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Chapter 2 Xueshang

The laziness in a woman’s tone is something she will never learn. Shen Suyan turned around, the snow was as big as a table, and the interior was full of lights and candles. The shadows of a man and a woman were clearly reflected on the window, and she saw the two shadows gradually approaching.

“It’s just a trivial thing.” Gu Ningan’s opponent Shen Suyan’s appearance touched him briefly. His voice was warm and affectionate: “After tomorrow, you will be the mistress of this mansion.”

Shen Suyan shrank her body little by little. For some reason, her heart ached so badly. She knew that the woman was the Murong girl in her husband’s mouth, Murong Zhi. It was clear that she would only bring Murong Zhi into the mansion tomorrow, but the girl that Murong had not yet entered the mansion, she had already had a bed with her husband.

The voice of the conversation lowered, and the two shadows were pasted together, and the voice of joy gradually increased. Sitting in the snowdrift, Shen Suyan shed two lines of tears.

In the early morning of the next day, Gu’s house was full of excitement inside and out. Gu Ning’an was dressed in a bright red robe, but his brows were very tight. He said to a maidservant: “It’s not sick early or late. Sick? It must be that she deliberately took Joe to go, no matter what method is used, she must be invited over.”

The word “please” was bitten extremely hard. Seeing Gu Ning’an’s cold eyes, the maidservant couldn’t help but shudder, hurriedly responded, turned and left. Gu Ningan’s emotions a little bit, and when he recalled Murong Zhi’s charming and charming appearance last night, his face couldn’t help but smile.

Seeing more and more guests, Gu Ningan got up to welcome the guests. After all, Gu Mansion is connected to the palace, which makes it extraordinarily noble, and there are extra guests.

Shen Suyan was groggy when she was supported by her maid to the front hall. She was cold in the yard last night, and when the snow sweeper found her early in the morning, she was so cold that she had no consciousness at all. Before resting for an hour, Gu Ningan called her over. She is a stupid person, her husband called her, and she didn’t care about her health, and forced her sick body to come over.

When Gu Ning’an saw Shen Suyan, he strode over and whispered: “Shen Suyan, don’t think you are in the main room, so you can take care of Girl Murong. Today is the day when you brought Girl Murong into the house. Joe, isn’t it how to fool Girl Murong in the future.”

He was always thinking about Girl Murong, but he never realized that her body was no longer well.

“You are just a stupid person. Is it possible that you can really become the mistress of the Gu Mansion? Aside from being a regular wife, where do you compare to Azhi.” Gu Ningan’s eyes were cold, and the words were like words. Dao: “I advise you to be safer, if there is another time, do you really treat me as if I dare not give you up?”

The weak and sluggish face suddenly reacted, and Shen Suyan stretched out a hand and grabbed the corner of the dazzling red robe: “No.”

Gu Ning’an would be wrong, with a ridiculous smile on his face, raised his hand to knock Shen Suyan’s hand away, and said: “If you know that you are afraid, you will be safer. This position as a regular wife will allow you to occupy more time. It’s okay.”

As he spoke, Gu Ning’an had gone elsewhere and chatted with the guests. The sharp-eyed guests saw Shen Suyan, so they hurriedly turned their eyes away, as if they had never seen her. Fortunately, the wife of Shen Fu was also a foolish person, and could not understand the meaning of those complicated gazes.

She only knew that Gu Ning’an was her husband, but she didn’t want to assign her husband to others. Shen Suyan’s voice was as low as a gnat: “No, don’t Murong Zhi.”

The maid who was supporting her never heard clearly, so she asked in a low voice: “What did the madam just say?”

Outside the music is approaching, the woman in the red wedding gown covered her head, and walked forward with the help of others. Gu Ningan smiled at the guests and greeted the guests, but he smiled quickly. He froze, because the stupid woman he didn’t want to see persisted in front of him, and said vaguely, “No, don’t Murong Zhi.”

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