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Chapter 1 The Worst Traveler

“Miss, change clothes quickly, the sedan chair is at the door!”

“I see, I am more anxious than you.”

Ming Qiao was awakened. The two women in front of her were pulling Dahong wedding dresses. Her vision went from blurry to clear to blurry. After changing for a long time, she could see that she was in an ancient room. While she was lying on the cold ground.

She moved her heavy body and looked at the room in confusion, where she was, and she didn’t have any strength at all.

Before she could get up, the two women had already reached her with their wedding dresses, and they began to pull at her clothes!

“What are you doing?” At this time, her voice was hoarse. Seeing the two women do whatever they want with her, she was a dignified top agent, and she couldn’t get any strength to kick them away.

“Old lady, my happiness in life depends on you. You will be assured that you will have no worries about food and clothing after you marry. Although King Ning is a handicapped person, he is kind-hearted and will definitely not embarrass your old man!” The woman who originally wore a red wedding dress Speak.

The mind in Mingqiao was buzzing, she didn’t remember what to marry or not, she heard the girl calling her “Old woman?”

Some memories that did not belong to her suddenly rushed into her mind, she raised her arm, age spots! wrinkle! Shrunken skin!

What about her prosperous beauty and her enchanting figure? What about her breakable skin?

Ming Qiao only felt that five thunderbolt thundered, remembering what had happened before she fell into a coma, and suddenly realized that she had passed through, and that she was still wearing an eighty-year-old beggar.

The beggar starved to death half an hour ago and was taken here by others!

“Mirror, show me the mirror!” Ming Qiao suddenly became manic, but this body could not support her manic heart, it was a deep sense of powerlessness!

“Rainbow, give her a mirror.” The girl’s tone was a little impatient.

When an old face was reflected in the mirror, she only felt that she was a trash thrown by the sky, the worst crossing in history!

Don’t talk about a strong background, but at any rate give her a beautiful appearance. Fortunately, she is mixed in this era of the strong eating the weak!

It was just a beggar! Still an old beggar!

Her mind was throbbing!

“Ding…The host is successfully bound to the system, and the task is started to be received. The task has been received and started to execute!”

There was no expression on Ming Qiao’s face, but his eyes were surprised. She swept around, trying to find the source of the sound.

“Don’t look for the host anymore, I’m in your mind, you can communicate with me with your heart!”

She was so confused, her mouth moved but no one could hear anything, “Who are you?”

“I am the God Kitchen system, may I ask the host to check the attributes.”

“Properties? Check.” Ming Qiao said silently in his heart.

Soon a virtual template appeared in front of my eyes.

Name: Ming Qiao

Age: 80 years old

Gender: Female (80-year-old virgins are rare)

Lifespan: 1 year (can be cleaned up and passed away, Amen)

Appearance: 10 (big eyebrows and teeth, going out at night will scare the crying children)

Body: 10 (severely out of shape, skinny, already skinny)

Skin: 5 (The skin is full of wrinkles, like a dry tree bark)

Essence: 20 points (still enough energy, good physical strength, one punch can knock down a three-year-old child.)

Temperament: 20 (the spirit is not bad, the face is kind, the eyes are energetic, and the temperament is good)

Attribute points: 0 (pauper)

“Ding, friendly reminder, in addition to life span and age, all other attributes are full of 100. This system is here to restore beauty with the host, and it can also make the host the top chef!”

Seeing the attributes, her whole person is not good, but when she hears the word restoring beauty, her eyes light up again: “You said, what am I going to do!”

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