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Chapter 3 First Meeting with Ning Fengqing

The system’s tone is calm, “The host has too much intention to kill, and he has no thoughts about the system. Once the system gets angry, the host will be punished and needs to complete more tasks.”

Ming Qiao leaned, she was a top international killer, since she was threatened by a system!

“Master, I’ll make a cup of sober tea for you to hangover!” A voice suddenly came from outside, and Ming Qiao pricked his ears. This person’s voice is simple and powerful, and he should be over forty years old.

“No need!” came a young voice, cold, noble, and quiet with no defiant temperament!

She was so excited that if the so-called prince was over thirty years old, she would cut off this head and play it as a football.

There are thousands of horses running in my heart, she is an old lady, she really came wrong…

But she has no retreat, because this body is inconvenient to move, so she can’t escape, she heard the sound of opening the door, and then the sound of the wheelchair turning, and took a look from under the hijab. The wheels are golden!

Ming Qiao didn’t dare to make big moves. After all, he was in other people’s turf. If he took a step with his feet, he might be chopped off.

“Uncle He, close the door and give me the weighing pole!” Ning Feng’s clear voice was like a stream of blue stone, cold, thin, and low voice.

Ming Qiao only muttered silently, “It’s over, it’s going to be hijab!”

Her old hands were rubbing between her sleeves, she was thinking about countermeasures, and suddenly a burst of light came, and her eyes didn’t have to be closed yet, but she felt a coldness.

It was a poisonous look, she raised her head and looked at the person opposite!

Suddenly, the faint light seemed to soften, and the room was flowing quietly, a kind of deep affection that traveled through time and space.

The person in the wheelchair, in red clothes, was dusty, and his eyes were half-closed. I saw a piece of icy cold on his cold and snowy face, making her a bad old woman who made a mistake.

She only thought of one sentence, the stranger is like jade, the son is unparalleled!

It’s not an exaggeration that these words match the King Ning before him!

“Master, how could it be… how could it be…” He Shu’s explosive anger pulled Ming Qiao from Ning Wang’s picturesque face.

At this time, she realized that she was dangerous. How could she stay by this side? She was eighty years old. In her eyes, King Ning was her son. No, no, he should be a grandson-level figure!

Ning Fengqing raised his hand to keep the people behind him from making noise, but at this time the door opened and a woman’s voice came, “Master, why don’t you wait for Xi Niang? This hijab is exquisite! “

Xi Niang looked up, she was dumbfounded!

Behind Xi Niang there were two women with their hair curled up, and they looked like married people, and their temperament was unattainable. They and Xi Niang had the same expression, that would be dumbfounded!

This bride’s style is 100% wrong, and it’s particularly shocking!

Ming Qiao can only play acting skills. Her acting skills have always been able to directly get a full score. Now she became full of horror and confusion in her eyes, “You, who are you?”

Xi Niang pointed to her and yelled, “We still want to ask you. We Ning Wang married Miss Li from Hou Yefu, who are you and how can you be an old woman!”

This is a big joke, everyone just feels that the chest is stuffy!

Ming Qiao lowered his head and said, “I also got married today, and my family lives next to Hou Ye’s Mansion. I…I was on the wrong sedan chair…”

Ming Qiao is opening his eyes and talking nonsense. An eighty-year-old lady is getting married. You have never heard such an amazing thing!

Xi Niang trembled as she listened to her nonsense.

“Feng Qing, there must be something wrong with this matter, I’ll send someone to check it out.” One of the women came over, named Su Chenghuan, with the scent of books between her eyebrows, making Ming Qiao feel comfortable watching!

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