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Chapter 4 Despise, even the daughter admits wrong

Jifu is located in the northeast of Kyoto Street. Because it is a family of centuries-old meritorious services, the mansion has been extensively expanded over the years. From a distance, the gates of the palace are larger than other gates on the same street.

At this time, the gate of Ji Mansion was open, and a large group of people were standing at the door, as if waiting for something.

It wasn’t until the fleet from far and near, that the master of Ji House, Ji Yang, shined.

Here comes, finally here.

The car steadily stopped at the gate of Ji Mansion, Ji Gan stepped off Malaysia and said to Ji Yang, “Father, the son brought my sister back.”

All the female relatives behind Ji Yang looked forward to the simple blue-topped carriage behind them, and laughed in their hearts. I heard that Ji Zi’s grandparents had gone bankrupt many years ago. They can also rent a carriage from the shopping mall for this lady watch. It’s not easy to come here.

Ji Yang also saw the simple carriage, frowned slightly, and felt that he had made a mistake. He had long known that Gan’er should bring a better carriage to pick up people. After all, it was Ji Mansion who greeted the eldest lady. This carriage, really It’s too embarrassing.

Thinking about it this way, he felt that his eldest daughter was ignorant. He knew that he was going back to Kyoto and Ji Mansion. Why didn’t he use a better carriage? It made people feel that his Ji Mansion was thankful to her.

“Is it Xiaozi? Come out.” Ji Yang suppressed the complaint in his heart and called out gently.

The curtain opened, and a young girl in a fresh red dress came out first. The girl in the red dress had an indifferent temperament. Although her eyebrows were only delicate, her attitude was arrogant, and she seemed to have something special.

Ji Yang did not expect that in seven years, the Liu family was able to bring up his ineffective eldest daughter so well, and suddenly his eyes were bright, such a good temperament, handed over to the emperor, the emperor appointed her to agree to marry her, and then his two treasures The daughter was saved.

Thinking about it this way, Ji Yang’s face showed ecstasy, β€œIt’s been seven years, and Xiaozi has also come out so slim, and Dad will almost not recognize you. Come and let Dad have a look. Do you know that Dad has been there for so many years? Miss you more.”

Later, the Xiao family, Ji Ling, and Ji Yan did not expect that Ji Zi, who had been discarded by them for many years, could grow so well. Although the appearance is only ordinary, the temperament of the whole body is like a full-fledged lady, and the three are surprised. Just like Ji Yang, she showed joy, and it seemed that this marriage crisis could be resolved. As long as Ji Zi was there, it would be right to send her to marry that violent king.

Qian Yan observed the various expressions of this group of people clearly, resisted the anger of killing these people with a single sword, and smiled coldly, “Master Ji has admitted the wrong person, and the servant Qian Yan belongs to the lady. A close handmaid, she is not lucky enough to be Master Ji’s daughter.”

What, maid!

Ji Yang suddenly felt very embarrassed, even his daughter admitted wrong, and later wanted to pretend to be a father, but how could he lower his face.

At this moment, a pair of simple and elegant catkins gently lifted the curtain of the car, and then, a hazy little face with a veil appeared.

Ji Zi stepped out of the carriage, her white dress made her delicate and delicate. The eyes exposed out of the veil were bright and gentle, with slender eyelashes. When she lowered her eyes, she cast a shallow shadow, but she looked more like a fat skin. Picturesque.

“Ji Zi has seen Daddy.” Ji Zi nodded softly, but did not salute.

But now no one knows whether she salutes or not, just because everyone is attracted by her dusty demeanor and charming half-face.

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