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Chapter 6 Tentative

“Sir, we said that the premium is 10%. It should be 176W.”

Old Li was taken aback. He didn’t expect that this little girl would not need the money he could get. He couldn’t help but had a better impression of Qin Luo. He smiled and handed the check over again: “Fu’s valuation is Fu’s valuation. This is My offer, old man, is a rare bronze ware, worth the price.”

Old Fu also joked: “Girl, keep it, this old man lacks everything, just doesn’t need money.”

Now that Lao Li and Lao Fu had already said this, Qin Luo stopped being hypocritical, and took the check, and saw that the signature on it was Li Hongtu. After being a little surprised, he put it directly into his pocket.

The system prompt sounded in my mind.

“Dip! Complete the first bucket of gold mission! Obtain the mission reward: Yellow scroll experience value 20 points, 4,000 spirit coins.”

Qin Luo was about to say goodbye to the two old men. Old Li suddenly said, “It’s just time for dinner. Let’s go, girl, old man, let me celebrate.”

The world’s first product.

Qin Luo looked at Lao Li speechlessly. This old man kept holding the bronze clock, even when he was eating, he would put it aside to watch, and he smirked while watching.

This picture is too spicy!

How can you say that you are also a hero in Xuancheng, is this really good?

As soon as he put down his chopsticks, Lao Li couldn’t wait to ask Qin Luo, “Girl, where did you get this bronze bell?”

Qin Luo took a sip of lemonade and told the truth: “I just bought it from the stall outside for 100 yuan.”

“What?” Old Li jumped up from the chair and blurted out in shock.

Old Fu also said uncertainly: “Um… the air conditioner is too loud. Both of us are a little bit hard to hear. I didn’t hear clearly. You can say it again, girl.”

Qin Luo had to raise the volume a few minutes and repeat, “I just bought this bronze clock from the stall in the front street of Gulou for 100 yuan.”

Old Li sat back on the chair and said with envy: “You girl’s luck is too good!”

Starting at 100 yuan, 180W is changed hands, it is not too cool!

He didn’t care about the more than one million yuan. One million yuan was about one hundred yuan to him. What he envied was the process of collecting leaks.

He has been playing antiques for several years, and he has never picked up a leak once, and he has punched a lot of times.

Then Old Li thought unkindly, if the vendor knew about it, he would ask for his psychological shadow.

Lao Fu looked at Qin Luo with deep eyes and suddenly asked, “Girl, who is your master?”

Lao Li thinks that this girl is missing out because of luck, but he doesn’t think so.

As soon as this little girl came from outside, she went directly to Jin Mingxuan to make a shot. She also stated that this was a bronze ware from the Western Han Dynasty, and even dared to take the initiative to bet with Lao Li.

All of this shows that the little girl is a knowledgeable.

He has such eyesight at a young age. It must be a famous master from the teacher, but he doesn’t remember that the disciples of those old guys have such a small disciple, and he has never heard of anyone accepting disciples recently…

When Mr. Fu asked, Mr. Li immediately reacted, looking at Qin Luo with a smile in his eyes, waiting for her answer.

Qin Luo was taken aback for a while and shook his head, “Master? I don’t have a master!”

Seeing that the two old men didn’t believe it, Qin Luo said again affirmatively: “I really don’t have a master!”

Then he added silently in my heart, I just have an omnipotent system.

“Then how did you see it?” Fu Lao asked in surprise.

As soon as he saw this girl, he had a good impression of her. She was beautiful and aura, with a calm temperament, not arrogant or impetuous, and the most rare thing was his good temperament. With the attitude of Lao Li, he could still maintain what he deserves for an old man. Some respect.

But after learning that this girl had such eyesight without the guidance of her master, he became curious about her.

Upon hearing this, Lao Li looked at Qin Luo curiously.

“I’ve seen some introductions about Western Han bronzes in the book before, and I saw it today and felt right, so I shot it.”

Qin Luo can be considered half of the truth, because the client did read a lot of books on antiques before, and one of them happened to be devoted to bronzes from the Western Han Dynasty.

“It feels right?”

Qin Luo’s statement made Li Hongtu dumbfounded. It was the first time that he heard people say that watching antiques is based on feelings.

According to this little girl, as long as you read a few more books and trust your intuition, you can miss it. Wouldn’t everyone be a collector?

Lao Fu looked at Qin Luo with a look of interest, “You mean you only rely on intuition to tell the truth?”

Qin Luo nodded repeatedly, and Mr. Fu called a waiter to whisper to him. After a while, someone came in with a brocade box from outside.

Old Fu handed the brocade box to Qin Luo, “Girl, look at this?”

“Fu Jinian, this is not the one…”

Old Li’s eyes looked at the brocade box as if the hungry wolf saw the fat sheep.

Lao Fu completely ignored Lao Li, took a sip of tea, watched Qin Luo directly picked up the thing and began to study.

Seeing Qin Luo’s movements, Lao Li and Lao Fu exchanged glances.

This girl didn’t lie, she was indeed a layman.

Generally, antiques are very precious things. People who know how to appreciate antiques will not directly take them with their hands. They are afraid that they will be damaged by accidental mistakes. Even if they do not lose their hands, some materials in human hands will invisibly damage the antiques. , So wear gloves before appraisal.

Qin Luo didn’t notice the eye contact between the two old men. After she picked up the contents of the brocade box and opened the Eye of Reality, a series of messages appeared in her mind.

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