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Chapter 1 The Youth

Within the Starry Empire and the Imperial Capital, a magnificent manor stands on the main street with two magnificent fonts engraved on it, Fang Mansion! The majestic lions on both sides, the rows of tall red lanterns hanging high around, the neatly dressed and respectful family standing beside the door, all show the preciousness of the identity of the mansion of this mansion!

In one of the other courtyards of Fangfu, on the open campus, a young man in a white shirt kept practicing boxing techniques in the courtyard. The young man was agile and vigorously waved his fist with a strong wind. It has already happened. With the continuous practice of the teenager, the body glowed with golden “color” light!

boom! boom! boom! Every time the teenager punches, there is a golden “color” force in the punch. Although the teenager’s small face is sweating, he still insists on non-stop practice! “Nan’er, stop now!” There was a voice from the house. A middle-aged “woman” came out of the room, wearing a light blue “color” dress, with kind eyes and good eyes, and there were signs of years in the corners of his eyes. Lovingly looking at the teenager who is practicing boxing!

The teenager saw the “women” woman came out, slowly stopped the practice of boxing, slowed down, and came to the middle-aged “women” woman! The middle-aged “woman” took out her handkerchief distressedly and wiped the sweat on the teenager’s head!

The teenager is white and clean, aged between twelve and thirteen years old, with thick eyebrows “hairs”, a pair of godly eyes, thin lips, a bookish character between the eyebrows, a thin body, wearing a white “Color” shirt!

The teenager looked at the face of the middle-aged “women” woman and said softly to the middle-aged “women” woman: “Mother, I haven’t finished my homework today!” The middle-aged “women” women looked at the face with a tired “color” The young man, who understands the stubbornness of the young man, nodded bitterly, and said with love, “I know you work hard, but pay attention to your body, do you know?” Hearing the words of the middle-aged “women”, the young man nodded Said I knew it, but went back to school again to practice the punch!

In the magnificent Fang Mansion, there are a lot of people coming to visit, hoping to be summoned by the master of the Fang Mansion! The owner of the Fang Mansion, now the head of the Fang Family, is the gentle respecter of the Empire, Fang Linhan! Fang Linhan is the commander of the first corps of the Starry Empire, the prince of the Empire, the strongest level of the Dou Zun, is the pillar of the starry empire, and the minister of the humerus!

The so-called one-person way, chickens and dogs ascended to heaven, under the illumination of Fang Linhan, the entire Fang family is among the top aristocrats among the imperial capitals! Notorious!

However, the young Fangnan has a very low status in the large Fangfu. Fang Nan’s mother Leng Bingyan said that she was just a maid of Fang Man. Fang Nan’s father was only a servant of Fang’s family. Fang Nan’s identity is only stronger than that of a cheap slave.

As the sky became darker, Fang Nan stopped training slowly, wiped the sweat on his forehead, and said coldly with good night, and returned to his room. Fangnan’s room is very simple, with a desk next to it, piled with various books, a few worn chairs, and a neat little bed!

Fang Nan took off his shoes and lay tired, but his eyes did not close, quietly feeling the golden “color” gas flowing in his body, muttering in his heart, I don’t know what his current level of fighting spirit is!

What keeps flowing in Fang Nan’s body is grudge! As Fang Nan practiced his fist, he continued to flash golden light! In this magical and vast continent, there are many ways to determine a person’s strength or weakness, how much wealth, the size of power, and a wide network … but no matter what is said before, it is simply compared with the strong temperament. World difference! After countless generations of development on the mainland, the use of fighting spirit in one’s own body is used to build strength and weakness. The use of fighting skills can be said to be a sign of the division of the powerful on the mainland!

On the whole Douqi continent, all those who practiced Douqi are called fighters, and fighters are divided into fighters, fighters, master fighters, fighting kings, fighting spirits, fighting ancestors, fighting sects, fighting sages, fighting gods! Each level is divided into ten levels!

Only when you reach the level of the combatant can you be regarded as a real combatant on the mainland! Only officially entered the palace of grudge! And any big master is the object of solicitation by each family, any big master can enjoy some privileges that ordinary people do not have! And reach the fighting level of the king and spirit level. It is a character who can dominate the party! It can be called a party! If you are willing to take refuge in the empire, the empire will immediately grant the general and enjoy the title!

Ronghua’s life! As for the level of Dou Zun, they can already open a house and become a master of the generation. No matter where they go to the mainland, they will be respected! According to legend, if you are at the level of Fighting Lord, you can take the first rank of the opponent in the million troops! Therefore, every strong level of the Dou Zun level, even the royal family, will not easily offend!

As for the Douzong strongmen who can fly in the legendary Yukong, every one is a horn “color” on the mainland where the dragon sees and does not see! Many people are proud of being able to see Douzong strong! Every Douzong-level strongman is not easy to take action, and it is a common thing to retreat for a hundred years, but every thing about Douzong-level strongman is extremely important!

Further up, there is the legendary Saint-Struggle that exists like the sun and the moon, and every legendary Saint-Warrior has its own name! Every Dou Sheng is a legend that lasts forever, shocking the continent, and always flashing like the sun! According to records, a showdown between the starry sky empire’s founder Xingkong Douwuwu and the remnant blood fight St. Ang, the 100,000 mountains were collapsed by the fighting, and the Canglan River was reversed! Mountains and rivers change color, and the sun and the moon cover up! It can be seen that the power of the Saint-Struggle! But behind the success of every Saint-Struggler is countless sweats and amazing talents. There has n’t been any Saint-Struggle on the mainland for a long time!

As for the strong level of the God of Fighting up, Fang Nan gave a bit of a wry smile, he hadn’t even heard of it, but just knew that there is such a level above the Fighting Saint! Regarding the level of fighting gods, I am afraid that only appeared in the ancient times!

Fang Nan uses the qi in his body and slowly runs through the body. In addition to the actual combat that requires training during the day, the growth of qi is vital! Fang Nan began to cultivate fighting spirit at the age of six, and daily gave hardships that others could not see! Fortunate sweat, unbearable pain, etc., but Fang Nan has always endured, Fang Nan’s unwillingness hidden in his heart is constantly urging Fang Nan’s progress! Any painful Fang Nan can’t bear it in his heart!

Fang Nan’s father died when Fang Nan was a child, leaving Fang Nan and Leng Bingyan to live together. Because Fang Nan’s father had died while protecting an important person in the Fang family, Fang Nan was chartered to practice fighting spirit without having to do his job!

However, as a servant’s son, he practiced fighting spirit, and was greeted by Fangfu’s countless taunts and white eyes. Leng Bingyan said that the identity of a girl, like the slave, is a cheap man belonging to the Empire! It also requires a lot of hard work every day, and sometimes it will be blamed by the husbands of Fangfu for no reason!

Thinking of these, Fang Nan’s face “color” could not help but become a bit stubborn, the small fist clenched tightly, the pain suffered by himself and his mother is the power of Fang Nan’s continuous cultivation of qi, must be cultivated into a strong qi

I heard that when you reach the level of fighting king, you will be able to receive a knighthood awarded by the empire. Then your mother will also be rewarded as a lady, and she will sit on par with the gangs and sluts of Fangfu. “Color”! Fang Nan couldn’t help thinking, a firm gaze flashed in his eyes, and he began to run into the grudge in his body!

The light of the golden “color” rose lightly, and it continued to flash as Fang Nan’s grudge gathered …

In the morning, the first ray of sunlight “shot” into Jiangnan’s room, and a warm photo “shot” on Fang Nan who practiced overnight. Fang Nan slowly opened his eyes and felt the breath of Chaoyang!

Like the mother’s warm hands, caressing her small face, Fang Nan enjoys this warm moment, quietly feeling the grudge in the body, but the grudge in the body is still like a snail running, and there is nothing too big progress! Fang Nan sighed softly, and a fighter practiced, focusing on talent, effort, and chance!

There are many kinds of talents. In addition to the legendary grudge genius, the biggest talent formation still needs to have key training! Fangfu’s elite children are all focused on training, and they may take more “medicine” every day than Fang Nan sees! Under the nourishment of a large number of celestial treasures, it will quickly clear the levels in the body! Shorten the time to practice fighting spirit! Naturally, it has a huge talent!

As Fang Nan’s identity in Fang’s house, being able to eat and work without work is already a gift from Fang Fu’s counterpart Nan Tianda! As for the treasures of heaven and earth, they can’t touch Fangnan at all!

Since I don’t have the powerful talent for cultivation, I don’t have the nourishment of the natural treasure! Then we have to redouble our efforts! Fang Nan encouraged himself secretly, with a firm smile on his face, to greet the arrival of a new day!

Open the door, Fang Nan walked out of the room, standing in the empty courtyard, running the grudge in the body, and began to practice the grudge exercise asana! As Fang Nan poses in various poses in the courtyard, the grudge slowly flows! Despite the difficulty of posture, Fang Nan sweated on his forehead, but Fang Nan still clenched his teeth and insisted, and the warm temper was slowly flowing through each meridian with the control of Fang Nan, the enlarged meridian of Fang Nan, Moisturizes the bones in Fang Nan’s body!

Six years of practice, this is the homework of Fang Nan getting up early every day! The urgency of time is constantly reminding Fang Nan. Fang Nan secretly told himself that he still has two years, and he must break through to become a master in two years! Because the most basic admission requirement of the Imperial College is to become a combatant before the age of fourteen!

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