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Chapter 7 Apprenticeship (1)

“Suzaku double-eared bronze coquettish, made by Zheng Tu, a famous craftsman in Qing Dynasty, imitated Western Zhou craftsmanship, worth 50W yuan.”

Seeing Qin Luo put the things back in the brocade box, Fu Laocai asked, “Girl, is this thing real or fake?”

After Qin Luo hesitated for a while, he said, “This is an imitation.”

Fu Lao looked at Qin Luo with a bit of appreciation in his eyes, and said gently: “You said I didn’t believe it by intuition before, but now I believe it. Although intuition is very mysterious, it is also real. I picked up the leak at first because of a feeling.”

Lao Fu turned to look at Lao Li again, “Lao Li, didn’t some of your decisions back then depended on intuition, or where did you come from the Hongtu Group?”

“Yes.” Old Li nodded.

He transferred from the army back then and knew nothing about the market. If he hadn’t seized the opportunity by instinct, how could he have been today?


Lao Li pointed to the contents of the brocade box and asked Lao Fu in shock: “Lao Fu, this is actually an imitation?”

How could it be possible that those old guys at the time had vowed to believe that this was genuine?

Old Fu nodded, “It is indeed a fake, and I felt that I couldn’t make it clear at the time, so I took it home to study it until yesterday…look here!”

Lao Fu took a magnifying glass and took a picture of the inside of the bronze coquettish. Lao Li leaned over and was stunned.

A special symbol appeared under the magnifying glass. It was very small, but if you looked closely, you could find it seemed to be someone’s seal.

Old Li suddenly realized: “It turned out to be Zheng Tu!”

Then he laughed again: “Hahaha, don’t those old guys know? They all claim to be famous, but they all walked away. It’s not as good as a little girl. Wait for the party and see. I’m not good and smelly them!

Fu Lao looked at Qin Luo with a weird face. This girl is not even an amateur in strict terms, but she can tell the truth at a glance. What kind of enchantment would it be if she really understood?

I couldn’t help feeling a move, and asked: “Little girl, I have never confiscated a disciple in my life, but now I have to cheekily ask you, would you like to worship me as a teacher?”

Qin Luo was startled, Fu Lao wanted to accept her as a disciple? !

Old Li also looked at Old Fu in shock, “Old Fu, you…”

“Come here first today, and you will find me if you have something to do. I’ll go one step ahead, girl, follow me!” Fu Lao led Qin Luo out as he spoke.

“Lao Fu, wait for me, let’s drop in, Lao Fu…” Lao Li was taken aback for a moment, and hurriedly caught up with Lao Fu and Qin Luo.

Qin Luo was still a little dazed until he sat in the car, didn’t he come to pick up the leak, why did he pick up a master for nothing?

In her previous life, although she had never met Fu Lao, when she followed that client, she often heard about this figure in the antique circle. It is said that he not only has an extremely high level of appraisal, but is also rare. All-rounder, proficient in all kinds.

It’s just that everything has changed in Rebirth I. Not only did she meet Lao Fu, he actually wanted to accept her as a disciple!

Qin Luo’s heart was full of surprise, but his face still looked calm and calm.

The performance of the veteran Fu Qin Luo was in his eyes, and he nodded secretly. Fortunately, he met this little girl today and quickly made a decision to act first.

When I thought of the way those people were surprised when they saw this girl’s performance in the future, Old Fu felt a dark heart.

Since getting in the car, Mr. Li has been sending messages with his mobile phone.

How could Lao Fu receive such important news about his apprenticeship alone?

Soon the car drove into the Jinxiu Mountain River, a large-scale manor and villa area built on the Jinxiu Mountain, which was the gathering place of the rich and powerful in Xuancheng.

When the car drove through one of the villas, Qin Luo’s eyes tightened and his hands on his side clenched into fists.

She is still too weak to compete with them, but one day, she will send them all to hell by herself!

Before that, all she had to do was to become stronger and stronger, so strong that no one could easily decide her life or death!

Ling’er’s voice suddenly sounded in his mind, encouraging Qin Luo, “Lord Yin, don’t be impatient, with Ling’er by your side, you will definitely become stronger!”

“I see, Ling’er, thank you!” Qin Luo took a deep breath, calmed his surging mood, and slowly released his fists.

After returning to his senses, Qin Luo found that the car was still driving in, without any intention to stop. The manor passing by was more luxurious than one, and one more terrifying.

It is said that there is an unwritten rule in the Jinxiu Mountains and Rivers that the higher the status of Xuancheng, the more people live in and higher.

The car drove straight to the top of the mountain and drove directly into the innermost manor.

Pure Chinese architectural style, imitating the design of Suzhou garden, quiet and elegant without losing the atmosphere.

It is indeed the family with the most heritage in Xuancheng, and it is indeed a family that can stand firm in the imperial capital. Compared with the Fu family, that family is simply the difference between a small fishing boat and an aircraft carrier.

Just now, Qin Luo guessed the identity of Fu Lao.

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