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Chapter 3 Substitute and Kiss

Because of the white gauze, Ji Qian couldn’t see Ji Zi’s appearance, but seeing her soft and sickly touch, it really seemed to be unwell.

Since it was unwell, the journey was delayed a little, and it made sense, but… I glanced at the red-robed maid who was supporting his own lady with concern, and Ji Qian frowned again. I didn’t hear about this season. After Zi was driven out of the Ji Mansion by his mother, he defected to the family of her biological mother Liu?

And the Liu family had gone bankrupt a few years ago? There is a watch girl in this area, Liu Jiaran returned to her as a maid. It seems that the Liu family really treats Ji Zi as a baby. It is estimated that she is also concerned about the Ji family’s blood in her body. After raising it, It can also take advantage of it.

Humph, I think so beautifully.

Thinking of this, Ji Qian showed a look of contempt again on his face, but he was too lazy to talk nonsense, turned his horse’s head, and walked straight forward.

As he took the lead, the people behind naturally followed, Qian Yan helped Ji Zi into the carriage, lowered the curtain, and the carriage followed along.

Inside the carriage, Ji Zi casually tore off the white gauze on her face, feeling the bumps of the carriage, the expression on her face was very ugly, but besides ugly, how could she have a sick look on her face?

Qian Yan’s face was a little unconvinced, “The young master of the Ji family was so ostentatious. Fortunately, Bai Fei didn’t show up, otherwise the young master’s head would have to be put in another place.”

Ji Zi glanced at her and finally smiled, “What to do with him? You are getting stingy, but…”

She raised her brows slightly, her eyes sharp as sharp, “Why don’t I remember that I had a brother? Oh, the Ji family’s ability to reverse black and white is really getting bigger and bigger. After my mother gave birth to me, the Xiao family gave birth to the eldest son. , Logically speaking, he should be my brother.”

After crossing this body, Ji Zi inherited all the memories of the original owner. She remembered the master Ji who doted on his concubine and destroyed his wife, and how the concubine Xiao Clan tortured the original owner’s biological mother Liu to death, and even more remembered Liu. After the death of the Ji family, what kind of humble life the original owner lived, of course, the most important thing to mention is that from the day of Liu’s death, the original owner was no longer the unique eldest daughter of the Ji family, she became the eldest daughter of the concubine. After the Xiao family seized the mother-in-law’s seat, Liu’s spiritual seat was thrown out of the ancestral hall. Traditionally, only the wife could enter the family ancestral hall. The Xiao family completely snatched everything from the Liu family. Her sons and daughters became prostitutes, prostitutes, Liu Shi’s daughter has become a beggar who is ugly.

Ji Zi still remembers this clearly. She woke up from the mass grave that day. She opened her eyes and saw the scars all over her body and the blood on her head, and these were all from the Xiao family. He was cruel to her, that vicious woman, she would never be able to return to the golden Ji’s house for the rest of her life.

“Miss.” Qian Yan’s voice interrupted Ji Zi’s memory.

Ji Zi returned to his senses, his eyes clearer, “Yes.”

Qian Yan hesitated for a moment before asking, “I heard Bai Fei said that the Ji family asked Miss Ji to go back to replace the second Miss Ji family and go to Chi Country to make peace?”

“That’s the case.” She smiled coldly, her already pure and beautiful appearance added a touch of coquettishness, “But what happened, who knows?”

Qian Yan’s heart that was hanging in the air finally fell back to her belly. She said, “How could the young lady hurt herself? Thinking of the young lady’s attitude towards the young master of the Ji family just now, there was a rare smile on her cold face. , Her lady has a weird temper, that is, the more she hates someone, the more gentle she is, and the person she hates, then the end… Ha ha.

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