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Chapter 5 Who Did You Buy The Maid?

Ji Yang had no idea that the eldest daughter he had never remembered would be so beautiful in just seven years. If he saw it on the street, he wouldn’t even dare to recognize it.

The two sisters of the Xiao family and the Ji family also stared at Ji Zi in front of them in a daze. In addition to their surprise, the two sisters of the Ji family quickly showed jealousy and resentment in their eyes. They have never looked good when treating women who are more beautiful than them.

“Master Ji, my lady is struggling all the way, can I go in and rest?” Qian Yan couldn’t understand the people of this Ji family. Although the lady confessed to her to tolerate as much as possible, she still had time to follow her for seven years. , She has never put up with anyone.

“Yes, yes, go in and rest, go in and rest.” Ji Yang recovered, and quickly invited Ji Zi in.

Ji Zi didn’t hesitate, and walked straight over, not accidentally or intentionally, she actually walked to Ji Yang, that is, squeezed the two baby daughters of the main lady Xiao and Xiao behind.

Ji Ling and Ji Yan showed fierce eyes at the same time. This Ji Zi is just a mere concubine, so she dared to go ahead of them, who she thought she was!

“Hey, do you know how to etiquette, don’t you know that the position next to Dad is for the mother? Do you think anyone is qualified to stand over?” Ji Ling’s harsh voice directly blurted out.

The people of the Ji family were shocked, thinking that this eldest lady had offended the second lady just as soon as she returned home, and I was afraid that the days to come would be sad.

But looking at Ji Zi, she didn’t stop, as if she hadn’t heard at all, walking in as before.

Ji Qian frowned, even more dissatisfied with this so-called “eldest sister”.

Seeing her ignoring herself, Ji Ling became angry and rushed to stop her, “Did you hear me talking to you!”

The road was blocked, Ji Zi was forced to stop, her soft eyes looked at Ji Ling in front of her, the corners of her lips hidden under the veil slightly twitched, “Are you talking to me?”

“Nonsense, of course I told you, who else is as unruly as you here!” Ji Ling sneered.

Ji Zi didn’t get angry but laughed instead, his leisurely voice seemed to have quenched honey, sweet and lovely, “You didn’t call my name, I naturally didn’t know that you were talking to me, why didn’t you answer it? You don’t even understand the minimum politeness to talk to people, who are you the maid who bought it? The servants in Jifu are so unruly, do you even dare to block the way of the master?”

“You…whose maidservant are you talking about! I’m the second lady of Jifu, dare you say my maidservant! I think you are like a maidservant!” Ji Ling trembled with anger, wishing to slap Shan Jizi in the face.

Ji Yan also ran up at the moment to cheer her sister, “Big sister, you are such a big arrogance. If you go back to the mansion and ask your eldest brother to pick it up personally, you don’t know how to do it. Who taught you this!”

Ji Zi smiled, with a leisurely and indifferent expression, looking at Ji Yan, “If I am also a mess, then what are you guys who are noisy and noisy?”

“What kind of attitude are you!” She was mocking herself, Ji Yan’s face turned black with anger.

Ji Zi snorted, didn’t even want to look at her, and walked straight inside. When passing by Ji Yang who hadn’t said a word from beginning to end, she glanced over and asked in a cold voice, “Daddy, my room is in where.”

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