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Chapter 1 Office Events

In the city center of Yuncheng, there is a magnificent building with a height of 55 floors, which is the office building of Yinshi Group, a large coastal city. On the day of June, the fiery sun scorched the earth, but the office building was cool. A light pink figure came down from a white RV, holding a thermos in his hand. “Miss, you are here.” The security guard at the door bowed politely to her and let her in smoothly.

The office building on the weekend was much colder than the working day. Yin Yumo walked into the elevator, pressed the top button, and looked up at the red numbers, jumping up one by one.

This was not the first time she came to the company, but it was the first time she felt nervous.

The heart on her left chest was about to jump out of her chest. His work is really busy. He has to work overtime at the company on weekends. He arrives at home after three in the morning every night.

At the grand wedding last weekend, she was thrown away by a duck and replaced her sister who escaped marriage. She became the bride at the wedding and married the man she had been in love with for ten years.

After the wedding, there was no honeymoon, no holidays, he was the vice president of the entire Yu’s enterprise, he came to work in the company on the second day of the wedding, almost giving people the illusion of no wedding, even Yin Yumo himself I feel that day is like a dream. If not, every time she wakes up, she sees a man beside her. If not, she has moved out of the villa where she has lived for almost two decades. She is no longer the eldest lady of the Yin family.

She is Mrs. Mu. She might also think that she is a carefree Miss Yin Jia. Today, she came to send a loving lunch to her newlywed husband, and she still had great courage. With a ding, the elevator door opened, also recalling Yin Yumo’s thoughts that had long drifted away. Although the top floor is the president’s office area, the executive secretary’s office is also on the top floor. Yin Yumo glanced at the door of the office of the secretary’s office, and it seemed that he wasn’t the only one working overtime today.

Through the glass partition wall, the empty secretary room, Yin Yumo did not think about it. The white flat heel shoes under his feet stepped on the soft high-end carpet, and only a slight friction sound was made. The mahogany double door of the president’s office was closed tightly, and Yin Yumo knocked politely on the door, but, without receiving any response, the small hand touched the metal door handle and pressed down slightly. The door was opened, but there was no one in the huge president’s office.

The office was a little different from the last time she came, and it looked simple, but it showed a little bit of coldness, just like his people. He always feels so cold that he can’t be easily approached. In addition to the fierce means in the mall, he is also a low-key and impenetrable man. Looking around the office, a black blazer was hanging on the executive chair by the desk, which he wore when he went out this morning. The coat is here, what about his man?

The temperature inside the office was surprisingly low, making Yin Yumo shudder unconsciously, seemingly strange. Should she wait for him? Glancing at the thermos pot she put on the coffee table, she was hesitating. In the quiet office, some subtle sounds suddenly came out, which were gasps and whispers, causing Yin Yumo to get up quickly from the sofa and walk towards the source of the sound. Step by step, the closer and closer, Yin Yumo stood at the door of the president’s exclusive lounge, the closer, the clearer the voice.

With courage and curiosity, she reached out and twisted the door handle. “Han, I want …”

A clear woman’s soft voice came into her ears. “You just can’t wait?” The male’s voice was magnetic, charming, and a little frivolous. With such a familiar voice, Yin Yumo can hear who he is even with his eyes closed.

Yin Yumo pushed the door open, and what caught her eyes was the messy clothes, men’s, women’s, sexy translucent black lace Bra, the same color underpants, fell on the white shirt, so dazzling And on the big bed in the room, two bare bodies were tightly entangled. At that moment, Yin Yumo forgot how to react. The pretty face was pale and her entire facial expression was stiff. She knew that even if she had n’t experienced those things, she knew that it was acting on the bed in this lounge.

Which scene is it. Her newly-married husband and a woman were entangled on the bed, so unsightly. The woman on the bed is the Executive Secretary of the Yin Group, Zhou Liqi. She clearly saw the presence of Yin Yumo, but she just smiled and put her arms around the thin waist of the man without shame. … “Roumei’s voice almost made the bones of the man’s body crisp. She even cuddled her beautiful body to the man, she was deliberately, to show Yin Yumo. What about Yin’s eldest lady? What about Mr. Mu Yihan, the vice president of Yin Group?

It is Zhou Liqi who can love the lingering woman like Mu Yihan. Yin Yumo was in a trance, a staggering, hit the door panel, the door panel leaning back, hit the wall heavily, made a huge noise, and finally caught the attention of the man on the bed. “Momo?” Mu Yihan saw Yin Yumo’s face pale and frightened at the door, frowning slightly. He pulled the nightgown aside and put it on his body and walked towards Yin Yumo.

On his neck, there are kiss marks left by Zhou Liqi, glowing with the luminescence of female lips. Until there was a shadow in front of her eyes, the originally familiar masculine atmosphere, mixed with the strange breath just after the lust, made her feel sick. “Wife, I don’t even know, you still have a hobby of peeking at someone else’s bed?” His words, with great sarcasm.

Yin Yumo raised his eyes and looked at him, “How can you do this?” She is his wife, isn’t she? She had known for a long time that Mu Yihan would not love her, and she always loved her younger sister, so now that her younger sister was gone, he would rather find another woman than touch her.

“Are you blaming me? Or do you also want to come in and enjoy together?”

Mu Yihan buckled her jaw, the sharp deep eyes could not see the true meaning of his heart. However, what she knew, what Mu Yihan said was not sincere. After getting married, she knew that afterwards, she and him were like two parallel lines.

No matter how she approached him, she could not catch up with him. Just like she had loved him for ten years, but she only got a point of intersection, but then, she moved away. Mu Yihan lowered his head and leaned close to her. When his lips were about to touch hers, suddenly a slap in the face shook his handsome face.

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