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Chapter 3 The Wedding

There was someone on the side pulling Shen Suyan’s arm out, and couldn’t help but smile at the guests around him: “Madam, this is madness again. You are talking nonsense. Please bear with me.”

Unexpectedly, Shen Suyan became stubborn, and stood stubbornly between Gu Ning’an and Murong Zhi. Upon seeing Murong Zhi’s wife, she couldn’t help frowning at Gu Ning’an and said: “Oh, look, Uncle Gu, this What can it be like.”

Gu Ning’an stepped forward and clenched Shen Suyan’s weak arm, his voice lowered in a cold voice, “What do you mean? Is it possible that you really want to make Gu’s faceless in front of the guests?”

Shen Suyan’s stupid and sluggish eyes trembled slightly, she naturally did not see her husband lose face, but when she thought that if she let go, her husband would share it with another woman, so she refused to say anything. Give in.

Gu Ning’an frowned, and raised his hand to order the two servants to come and force Shen Suyan to pull away, but unexpectedly, Shen Suyan was struggling hard and refused to give in. Gu Ning’an was even more angry, holding Shen Suyan’s arm hand. He tugged fiercely, hearing only a barely audible noise, Shen Suyan was in pain, and his silly face suddenly turned pale: “Suyan hurts.”

Her arm slumped softly, apparently broken. Gu Ning’an glanced at her arm, snorted coldly, and said to the next person: “Help her to stay in the past, so that she can guard her. Today is a day of great rejoicing. There is no room for mistakes. After today, let her It’s okay to find life and death.”

The joyful red robe walked away quickly, and Shen Suyan’s eyes were also darkened, but he whispered pain from time to time, but who would care about her.

Everyone’s eyes were on the pair of Bi people, Murong Zhi and Gu Ning were safe, and according to the rules, Murong Zhi wanted to come over to offer tea to his wife. Murong Zhi put on his hijab, held the tea cup and moved his lotus steps gently, and bowed to Shen Suyan, “Madam, please use tea.”

Shen Suyan’s eyes were wide open, as if to see the look of the woman under the hijab, but he refused to reach out to pick up the cup of tea. Gu Ning’an snorted coldly, and Shen Suyan’s sluggish eyes trembled, and finally he flinched out of his hands.

When she took the tea cup, she didn’t know whether it was her slippery hand or some other reason. Under the eyes of everyone, the tea cup fell to the ground with a crisp crack.

The guests looked at each other, and saw Gu Ning’an pat the armrest of the chicken-wing wooden chair, and said angrily: “Shen Suyan, you are so bold!”

Shen Suyan trembled and hurriedly shrank his hands back. She didn’t want to pick up the tea, but she didn’t know why she hadn’t touched the tea before, and the tea fell. She didn’t even know why it was the Murong girl who let go. But her husband was very angry at her.

Gu Ning’an had already determined that she was unwilling to rest, stepped forward to pull Shen Suyan’s arm, and smirked: “You really never listened to my words. Azhi and you toast tea, you are so embarrassed. How can she, such a narrow-minded mind, be the master mistress of the Gu Mansion?”

Shen Suyan’s arm had just broken. Gu Ning’an was tossed at this moment, and her face turned pale, but she didn’t care about the pain, and awkwardly argued: “No, it’s not me.”

Gu Ning’an ignored her, and his face was even more ironic: “Today in front of all the guests, and in front of Azhi, you should not think I dare to move you.” He just talked to the guests. After eating two cups of wine, the dough rose red at this time: “Come here, blast her out of the house!”

The guests were in an uproar immediately, seeing several uncle Gu’s entourage rushing to Madam Gu and dragged Madam Gu out of the house without any explanation. Gu’s talent was thrown out of the gate, and the two vermilion lacquered gates of Gu’s mansion were closed tightly, seeming to come back for fear of causing some bad luck.

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