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Marrying the Princess Chapter 5

Ming Qiao thought he would order someone to pull her out and chop her off. This prince was still gentle. She tickled the corner of her mouth and nodded and said, “The old man Xie Ning’s grace not to kill!”

She did not raise her head, she was already surrounded by a chill, and Ning Fengqing’s eyes stared at her scalp with numbness.

“Master, I have already sent away from the Ning Palace. I know it is my own person, and things will not spread.” He Shu stood behind Ning Fengqing’s wheelchair and looked at Ming Qiao sitting on the bed, really melancholy!

The twenty-four-year-old King Ning married an eighty-year-old man. This is the biggest joke in history. If it is spread, King Ning’s face will not be lost.

“It’s not important!” Ning Wang said, and with a wave of a gesture, he wanted to leave.

Ming Qiao’s self-control was finally freed, and he fell into the middle of the bed. After all, he was an old man, and his resistance was not so strong in all aspects.

She yelled angrily, “Dead system, come out for me!”

She must understand which country this is, see if there is any history, and understand the fate of these people.

But the room was quiet, and the system was pretending to be dead!

King Ning just said that she should have a good rest first, and she might not be able to stay tomorrow. How can she accomplish this task? Which bastard can teach her?

She took off the big red dress and stood in front of the mirror and looked at the skin bag. Only these eyes were surprisingly bright, bright like stars, and not tortured by the years. She touched her wrinkled face. It was okay. This bone looks good.

If the beauty is restored, it should be a beauty.

But her heart still hurts. Now she has no advantage and no background. How can she stabilize her heel in the palace!

There will be a storm tomorrow.

She lay back on the bed, tossing and turning. For the first time, she was worried about her survival. She seemed to have returned to the time when she was training on Agent Island.

I am afraid that someone with evil intentions will let her die here!

It was the first time that she had the habit of recognizing the bed. When it was dark, there was a knock on the door outside, “Princess, the servants come and wait for the master to freshen up!”

She remembered inwardly, the cumbersome marriage etiquette in ancient times, should you offer tea today?

Two maids pushed in the door and walked around the screen. One of them suddenly said “Ah”, and the water basin in his hand was instantly removed, splashing water on the ground.

Ming Qiao was taken aback by her, and at this moment, his mind was clear, and he had forgotten that her old face would scare people. Not everyone in the whole government knew that she, the princess, was such a ghost!

Inadvertently, her eyes were already full of coldness, she had no habit of comforting others, she just sighed leisurely to express her helplessness.

The maid knelt on the ground in a panic, thinking that she was going to be angry, “The princess forgive me, I didn’t mean it, I beg the princess for my life.”

One of the maids also knelt down, and the two slammed their heads on one side. Ming Qiao really didn’t appreciate this etiquette, it was too torturous.

She said, “Get up, go and fetch me a basin of water, put down my clothes, and you don’t have to wait on it!”

“Yes.” The two men cleaned up, bowed and retired.

She lifted the quilt to get up and went to see another pair of glasses. She thought that after sleeping, she would return to her prosperous beauty!

It’s no show, God is serious this time!

After a while, the maid sent in the cleaning water again, and immediately backed out, but she noticed that the maid’s body was shaking!

She picked a set of the heaviest clothes and put them on one by one. There was only one thought in her heart.

too hot!

As soon as he changed his clothes, a voice came from outside the door, “Princess, your majesty is in the main hall, and the prince asks the princess to pass right away!”

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