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Chapter 5 Changes

As soon as this statement came out, Gu Ning’an suddenly changed his face. He still didn’t know that Shen Suyan was no longer the foolish woman before. What made him surprised was that although Shen Suyan was foolish in the past, he was a compliant temperament. I ran into something evil, dare to talk to him like this.

Shen Suyan sat up on the bed and looked at Gu Ning’an with a pair of cold eyes, as if he had seen him the first time. Upon seeing this, Gu Ning’an suppressed the suspicion in his heart, and turned to a burst of anger.

He said with a rough voice: “Now that you can speak, it is naturally good, and it saves me the trouble of talking. I ask you, why are you making such a big noise today? I tell you, you should not think it. These methods can crush A Zhi. Although A Zhi is in the side room, he is on the same level as you in this mansion. Are you clear?”

Shen Suyan heard the words, but there was no wave on his face. He just sneered slightly: “The uncle is afraid that he has eaten a lot of alcohol and ate his head. What happened today has caused a woman like me to die. Self-certified innocence, don’t you know the uncle?”

Isn’t she the original silly Shen Suyan, she won’t let others bully and trample, so she simply let this matter, let everyone know that she was originally good temper.

Moreover, she has already used Shen Suyan’s body now, so she will naturally take care of the things left by the original body.

Gu Ning’an’s expression sank, “That’s just a trick you made. You can hide it from others but you can’t hide it from me.”

Shen Suyan only looked at Gu Ning’an and said nothing. She is now bandaged tightly on her head, and her arm is even more easily unable to move. She has been injured in this way. Uncle Gu still believes what means she is using, it is really nothing to say.

Gu Ning’an thought that he had broken Shen Suyan’s heart, and he called Shen Suyan speechless. He couldn’t help but be certain that today’s fault lies with Shen Suyan.

Thinking of this, Gu Ning’an snorted coldly, and said, “If you still want to stay in this mansion, you will give me a safer manner in the future. At least I will give you the name of Mrs. Gu. Points. You have to be clear. Without this status, you will be worse than the cats and dogs on the street begging for food.”

Seeing Gu Ning’an’s domineering appearance, Shen Suyan couldn’t help but laugh: “The uncle is afraid that he is really fainted by drinking and eating, so he dare to say such a thing.” She looked at Gu Ning’an with cold eyes: “Uncle is still deceiving me. I can’t be stupid. I’ve never heard what I said just now. If the uncle faints again, I’m afraid that the person in the palace will find out, he will definitely be unhappy.”

Hearing that Shen Suyan mentioned the man in the palace, Gu Ning’an couldn’t help but hesitated, but he still didn’t want to show weakness in front of Shen Suyan. He wore his long sleeves and sneered: “If the man in the palace is the truth, he will get it. You didn’t rush to facilitate this marriage at the beginning.” He didn’t want to talk about it in depth, so he just said in one stroke: “Anyway, I advise you to settle down.”

After speaking, Gu Ningan didn’t want to stay longer, turned around and left.

Dongmei was stunned for a long time, until the cold wind blew the bones of the body, and then she recovered, closed the door, turned her body and looked at Shen Suyan, not knowing whether she was happy or worried: “Madam has really changed, too, uncle Treating Madam in this way, Madam should have changed a bit. It’s just that Madam’s current temperament makes it difficult to get along well with the uncle.”

Shen Suyan had no worries on her face. After a few gossips with Dongmei, she fell asleep again. Dongmei stayed for a while, not feeling sleepy, and fell asleep beside Shen Suyan’s bed.

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