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Bad Wife Ch.11

Yu Le Er excitedly came up to snatch it, and Jun Siluo immediately stopped playing.

Father Yan yelled: “Is there enough trouble!” You

Le’er only then regained her identity, retreated to her parents, weeping.

Gunsil looked nauseous.

“What do you mean?” Father Yan asked.

“Clean up the grievances.” Gunsiluo’s voice was so soft that people couldn’t bear to speak loudly to her anymore, so she continued to say, “I have worked so hard, please friend, I have found all the relationships. I found these photos. There were too many reporters who went there that day, and Rohrmann and You Leer both sent their own people.”

“You nonsense!” Rohrmann finally said three words, and was yelled at by his father. After going back, “Shut up!”

At this point, the Rohrmann family of three became a decoration.

And Yu Le’er knew that she was wrong, not to mention that she had a recording in her hands, and she didn’t know how to explain it yet, so naturally she didn’t dare to make it again.

“You said.” Although Yan’s father didn’t like Jun Siluo, he thought a lot at this moment.

He knew that this woman had a lot of “data” about her son, and of course there was evidence left by the daughter-in-law she recognized. In any case, these should not be known to her son, otherwise, how could Yule’er get married.

You Handong didn’t speak, but thought in his heart that he must find a way to make this evildoer disappear, just like her mother and sister!

Jun Siluo didn’t seem to look at You Handong, but looked at every subtle expression and movement of You Handong all the time.

This hypocrite, his so-called father, now looks very honest, pretending to be a tmd!

Even if there is no evidence to prove that he killed his mother and sister, one day, he will surely make him pay for it!

Gunsilo curled her lips: “The photo was a thief calling to catch the thief. It was taken by You Le Er looking for someone to take it. Unfortunately, the one posted on the news was the clearest, but she didn’t pay attention to her own appearance. It looked very proud. “

Of course , Father Yan understands what’s going on, and the look in Yu Le’er’s eyes is already blamed.

“Then what do you want?” Father Yan asked.

“I thought, if the Yan family doesn’t need such important information, then I will keep it. One day I feel good and I lack money and sell it to the media. It’s not bad.” Jun Siluo finished. He stood up and said, “I have something

to do. Let’s take a step first.” “Stop!” Father Yan ordered, but Jun Siluo wouldn’t listen. The high heels of Dong Dong Dong stepped on the wooden floor, it was really nice.

“Stop!” The voice stopped again, but this time, the speaker was Yan Beitang!

Everyone except Jun Siluo looked back and saw Yan Beitang standing like a king at the entrance of the stairs on the second floor.

When did he come back?

The most scared thing is to play, she was almost panicked, fidgeting.

Jun Siluo had already walked to the gate, and walked out of Yan’s house as if he hadn’t heard.

When everyone was still there, Yan Beitang had already flashed out of Yan’s house like a wind.

Yan Beitang’s skill is very good, as for how good, no one has personally experienced it, but some people say that he can bring down thirty people with bare hands.

“Where to go?” Yan Beitang pulled gently, and Jun Siluo fell into his arms softly.

Gunsila knew he was bound to chase it out, and when his finger touched her, she had already taken the opportunity to climb onto his neck.

A pair of winking eyes glowed, Yan Beitang, wishing to do her right here!

“This family doesn’t welcome me, I’ll leave naturally.” Jun Siluo thought to herself that the purpose of coming is basically achieved. It is fine to play with you next time. Anyway, sister, I am in a good mood now.

“My card, why is it with you?” Yan Beitang actually came back a long time ago and asked not to say that he was upstairs.

Therefore, he saw everything just now.

“Mr. Yan, are you planning to say this~like~?” With these two words, she even raised her chin, and raised the frustrated suggestion. She is now in his arms.

Her red lips are half-open, which is really alluring.

Yan Beitang wanted to kiss him hard.

How much magic power this woman has, she hasn’t played enough in one night, and now she sees her, she has an instant reaction! “Gan!” With a backhand, Yan Beitang lifted Gensiluo horizontally, placed it in the passenger seat, and buckled her seat belt for fear that she might run away.

Jun Siluo thought to herself, Yan Beitang understands me quite well, but unfortunately, sister, just want to run.

Unfastening the seat belt as quickly as possible, stepping on such high heels, walking almost like flying, drove Wang Shaoze’s car and sped away with a kick on the accelerator.

She doesn’t know the car yet, it has become hers now.

And Yan Beitang, faster!

Bugatti, kidding, can you run past it?

Not long after, one after another, one after another, rushing to chase after another.

This Yan family is on the mountain, the mountain road is rugged, it is not suitable for such fast racing.

Yan Beitang, who thought he had a good chance of winning, now sees Gensiluo driving such a small broken car of millions, and he can still compete with his own Bugatti, which simply detonated his desire!

“Jun Siluo!” Yan Beitang, not knowing where he took out the horn, shouted at the car in front.

This shout shocked Jun Siluo, the steering wheel in her hand flicked, the speed slowed down, and after a sharp turn, she was blocked by Yan Beitang’s car!

The sound of the two cars braking suddenly resounded through the valley!

“Are you crazy? What if you hit it?” Jun Siluo got out of the car and shouted at Yan Beitang.

Yan Beitang hugged Jun Siluo’s waist, bowing his head was a long kiss!

After the kiss, Gensiluo was stunned.

It almost detracted from her title of the first dude in the imperial capital!

You can’t lose any money!

Just as Yan Beitang pulled his lips away, Jun Siluo pulled him by the collar, more cruel, longer, and longer than his kiss before!

Yan Beitang was already full of enthusiasm, pressing Jun Siluo on the car, the upturned part of the lower body, hard, against the secret place of

Jun Siluo … Jun Siluo felt his strangeness, so he hurriedly lightened Pushing a certain distance away, lowering his eyes, his long eyelashes blinked: “It’s kind of cold.”

“Cough” Yan Beitang’s voice was a little hoarse, and he cleared his throat before continuing to speak: “Get in the car!”

“Bugatti? I haven’t sat there before.”

“Then let you do it!” Yan Beitang was enraged.

Two people’s words clearly have two meanings.

“I bought this car. By the way, I gave Wang Shaoze some medical expenses.” Yan Beitang opened the door for Jun Siluo, as if to report. After speaking, he couldn’t wait to bit his tongue.

“So good.” Jun Siluo suddenly turned around and explored Yan Beitang’s clothes with both hands, and touched Yan Beitang’s chest with a pair of cold hands. “This co-pilot, so small, is still the cab, space. , Big enough.”

“Small, don’t play tricks!” Yan Beitang is so clever, he naturally guessed that Gensluo wanted to run carefully, pinched her nose, and said very fondly: “Isn’t he trying to sell? Why don’t you talk to me?”

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