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Chapter 2 Cheating System

The system’s flattering voice sounded again, “Ding, mission one, marry King Ning Feng Qing Ning, mission is successful, life span will be increased by 1 year, and all attributes will be increased by 1 point. If mission fails, life span will be reduced by 10 months.”

Friendly reminder: King Ning is paralyzed with both feet. The host does not need to worry about not being worthy of him. The other party is the only prince in the country who can claim the king with a surname. The strength should not be underestimated. Please rest assured that the host can hold a golden thigh.

Ming Qiao is confused, there are only ten months left? If the mission fails, it’s not that she can only live for two months, she doesn’t want to die, this mission must be successful, and she must die if she can’t live!

She also knows that this system can increase her lifespan and increase her attributes, and her body will return to a young state, but the age will not change. Even so, this ratio can really make her vomit blood.

But she felt that she was still in her early days, and her awareness of survival immediately rose to 100%. The numbers detected by the system almost burst and disappeared instantly!

Ming Qiao shouted several times, but the system did not respond. Forget it, do the things in front of her first. She must increase her lifespan, so she accepts the arrangements of the two girls and walks this smooth road!

When she reacted, the two girls had changed her clothes, and the lady suddenly smiled when she looked at her, “The old lady is not bad, slender and tall, and looks better than this lady from the back. You will definitely not be recognized. Come out. This lady can’t marry a person with disabled legs for a lifetime, she can only make the best plan, and wish the old lady good luck.”

After she finished speaking, her hand raised, a layer of white mist covered Ming Qiao’s eyes, and then the red hijab was covered.

good luck? Pretending to be such a beautiful and beautiful woman to marry, isn’t it a knife stand on her neck?

Ming Qiao had the impression that she was being helped out of the room, but her mind was not completely awake, and there were voices in her mind controlling her, so that she could accurately complete a series of actions such as getting on the sedan chair and worshiping in the hall!

When she realized that she had returned to the wedding room, she was sweating profusely, but she still couldn’t break through the operation of trying to break free.

She only knew that she had been sitting on the bed for a long time before she was shocked. She hadn’t lifted up her red hijab as if she had just woken up from a dream.

“Ding… The task of marrying King Ning is complete, update the attribute value.

Name: Ming Qiao

Age: 80 years old

Gender: Female (80-year-old virgins are rare)

Lifespan: 2 years (can be cleaned up and passed away, Amen)

Appearance: 11 (big eyebrows and teeth, going out at night will scare the crying children)

Body: 11 (severely out of shape, skinny, already skinny)

Skin: 6 (The skin is full of wrinkles, like a dry tree bark)

Essence: 21 points (still enough energy, good physical strength, one punch can knock down a three-year-old child.)

Temperament: 21 (the spirit is not bad, the face is kind, the eyes are energetic, and the temperament is good)

Attribute points: 0 (pauper)

When the voice fell, she could only hear a “hiss” sound, and her whole body became hot, and soon after it was over, her whole body was full of strength.

But this is an illusion. After all, it has increased by 1 point, but it hasn’t changed much.

This system is reliable, and it really has the function of restoring beauty!

“Ding, mission two, stay in Prince Ning’s Mansion as Princess Ning, the mission is successful, life span will increase by one year, attribute points5, special props1 host, please complete the mission as soon as possible for your own benefit.”

Ming Qiao almost vomited blood. She didn’t know anything about King Ning. His age, appearance, and personality were all mysteries. Since the mystery is a trap, how could she just stay here! And as a princess.

“Damn system, you receive tasks randomly, I won’t chop you back!”

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