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Loyal Dog Wedge

In December, the cold wind howled, snow flew, and the whole Xuancheng was enveloped in a cold white.

This is the first snow of this year, and there is a bitter cold everywhere!

Qin Luo was wearing a red sleeveless, knee-length dress, walking barefoot on the cold icy and snowy long street. Passersby looked at her as if they were looking at a lunatic.

She also felt that she was crazy, otherwise, why would there be a nightmare picture in front of her, lingering?

Two hours ago, she suddenly received a text message from him, saying that she was going to surprise her in a while.

Thinking of the receipt for buying a diamond ring that she accidentally saw on his desk the other day, her heart was both excited and nervous.

She imagined countless romantic scenes in her mind, but she never thought about it. When she rushed to the banquet hall full of expectations, what she saw would be such a picture…

Under the spotlight, he was wearing a white suit and knelt on one knee, holding a pink diamond ring designed by a famous designer in his right hand, staring at her affectionately with his thin lips, and his always clear and indifferent voice seemed to be gentle at this moment. The dripping water is generally:

“Meeting you is my luck in this life, falling in love with you is my happiness in this life, and protecting you is my choice in this life. I have no regrets or regrets in this life for you, and love you forever! Be gentle, marry me, good ?”

But this tenderness and affection did not come from him to her.

In front of him, Huo Xinrou’s delicate and beautiful face was full of surprises, excitement, and happiness that could not be concealed, but it was more dazzling than the spotlight on the roof.

Qin Luo stood stupidly at the door of the banquet hall, his eyes widened and his face was full of surprise.

This is the “surprise” he said to give her? !

When Huo Xinrou looked over with triumphant but mocking gaze, Qin Luo suddenly realized that all this was definitely not a joke!

No one would make such a joke when proposing in public, and he is even more impossible!

Qin Luo’s face instantly paled!

In my ears, everyone’s blessings came and went one after another.

So, she was the last one to know? !

But, until now, she didn’t want to understand, when did they get better?


Qin Luo stopped in front of him and asked him.

Ask this man named Shen Fanyu. She has known each other for twenty-five years and has been dating for ten years. She vowed to take care of her forever at her mother’s grave.

But now, he is holding Huo Xinrou, her half-sister’s hand, and looking at her, ruthlessly, his words hurt even more: “Qin Luo, I have always treated you as a classmate, sister, There is nothing else!”

Classmates? younger sister?

Nothing else?

What a good one and nothing else!

It turns out that for so many years, they are just one and nothing else!

Qin Luo clenched his fist and stared at Shen Fanyu.

Just about to ask, Huo Xinrou stepped forward and grabbed Qin Luo’s hand with a pitiful face and a trembling voice, but only Qin Luo knew that Huo Xinrou’s sharp nails fell deeply into her palm.

“Qin Luo, Fanyu and I are already engaged, please stop pestering him in the future, okay?”

“Entangling? How blind am I to entangle a disgusting scumbag like him again!”

Qin Luo ignored Shen Fanyu’s ugly expression, laughed mockingly, and shook off Huo Xinrou’s hand fiercely!

If she still doesn’t understand what all this is about, and what kind of person Shen Fanyu is, then her twenty-eight years have really been in vain!

“Qin Luo, I’m sorry, I know you have always liked Fanyu, but I really can’t give her to you. You can hurt me, but please see that we are sisters, don’t hurt our children, please ?”

Huo Xinrou staggered back a few steps, and she felt like she was about to fall. Shen Fanyu quickly reached out and hugged her in her arms, softly assuring, “Xinrou, I love you, I have no love at all from beginning to end. Why do you feel sorry for her after passing her? Don’t worry, I will never let her hurt you!”

Huo Xinrou was buried in Shen Fanyu’s arms, and her body trembled lightly, with a crying sound, even more pitiful.

“Fanyu, it’s my fault…I shouldn’t respond to your love, let alone have children, Qin Luo blames me, so she hates our children…”

Shen Fanyu hugged Huo Xinrou tighter, and softly coaxed: “Xinrou, this is not your fault, it’s not your fault…”

Qin Luo looked at Shen Fanyu and Huo Xinrou coldly. Why didn’t she find that these two people’s acting skills were so high before?

The whole world owes them a little golden man!

No wonder she hadn’t noticed before this!

Shen Fanyu raised his head to look at Qin Luo, his expression of disgust made no secret, and his tone was full of bone-seeking coldness:

“Qin Luo, I really misunderstood you before. I didn’t expect you to be such a vicious woman! Everyone says that you are born from one’s heart. No wonder you look so ugly! I don’t love you. Why should you What about the soft-hearted and innocent child? What a snake-hearted!”


It turns out that her many years of devotion to him were only “vicious”?


Who caused her to be like this?


Who is the real snake-hearted?

Looking at the handsome and gentle man in front of him, Qin Luo felt a pain in his heart.

She feels distressed for her past self!

How stupid and blind is she to mistake such a scumbag as a warm man who can be entrusted to life?

The onlookers talked a lot, pointed and pointed, their eyes were full of contempt, these eyes were like knives, slapped on Qin Luo’s body.

Qin Luo was embarrassed, embarrassed, sad and painful in her heart, but she did not allow herself to show a trace of weakness at this moment.

The hands on his side were clenched into fists, his back was tight and straight, his head was raised high, and a strong smile was raised at the corner of his mouth.

It’s like the most colorful plum blossom on a branch where the cold wind is raging in the middle of winter.

“Xin Rou, Fan Yu is right, why is this your fault? Fan Yu has already said that he loves you, and that Qin Luo has been pestering him regardless of shame! Some people are born lowly!”

A noble and beautiful middle-aged woman walked over from the crowd, patted Huo Xinrou on the shoulder, and comforted her.

Qin Luo passed the woman, staring blankly at the extraordinary middle-aged man standing behind her.

He happened to look over, his eyes were cold, his brows frowned…

To speak is to accuse: “Do you see what you look like? I really don’t know how your mother taught you?”

The last trace of warmth in Qin Luo’s heart disappeared.

“My mother taught me very well! You have never fulfilled my father’s responsibility for a day. What right do you have to say that my mother is not!”

Qin Luo turned to the noble and glamorous middle-aged woman just now, and said angrily: “And you, why should I say that I am low?! You are the cheapest. It doesn’t count as a junior, and you encourage yourself. Your daughter also goes to be a junior, your mother and daughter are really the same cheap, you all like to steal other men so much…”


The man slapped him mercilessly.

“Don’t you feel ashamed, get out!”

The coat fell in the banquet hall, and the shoes did not know where they were left. The whole body was numb from the cold, but Qin Luo could not feel the cold.

The scenes of the past, like a revolving lantern, kept flashing in Qin Luo’s mind.

Laughing at her without eyes!

Ironically her self-righteousness!

drop! drop!


The next moment, a heavy-duty truck driving at high speed drove towards Qin Luo, showing no signs of slowing down, even faster and faster…

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