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Chapter 3 Not Home

Yin Yumo thought for a while, and there was hesitation in her heart. After the nurse left, she took the bag on the bedside. The phone had already been blank and turned off. In fact, there were very few people she contacted, so , Even if the phone is out of power, no one will find her?

What’s more, even if she doesn’t go back, he won’t care? All night, Yin Yumo was half comatose and half sober, until the nurse came to check her and confirmed that her fever had retreated, but the doctor still recommended her to be hospitalized, but Yin Yumo refused it since she.

After her mother’s death, the place she hated most was the hospital.Yin Yumo walked out of the ward, dragging her vain steps, “Miss, Miss.” A nurse ran to her in front of her, “Miss, your clothes have fallen.”Yin Yumo looked at the black men’s suit handed over by the nurse and froze, “This dress is not mine.””How could it not be? The husband who sent you to the hospital yesterday stayed, when he was holding you in, he still put it on you!”

The nurse said firmly, and then put the suit jacket on As soon as her arms were stuffed, she turned and left.Yin Yumo touched this fine fabric, and it was still sewn by hand. At first glance, she knew that it was very valuable.

The person who saved her last night left it. Although she did not know who it was, she also paid for her medical expenses. , Then she can’t throw away other people’s expensive suits? Simply take it back, and then take it for washing.In the living room of Jingyuangang Villa, a black figure of Wei An sat on the sofa, holding a newspaper in his hand, but he was a little uneasy and didn’t read anything.”Sister Zhou, call Momo again.”

Mu Yihan’s voice sounded sullen and impatient.”Sir, I just called my wife, or shut it down, will she have anything to do with her?” Zhousao is also very worried. From childhood to old age, the lady will never return late, not to mention, it is all night now Not returned.Mu Yihan’s eyes were gloomy again. As soon as he returned to the villa yesterday, he found that Yin Yumo didn’t go home and his cell phone had been turned off.

Until now, there was no news.He just got up from the sofa and saw Yin Yumo coming from outside the door, and Yin Yumo standing at the entrance was startled when he saw Mu Yihan.

I went out before the point, now at this time, I am afraid it is almost noon?”Miss, you can come back, and your husband is worried about you for one night.” Zhousao immediately walked over and helped her take the slippers.Mu Yihan stood by the sofa like this, staring closely at his wife who had been missing for a night, and his wife was wearing a men’s suit between her arms.Yin Yumo looked at Zhousao, “Sister Zhou, I’ll go to rest, don’t call me if I’m fine.”

She didn’t look at Mu Yihan, she turned and walked towards the stairs.She had just stepped into the bedroom with her front foot, and before closing the door, she was blocked by Mu Yihan, “Yin Yumo, you have learned to stay home at night!”Yin Yumo knew that his strength was no match for him, and let go, anyway, this is also his room, she had no reason not to let him in.

“I thought you wouldn’t be home today.” Yin Yumo now feels sticky and greasy on her body. It was rained yesterday and stayed in the hospital for another night, making her feel uncomfortable. Now she just wants to wash Take a bath and rest well.But, obviously, the man before Ming did not want to do as she wished, his big palm buckled her delicate wrist, and the blazer slipped on the ground, he stepped on it and stepped on the blazer .

“Last night, which man were you looking for? Huh?” Mu Yihan knew that Yin Yumo’s circle was very small, there were only one or two girlfriends around him, and they were not in the country, not to mention, he was sure that she saw a man last night. .Yin Yumo’s eyes stared at the blazer on the ground stepped on by his feet. “I didn’t go to find a man? Don’t think everyone is the same as you.

“Mu Yihan glanced at the clothes on the ground, “So what is this? Do you think I am a blind man?” He yelled at her, “Perhaps, you are just like your sister, so restless, don’t forget , You are already married to me. “Whether he wants it or not, her Yin Yumo is his wife and a guarantee that he now has such great rights to Yin ’s business, so he ca n’t tolerate any resistance to her, at least, after he gets all Everything before.

“What about you?” Yin Yumo looked at him. The next second, she pushed him away and picked up the dress on the ground. “Also, I don’t need to explain it to you. You are busy.” Yours! I want to rest. “”Why? You are willing to sleep with other men for one night, and you don’t want to say a word to me?”

Mu Yihan saw Yin Yumo talking to him in this way for the first time. He always thought that she was the most docile of the Yin family. Was he looking away? The little white rabbit in his eyes will become a small wild cat. Even then, he will make her into a compliant little white rabbit. He must get what he deserves, destroy what he wants to destroy!”You never regarded me as your wife.

” Yin Yumo said lightly. At that time, her decision was a mistake. She should rather let the wedding ceremony open the skylight, and she should not have hidden a decade of love in her heart. And momentarily moved, became sister’s bridal bride.Listening to what she had just said, Mu Yihan briefly froze for a moment, and then her lips rose slightly, smiling wickedly, “It turns out that you are blaming me for not fulfilling my husband’s obligations.”

“You, what are you going to do?” Yin Yumo watched him bite into her face bit by bit and backed subconsciously.”What do you say I am going to do? Wife.” Mu Yihan lightly opened her lips and said clearly, word by word.

What is he going to do? Of course do what her husband should do.Yin Yumo was stunned by the word “wife”, but before he could react, he was surrounded by a long arm around his waist, and the whole person was lifted into the air.”Let me go! Don’t touch your dirty hands! Let go!”

What Yin Yumo wanted was not such a result at all, “You go to Zhou Liqi! Or go to another woman! Don’t touch me!” “However, her rebellion, her hands waving wildly, had already been held in his palm by him.”Yin Yumo, you don’t know me too well.”

He is a person in charge of everything, she let him let go, then he is even more unlikely to let go. Yes! She didn’t understand him, and she didn’t really understand him from beginning to end. Mu Yihan ignored her arms struggling to resist, and his lips accurately deceived her soft pink lips. This was the first time he kissed her so seriously.

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