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Chapter 4 Brought into the Pit by the System

Ning Fengqin’s eyes were as deep as night, her curly eyelashes trembling lightly, a dark shadow sinked under her eyes, her eyes tightened, “Sansao, no need!”

Su Chenghuan persuaded, “How can this be done? You and her worshipped heaven and earth. Is it possible that you really live with this old lady? If it is really the problem of the Hou Yefu, your Majesty will not blame you!”

Ning Fengqin glanced at Ming Qiao, like a dragonfly swiping the water, her face was inexplicably itchy, “The Houye Mansion will naturally be more anxious than this king!”

This marriage was bestowed by your majesty, and this person was brought in from Hou Yeba who carried the sedan chair! Hou Yefu is not in a hurry.

Su Chenghuan also looked at Ming Qiao. The appearance of this old man was also very pitiful. According to the law, they could completely pull Ming Qiao out and put to death. But the Ning Palace has always served people with benevolence. Such a tyrannical thing, King Ning is not Will do it.

Su Chenghuan asked, “Old lady, do you know, what place is this, and who did you pay to?”

Ming Qiao shook her head. She can only pretend to be dead now. She doesn’t know, she really doesn’t know anything! What she does now is the system let her do it!

“This is the residence of King Ning. It is well known in the world. It has made great contributions to King Ning, who was the same father and mother today. He was crowned king at the age of fifteen. Now he is married at the age of twenty-four, and he is married to you, not you. You can avoid the wrong sentence on the sedan chair!”

Ming Qiao’s spine and back are cold. If she doesn’t want to play like this, will she be chopped into meat sauce today and go out to feed the dog?

These are all her ancestors, they move their brows, they are afraid that her old bones will turn into powder!

But she still had to listen to the system’s words to stay. This prince never felt angry at the first glance when she saw her. It’s better to probe his bottom line to see how many levels of opportunity she has left behind!

She whispered, “This is indeed a big misunderstanding, but it’s not that there is no way to recover it. I can give up!”

“Absurd!” Kong Shuyu who came with Su Chenghuan yelled, “I have never seen Huo say that you are the clothes of King Ning who carried the sedan chair. Even if King Ning wants to divorce you, you will have a wife. It’s only after seven days out!”

Ming Qiao realized that these people are really not easy to provoke, and he was thinking about the cheating system. At this time, he came out to offer a trick. Why are you so embarrassed now!

She could only argue for herself again, “The prince, the old man is already 80 years old and cannot have children for the prince, the prince would like to give the old man a letter of resignation on the grounds of comparison and let the old man go out of the house!”

Ning Fengqing was inconvenient in his wheelchair. He sat there like the moon in Tsinghua University. He looked a little careless, and the whole person was full of wind and dust. He gently said, “This king is tired today, you all go back first. How to deal with the matter, I will enter the palace tomorrow to discuss with your majesty, and uncle, let’s see off the guests!”

There was a thorough paleness on his face, which made him look colder.

He and Uncle invited Xi Niang and the two princesses out. Ning Fengqing turned his wheelchair and wanted to leave the room. Ming Qiao suddenly sighed to relieve the thrill. Ning Fengqing suddenly stopped. Next, look over!

His eyes were extremely fixed, and his heart was so quiet that it throbbed!

A murderous aura hit her. She knew that the ancient system was different. The killing and cruelty here were the same as their secret agent island. Officials and strong people could die every minute.

In this transition, Ning Fengqing is the strong, and she is the weak. She must be careful even with a sigh!

Ning Fengqing said gently, “You should take a good rest first.”

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