent and arrogant. The king of the Sheng Kingdom did not have a princess of the right age and sent it to Chi Kingdom and his relatives. In China, there are three daughters in the Ji family. In addition to Miss Que, they are the second Miss Ji Ling and the third Miss Ji Yan. But the old man and the thief wife of the Ji Family are both reluctant to give up, but they want to hit the miss Coming up from her head, she can’t live or die. If the young lady ordered her subordinates not to act rashly, the subordinates really wanted to kill the two thieves directly.”

Bai Fei gritted his teeth, but Ji Zi smiled and shook his head. As he walked to the stone pavilion beside the bank, he laughed and said, “That’s what you are, too impulsive. You think your lady, me, is anyone. Can you bully?”

Bai Fei immediately shook his head, “Of course not, the young lady is powerful, what are they…”

“That’s not it.” Ji Zi took a seat at will, with a leisurely expression, “Since the people in this Ji family think of me so, I will go back and be my parents and sisters, they are relatives.”

Bai Fei twitched, just about to say something, and when he raised his head, he saw his lady’s cat-like pupils narrowed slightly, leaving only a small gap.

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