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Chapter 2 There is no interest to show him

Mu Yihan lowered his head and leaned close to her. When his lips were about to touch hers, suddenly a slap in the face shook his handsome face.Mu Yihan stroked his cheek, “You dare to hit your husband, you have to pay a price.

“The next second, his lips grabbed her pink lips fiercely, and his palms were tightly pinched on her shoulders, letting her open her mouth in pain and crying, he had the opportunity to plunder her Sweetness between lips.Mu Yihan pulled on her clothes, half-faded clothes, and her fair skin was another charming.

Yin Yumo was awakened by a coolness in front of his chest, “Take away your dirty hands, and I am not interested in performing a strip show in front of you, just when I have never been here.”She pushed Mu Yihan away, and then gave Zhou Liqi a hard look, then turned and ran away in the next second.

“Han, it seems that your newlywed little wife hates me.” Zhou Liqi lifted the quilt and walked in front of Zi Muyihan.Mu Yihan glanced at her, “You just saw her.””I …”

Zhou Liqi was coldly glanced at by Mu Yi, and swallowed back when she reached her mouth.Yin Yumo almost ran away from the office, shaking her hand, pressed the elevator down button, and as soon as the elevator door opened, she quickly walked in and pressed the elevator’s close button hard, closing the door At that moment, she seemed to see a familiar figure.

But, even if you see it, what happens? The scene just now was too clear, and it had been deeply imprinted into her mind, heart, and pain. His so-called overtime is in the office, in bed with other women, love, lingering. And she? It was a big fool, a complete fool.The elevator descended layer by layer, and Yin Yumo suddenly felt that his legs were weak. The whole person walked along the smooth elevator wall and slid down on the floor little by little.

Then, there were two drops of crystal tears. There were watermarks on the metal floor.For the first time, her feelings for him became a joke. For the first time, she wept bitterly.Yin Yumo did not know how she left the company. The driver was sent back by her long ago. She walked alone in the street, letting the afternoon sunburn her fair skin exposed outside.

She walked aimlessly, like a wandering soul, and the shuttle car passing by passed by beside her, but she didn’t care a little.The original bright sunny day instantly gloomed down. In June, it turned out to be changing, thunderous bursts, lightning flashed one after another, and usually, Yin Yumo, who was most afraid of thunderstorm days, did not feel it at all. the same.

The bean-sized raindrops poured down, and she was still walking aimlessly throughout the rain screen. Whether it was rain or tears, she tasted a salty taste in the corner of her mouth.

She loved him for ten years, knowing that he did not love her, but she still married silly, she thought that as long as she gave, he would see her good.

Even if he had n’t touched her body for a week after the wedding, she could bear it, but when she saw two men and women appear naked in front of her, doing her best, her heart shattered. one slice. Throughout the afternoon, she walked aimlessly on the street until it was dark and the rain had stopped. Yin Yumo glanced at the strange environment, and she didn’t even know where she was now.

But she had nowhere to go, did she? Yin Family Villa is empty, and her new home, she does not know if she has the courage to go back?Maybe, she went back and saw what she saw in the office, could she still bear it?

Her marital life has just begun, but she has been stifled.

Yin Yumo lost her soul and walked aimlessly. The empty road became quieter and quieter, and there were fewer pitiful vehicles. She only felt that her sight was becoming blurred and the street lights were also blurred.

Suddenly, two beams of light flew from a distance, causing her to blink hard.

With a squeak, the car stepped on the brakes and coasted for a long distance before stopping, only stopping less than ten centimeters from Yin Yumo.”What’s going on?” The man in the back of the car murmured in a low voice, and did not make waves because of the sudden brake just now.

“Master, let me take a look.” The middle-aged man in the cab got out of the car and saw the woman in pink who fainted in front of the car.

The man in the back seat of the car also stepped out of the car and glanced at the fainted woman. Her small face was pale, without a little blood, and her long hair was sticking to her face semi-wetly. The hotness of her forehead passed into his palm.

She has a fever. and he is not a busy person, but this time, he has managed this busy place for no reason, just because of an inexplicable sense of familiarity in his heart.He stooped to pick up the woman, and Qingying’s body pressed into his arms, and he took her into the car.”Go to the hospital.” After only speaking these three words, he looked at the woman in his arms, but his heart was filled with a familiar feeling, but he couldn’t remember, had he ever seen her?

He frowned, until she was taken to the hospital.

The person on the bed was still unconscious, while the man in the white shirt was still standing in front of the bed, staring at Yin Yumo on the bed.”Why didn’t she wake up?” A cold voice sounded and asked the nurse beside him.”Sir, she is still having a fever. Although she had an antipyretic injection, and her body was too weak to wake up so quickly.”

The nurse looked at the man, although the expression on his face was cold, but, Faintly, he could still see the gentleness of his eyes.

Until the driver entered the ward, “Master, you are about to miss the plane.”The man hesitated for a moment, did not stay long, and turned and left the ward.Yin Yumo opened her eyes and looked at the strange white reflected in her eyes. How could she be in the hospital? All memories become blurred.

“Miss, you are awake.” A nurse came in and saw that Yin Yumo had woke up.”Why am I here?” Yin Yumo couldn’t remember it, her memory only stayed in the moment before she fainted.”Miss, it was sent by a gentleman, and it looks good to you.” The nurse said, she thought the pretty lady in front of her should know that man.

Yin Yumo glanced out of the window, the dark piece, it seemed that it was too late. She lifted the quilt and was about to get out of the bed, but was stopped by the nurse. “Miss, you can’t get out of bed now. You need to be hospitalized tonight, but you will be discharged tomorrow to be discharged.”

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