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Chapter 1 Meets the devil

In the late evening of July, the air was disturbingly hot.


In a white dress, Xiao Zitang with long curly hair loosely pushed the shopping cart and carefully selected fresh beef-a rare brother who got off work early this morning, she had to make more delicious comforts to him. Since he became a dedicated driver for that famous man Su Qien, he not only has to follow up and follow every day, but even his private time at get off work and weekends is often occupied.

Thinking of this, Xiao Zitang frowned unhappily, and his brother was not his own. Even eating a meal together has become a luxury. Fortunately, the ten-year interdependence has given her and her brother a deep emotion that surpasses that of ordinary brothers and sisters. Otherwise, she really has to doubt that her brother is about to abandon herself!

However, it should be almost over. She picked up a newspaper from the bookshelf easily. Under the striking title of “Marriage of the Giants”, it was a picture of Miss Su and her fiance hugging each other.

“It’s unfair! It’s so beautiful, the family is good, and the married husband is so handsome!” The little girls next to him tweeted at the pair of bishops in the newspaper, full of jealousy.

“No! This man is Liao Cangyi, the president of Tianyuan Department Store. I didn’t expect to be so young and so handsome… Guess whether he will be forced into political marriage, maybe he doesn’t like the rich giants like Miss Su… …Do you like the ordinary and warm little girls like us?”

“Dream less, even if people are not rich and rich, they look so beautiful, which man doesn’t like it…”

Xiao Zitang smiled and put the newspaper away from a few chirping girls-in these irrelevant audiences, she is probably the only one looking forward to Miss Su’s early marriage. If she is married, she can no longer run around so capriciously, when the elder brother will not be so busy.

Thinking of her brother, she opened her handbag and was ready to call to remind him to come back for dinner early. Only then did she find out that because of her overtime meeting last night, her mobile phone has forgotten to turn on-just after the boot music rang, she heard the mobile phone ringing quickly.

After glancing at the call, Xiao Zitang happily picked it up and said, “Brother! Are you home? I will stew your favorite beef tonight!”

However, the person on the phone was not as happy as expected, but a roar came, “Why don’t you turn on the phone all night!”

Xiao Zitang was stunned, his brother had never spoken to himself in such a harsh tone! “I worked overtime last night… didn’t I tell you yesterday morning?”

Xiao Shuchen at the end of the phone fixed his breath, but his voice was still urgent. “Zi Tang, you can go home and pack up and leave now. You can go anywhere. Remember not to tell anyone about your whereabouts!”

Xiao Zitang’s heart shook suddenly, and his heart slipped uneasy, and asked anxiously, “What happened?”

“Don’t ask me! I’ll contact you when I settle down after a while. I’m on the train now!” Xiao Shuchen listened to her sister’s flustered voice, more anxious, “Listen to Zitang, don’t worry about me, I’m safe, I just have to Leave. Just listen to what I said and go, I will find you after a while!”

“Brother…” After listening to this, Xiao Zitang’s brain suddenly went blank, and only his brother’s words kept playing back in his ears-go, go…

Almost uncontrolled, she dropped the cart and ran out of the supermarket.

“Remember, be strong and wait for me.” After finishing this sentence, Xiao Shuchen hung up the phone. Although he was full of worry, he believed that his sister would be strong through this level…noisy In the train compartment, his sunny and beautiful face quietly stained with a bit of sorrow. The gentle woman beside him looked at him, and his soft hands gently touched his frowned eyebrows.

Xiao family.

Xiao Zitang almost rushed home and stumbled several times along the way, but she clenched her teeth and forced herself not to guess what happened-she only listened to her brother, she only believed him!

I hurriedly opened the closet, stuffed some clothes in a big backpack, turned around and ran to the bed, and put a yellowed family portrait in my bag…

She was so immersed in the tension and helplessness that she didn’t even hear it. Outside the courtyard, there was already a buzzing engine sound approaching…

With a clatter, she zipped up her backpack and turned to run out of the yard. The lush fruit trees hung with fast-ripe fruits. The potted plants planted with her brother had already opened more than half…I thought of leaving my home for more than 20 years. She couldn’t help but have a sour nose. The first time her brother was not around, it seemed that she had been taken away from her heart-but thinking of her brother’s instructions, she stabilized her heartbeat, settled, opened the door, and rushed out staggeringly!

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