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Chapter 217 A Sad Parting

She was trembling, her footsteps suddenly quickened. With a worried look, she turned her feet and quickly ran upstairs.

When Chu Mu Jin rushed into the room, she saw that Uncle Gu had fallen to the ground. His eyes were closed as if he was in pain, and his body was slightly affected.

The nurse who was holding him was in shock and anxiously called for help.
On the other side of the room, Gu Ting Zhi called an ambulance, and Chu Mu Jin took a look at the worried gaze of the nurse, and then looked at Gu Ting Zhi, who was a little flustered.

She remembered when the doctor said that every time Uncle Gu passed out, his condition would become worse.

They rushed to the hospital anxiously. Uncle Rong was pushed to the emergency room for emergency treatment. Ting Zhi was watching his father go into a coma with an oxygen mask and with his eyes closed, Chu Mu Jin and Gu Ting Zhi had an ominous premonition. They held each other’s hands tightly as if only relying on the person next to them . They really hoped that no one would fall at such a moment …

The emergency light is very glaring, Chu Mu Jin starts crying and lightly leans on Gu Ting Zhi’s shoulder.

“Be strong” … Gu Ting Zhi rubbed his cheek against her forehead, and his voice choked.

“You too…” she gently put her arms around his waist, and Chu Mu Jin completely put herself in his arms.

The two of them held each other in silence, facing this bleak moment that was bound to come, but they couldn’t dare face it…
Tianyuan Department Store office building.

Sitting quietly in a chair, Lin Cheng Yao held his head up, holding a red rope bracelet in one of his hands, while looking at the row of tall buildings quietly in a daze.
The door of the office was knocked gently but he did not answer.

After a pause, Ye Dong Lin (Yao’s assistant) pushed the door and came in. Watching him look lost in thought, he frowned, and walked over, “Ms Lin Jing (Yao’s sister) has spent a lot of money from your account this morning, what happened?”

“For the travelling fee …” Lin Cheng Yao raised his eyebrows lazily. “She went to her man, and I gave her some money to travel.”

“Your sister is ruthless, she has taken all the money in your account ….that is enough money for her to take a rocket to find her man in outer space”.

“It’s enviable to have hope…” Lin Cheng Yao quietly grasped his palm, turning back to his chair, and looked at Ye Dong Lin. “Just let her be.

After all these years of confinement, after so many years of hatred, her youth has wasted away. It’s time to get back the happiness she’s missed…”

Looking at the sadness on his face, Ye Dong Lin coughed and asked tentatively, “Have you … watched the news?

“What?” Looking up, Lin Cheng Yao looked at Ye Dong Lin in front of him.
“Gu Ze Kai (Gu Ting Zhi’s dad) is critically ill.”
“Really?” Lin Cheng Yao raised his eyebrows, and his expression was a little complicated.

At this time, she will accompany Gu Ting Zhi, and he can almost imagine the situation where two people are snuggling together while encouraging each other …
He raised his head and asked Ye Dong Ling, ” Before I did the surgery….

Did you bring Chu Mu Jin back to Lin’s family to beg Lin Jing?”
“No.” Ye Dong Lin answered. “She came with me. Actually … she came to see you after you went into a coma …”
“What do you think she came to see me for…” Lin Cheng Yao asked with a weak tone. “Is it because of sympathy that she said the child is mine too…

This is the lie she told Lin Jing to donate her liver to me, right? It was just her sympathy …” … what else can it be … ”
“How can you become so unconfident!” Ye Dong Lin looked at his repeated self-denial and frowned, “You were not like this before!”
“Yeah … how could I be like this before …” Lin Cheng Yao smiled and shook his head, “She is like a knot in my life … I was killed by this knot,

I want to escape but I cannot escape …”

“If you want to know if it’s just sympathy that she felt for you, why don’t you ask her in person. If it’s really sympathy, you don’t have to torture yourself here, or maybeyou still have hope. Women’s minds are complicated and can’t be easily understood.”
Lin Cheng Yao glanced at Ye Dong Lin, “When did you become a love expert!”
Putting the bracelet into his pocket, Lin Cheng Yao shook his head and sighed, “Gu Ze Kai is still around, she won’t leave Gu’s family. So the answer is obvious …”

“Are you going to the hospital to have a look? It seems to be really serious this time. He might die this time.”

“The old man probably didn’t really want to see me …” Turning the chair, Lin Cheng Yao frowned, “Let’s talk again after the meeting …”

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