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Chapter 1 Stupid People

Gu Mansion, within the high walls.

A delicate hand held the tea cup and reached out to Gu Ning’an, and the white hand was full of burns and swelling.

“Tea, use tea.”

One can imagine how many times she was scalded by the hot tea in order to make this cup of tea.

The woman in front of me, although somewhat demented, has a nice face and a slender figure.

But the man in front of him didn’t see this at all, instead he looked disgusted.

Gu Ning’an raised his eyes and looked at the woman in coarse cloth. His eyes were filled with unstoppable disgust. He raised his sleeves and flipped the cup of tea to the ground, splashing broken porcelain tea on the ground.

The woman withdrew her hands awkwardly, bent down awkwardly, and went to pick up the mess. The sharp porcelain slice cut her hand, but she didn’t realize it, Yin Yin finger blood spread along the tea, mixed with the tea fragrance, exuding indescribable fishy sweetness.

Before she picked up all the broken porcelain, Gu Ning’an kicked her upside down. She gasped in pain, looking around at a loss, knowing that she must have annoyed her husband again. Annoyed, but she couldn’t think of where she was annoying her husband.

“Shen Suyan,” Gu Ningan was condescending, with a ridiculous smile on his face: “You are just a foolish person. How can these methods deceive me?”

I think he is the dignified young master of the Gu family, although he is not a high-ranking nobleman, but he is also one of the best in this city. He is a gentleman and gentleman, but he has married such a foolish man.

Gu Ning’an stared at the people on the ground fiercely. If it wasn’t for this woman’s identity to be useful, how could he marry her?

Shen Suyan is a little unclear, so what means? What means? She only saw that the snow was as big as a table early this morning, and she thought about making tea to warm her husband, but it was just a cup of tea. What kind of means was it?

Gu Ning’an frowned, and the smile on her face became more dazzling: “Tomorrow I will lift girl Murong into the door. You must never have a dispute with girl Murong. If you dare to stumble her, you Don’t blame me for not caring about the estrus.”

After speaking, he waved his sleeves, obviously he didn’t want to waste more talk with her. Shen Suyan lowered her face, but she wanted to stop, because she knew that if she spoke again, her husband would definitely be unhappy.

Everyone says that she is a foolish person, but she doesn’t understand everything. She just reacted somewhat slowly.

And even if she was a foolish person, she knew that she loved Gu Ning’an very much, and she couldn’t see that Gu Ning’an was a bit bad.

Shen Suyan walked slowly outwards, his hands trembling lightly, the scald from the tea and the skin cut by the porcelain pieces were both painful. But she never cried out in pain. She didn’t want her husband to worry about her. These were just trivial things, and her husband didn’t care about them.

Men should be informal, not to mention that her husband is a hero among men, so there is no need to bother about it. Since she is the hostess of the Gu Mansion, she should be more tolerant in everything and take care of the internal affairs for him. By the way, tomorrow the husband is going to carry Girl Murong into the mansion. Try to get along well with Murong girl.

Shen Suyan thought about this, but there was an unstoppable sting in his heart. She suddenly stopped, a little coolness on her neck, it turned out that she had already walked into the courtyard, and the wind and snow were a bit bigger than when she came.

“Why did the son leave so many hours, make the concubine wait so much.”

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