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Chapter 2 Dream

The Imperial College is the dream place of all the teenagers in the Starry Empire, because there, you can learn advanced fighting skills and fighting skills for free, and there will be a teacher to guide your fighting spirit! For the poor-born teenagers, they have the power of temptation!

Although the strict admissions of the Imperial College and the brutal elimination rate every year are frightening, but the sect, family, royal family, etc. coming out of the Imperial College will all scramble for admission. There is only one reason. The ones that can come out of the Imperial College are undoubtedly all of the level of the Grand Master, and can be alone. In addition, Didu College has a wide range of enrollment. As long as it can reach the requirements of Didu College, you can enter Didu College, no matter what your status is!

Therefore, the Imperial College has attracted the attention of all the teenagers in the entire Star Empire, whether it is the royal aristocracy or the poor people, they will be proud of entering the Imperial College!

For a person with no background, it is basically impossible to obtain powerful fighting skills and spiritual “medicine” like a person from a family background! The best way to get ahead is to be admitted to the Imperial College! The teenagers from family need more experience and recognition! The Imperial College is also their gathering place! However, a difficulty that must become a fighting master before the age of fourteen is like a mountain blocking the road, blocking the passage of many teenagers and rejecting it!

In the Dou Qi Continent, at the age of 14 is a level of Dou Qi practice. If you become a fighting master before that, you will use the opportunity to become a fighting master to clean your muscles, regenerate your bones, and remove your own impurities. Unlimited, the sooner you become a fighter, the more benefits you get, and the greater your future achievements!

On the contrary, if you become a combat master after the age of 14, then the bones have been shaped. Even if you become a combat master, there is no natural rebirth and rejuvenation of the body, unless you eat the magic medicine that can rebuild the body and cleanse the muscles ”Otherwise, future achievements will not be too great. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of the students, the Imperial College put the 14-year-old fighter into the front of Star Empire youngsters!

There were a lot of pains and numbness in the body, Fang Nan was critical of his teeth, his small face appeared white, and the sweat beads continued to fall down, but he still insisted silently!

In Leng Bingyan’s room, Leng Bingyan silently stared at the teenager who was practicing hard, biting the corner of his mouth and resisting his tears from falling down. Leng Bingyan understands, his son’s arrogance makes Leng Bingyan feel relieved for a while, his own son is his greatest hope to live in this world!

Fang Nan was forcibly sent out by Leng Bingyan just after finishing his homework in the early morning, and asked him to buy some necessities for life. Fang Nan warmed in his heart, knowing that Leng Bingyan was afraid of exhausting himself! Fang Nan often practiced vindictiveness, and Fang Nan also felt a little sulky, so he walked out!

The streets of the Imperial City are full of people, so there is a lot of fun. Fang Nan, who has been practicing grievances for a long time, relaxes and wanders on the streets!

“Hey! Are you crazy? A wood-iron bucket weapon is so expensive!”

“Haha. I think you’ve got water in your head!”

There was a loud noise in front, a large group of people were watching, and kept dissatisfied with the seller! Although Fang Nan is more sensible than other people of the same age, after all, he is a 12-year-old child. Seeing the excitement is the child’s “sex”, so he walked over!

A young man in ordinary clothes is standing in the middle, holding a black “color” bucket in his hand. The bucket is a pure black knife. The style is ordinary. At a glance, it is an ordinary wooden iron level bucket! Although there are very few refining masters on the mainland, they can reach the proportion of nothing, but wood-iron grade buckets are the lowest-grade buckets, which can be made by an ordinary refiner, so it is not precious!

However, because of the scarcity of refiners on the mainland, every bucket can be bought at a good price. The price of a wooden iron bucket should be around ten gold coins! A middle-aged man standing next to the young man chuckled and said, “A wood-iron weapon is only worth ten gold coins. You even bought 50 gold coins! Are you crazy?” A young man beside him also catered to say: “The sharpness of your weapon is passable. It belongs to the top grade of wood and iron. The maximum is 15 pieces. Are you unwilling to sell it?”

Faced with everyone’s doubts, the young man who sold buckets was blushing, looking around, with a disappointed face, arguing: “This bucket is my family’s bucket! It has been treasured for a while! If it was not my mother I’m sick, I won’t sell it. If you love to buy it or not, it’s the price, not even one child! “

The young man’s arrogant attitude made everyone angry, and the middle-aged man snorted, looked at the young man contemptuously, and said, “Then keep your treasure!” When he had finished speaking, he turned away and the people next to him mocked Said: “You are raising the price, maybe you can sell 500! Haha …” They all went away, leaving only the young people at a loss.

The young man was annoyed by everyone’s ridicule, but he thought of his mother who was still waiting for help. She endured the anger and continued to stay on the street. “What do you need fifty gold coins for?” A cold voice sounded, and the young man raised his head and looked at After looking at the speaker, I saw a young boy who thought he was here to find his own stubble, and said angrily: “My mother is in need of a” medicine “and” medicine “in bed. Money is what I need to save my mother. Now a “medicine” money is the price. Do n’t ask if you buy it or not! “

The young man who spoke was Fang Nan. Fang Nan shook his head. He didn’t expect that there would be such a seller, with such a stern attitude and so expensive, how could he sell it! Looking at the poorly dressed young man standing there silently, thinking that the other party might really want to save his mother, Fang Nan hesitated and thought about it, or said again: “You didn’t lie?” The young man looked angry Fang Nan glanced angrily and said, “Are you lying about your mother’s safety?”

After finishing talking, bowing his head, no longer taking Fang Nan, he started to pack his bags and was ready to leave here! Fang Nan carefully observed the youth on the side, and felt that the other party did not seem to lie to himself. No matter his words or manners, or his expression, there was no problem.

With a soft sigh, Fang Nan hesitated to take out a silver ticket from his arms and reached out to the young man who was leaving! The young man was taken aback, but he didn’t expect to wear an ordinary teenager in front of him, but he really wanted to buy his own weapon! Stupid there.

Fang Nan shook his head, gritted his teeth, placed the silver ticket next to the young man, and said, “I didn’t give it to you, I hope you don’t lie to me to save your mother!” After that, Fang Nan turned away from the young man. There was a pain in my body. All my savings were only 80 gold coins. Fangnan Province saved the money from the monthly money received from Fangfu every month. Now I have so much sex! Each wishing each other is not a beautiful story! Unexpectedly, Fang Nan had just walked out less than ten meters, and behind him came the rapid voice of the young man. Fang Nan turned around and looked at the young man suspiciously.

The young man ran over with a red face, standing in front of Fang Nan, the expression “skinned” excitedly said: “Little brother, thank you, you are a good person, I am called Daniel, what do you call it?” With such a name, Fang Nan said lightly: “Fang Nan!”

Daniel scratched his head and dumbly said: “I think you are so small, I thought you were making me happy! I certainly did not lie to you, this money is really to save my old lady, but I can’t let You eat so badly, this knife must be given to you! This is a fighting weapon passed down by my family, my father always said that he is a baby, although I did n’t find it, hehe … but it was not useful! I will use it later Say the place of Niu, I’m in Niujia Village outside the capital! “

After that, he solemnly handed the bucket weapon to Fang Nan’s hand, and then gave a deep ceremony and left Fang Nan. Looking at the back of Daniel leaving, Fang Nan couldn’t help crying, so he had to put the knife in his arms.

Among the Fang Mansion, Fang Linhan’s study is unique in architecture and is located in the center of the whole Fang Mansion. It is not so much a study as Fang Linhan’s office. The entire study garden is two hundred meters long and full of plants. Some rare treasures and beautiful scenery! Without Fang Linhan’s summoning, no one is allowed to step into the study half a step!

At this time, outside Fang Linhan’s study, there were hundreds of teenagers standing all over, all faced with “exposed” excited color, waiting quietly! Today is the day when Fang ’s family tests all young people under the age of 14 in Fangfu.

The strength between the fighters is generally determined by the realm of fighting energy, the strength of the fighting skills, and the degree of contrast between the buckets in the hands! The world’s fighting skills and fighting strength training methods are generally divided into five realms of breaking the world, generalizing mystery, underground possession, Tianyuan, and divine skills.

Generally speaking, the higher the level of fighting spirit cultivation method, the higher the achievements in the future. For example, if you practice a Tongxuan level fighting spirit cultivation method, the highest achievement in the future may be between the fighting king or the fighting spirit, but if you practice It’s the Jizo level, in the same state, it is also possible to break through to the Douzun level!

The practice of fighting spirit determines the level of fighting, and fighting skills are the skills in actual combat! A good fighting skill can double or even multiply the strength of the fighter! The most common fighting skills will be extremely precious by the fighters. Tongxuan level fighting skills can already become the highest treasure of a small family! As for the fighting of the Tibetan-Tibetan fighting skills, it will cause a battle between the two sects. All those who can establish sects are all fighting-level characters!

But the Tibetan-Tibetan fighting skills are very important in their eyes! In one move, the fighting skills of the Tibetan level can be used to level the ground! As for the Tianyuan level, it only appears in the hands of powerful forces on certain continents! Become a peerless trick! Every Tianyuan fighting skill basically symbolizes the killer of a huge family! Regarding the magical skills passed on … This fighting skill is just like the previous word, I am afraid that only God will have it!

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