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Chapter 3 Testing

In the annual test of the Fang family, three top-level, middle- and lower-style fighting skills will be awarded to reward the top three. Having a fighting skill is self-evident for the improvement of his own strength. All the teenagers of the Fang family are Wipe your hands and wait for the test!

There were three people standing in the center faintly, and the teenager next to them was a distance away from them, as if they were afraid to get close! There was a young man standing in the middle, with a slender figure, dressed in a blue “color” shirt, thick eyebrows and big eyes, but there was a lonely “color” on his face, looking at other people with disdain!

And next to the teenager, there were two beautiful girls, one girl was pure and lovely, wearing a purple “color” skirt, “exposing” her shoulders like fat, although her face was slightly childish, But it can be seen that it will be a beauty blank in the future! His eyes never left the blue shirt boy next to him! “Lu” looked at the blue shirt boy lovingly!

The girl next to the girl in the purple dress is better than her “color”. A pair of beautiful eyes seems to be able to speak, and there are blue waves in her eyes, like a touch of tenderness! The pretty nose, pink lips, and the right smile filled the beauty of the girl! The already figured figure is standing there, standing like a person in the picture!

Ziqun girl “lu” smiled and said to the blue shirt teenager: “Brother Donglai, I believe you, this will still be your first, compare that fat Fang Donghao!” Fist, showing a cute girl unique!

The boy named Donglai’s brother is the eldest son of Fangfu, Fangdonglai! It is the son of Fang Linhan and his wife, who belongs to Fangfu’s sister-in-law and has supremacy!

Hearing the praise of the purple skirt girl, Fang Dong came to snort, and the praises from too many people to him made him feel nothing about the praise! With a smile in his mouth, he proudly replied: “I took Ning Yuan Dan given by my father this time, and the cultivation base has soared. Fang Donghao and I have nothing comparable to” sex “! It’s Linger, a little dangerous!” , Looking at the girl in red.

Hearing Fang Donglai’s words, the woman in red dress shook her head and did not speak! It was just that the jade neck turned, and his gaze swept coldly towards a fat man standing in the crowd! Among the crowd, stood a fat man with fair skin, dressed in a green “color” shirt, with a gold “color” longevity lock around his neck, fat body, but not bulky! With a frivolous smile on his face, he was talking to a group of teenagers in the Fang family, but his eyes looked at the red skirt girl and the purple skirt girl up and down!

The little fat man is the second son of Fang House, Fang Donghao! Fang Donghao was born of Ouyang’s second wife, Fang Linhan. Ouyang came from a huge grudge sect in the Starry Empire, and he was a political marriage. Because of the sectarian support behind him, he was arrogant and arrogant in Fang Mansion, except for Fang Lin. Han, even Fang Linhan’s wife must make a three-pointer!

In the big family, the struggle for power and profit started from a very young age! Fang Linhan has a total of four sons, the other two are still young, and the grown up Fang Donglai, Fang Donghao, naturally become a natural pair of dead rivals!

At this time, Fang Nan has slowly come to the study, ready to test his achievements of the year. Randomly looking for an unobtrusive corner, seeing Fang Nan coming in, the little fat man Fang Donghao glanced and sneered. The son of a little house slave was able to practice fighting spirit, which made Fang Donghao feel contemptuous and born with contempt. With a golden spoon, he has a natural sense of superiority for a person from Fangnan’s poor background, and believes that the other party can’t be compared with himself no matter what!

A crystal measuring grievances was emitted outside the study. An old man standing next to the crystal, about fifty or sixty years old, with gray hair and wrinkles on his face showed the vicissitudes of the years, and a brown “colored” dress, However, instead of having some humpbacks of the general sixty-year-old old man, he stood there straight!

The old man began to call the name indifferently, and the young men kept coming forward to test, “Fang Ziling!” As the old man’s voice sounded, the purple skirt woman trot in excitement, came to the crystal and stabilized her mind Slim hands are placed on the crystal, the crystal lights up slowly, fighter, seven segments! The old man’s voice sounded indifferent!

“Miss Ziling is really extraordinary! It reached this level at the age of twelve!” A burst of introduction sounded suddenly, “Yes, it should become a fighter in the future!” “The Imperial College will definitely Go in! “

Hearing everyone’s discussion, Fang Ziling withdrew his hand with a smile, and ran to Fang Dong proudly, as if he was acting like his coquettish, born with a good appearance, coupled with outstanding strength, Fang Ziling had to be proud and unabashed My cousin came to like this cousin, and looked at him sweetly and smiled!

“Next, Jiang Ling’er!” The old man’s voice rang again! The girl in the red dress also slowly walked to the front of the grudge crystal, with endless gentleness and a smile, letting many teenagers of the Fang family spit out!

“Miss Ling was the eighth-order fighter last year, what will happen this year?” There was a voice of discussion all around, all watching Jiang Ling’er, Jiang Linger’s face remained unchanged, and his jade-like hands were placed on it. On the Qiqi crystal, the Qiqi slowly lights up and slowly rises to the level of the tenth order! Fighter tenth order! Twelve-year-old gladiator rank ten! Even after entering the Imperial College, you can be among the best! Everyone exclaimed, and envious eyes undoubtedly all fell on Jiang Ling’er!

Many teenagers of Fang’s family have already shouted Miss Ling. I love your cry. The teenagers have not concealed their admiring eyes. Fang Nan sighed secretly, ten levels of grudge? Sure enough, the Fang family carefully cultivated children!

Jiang Ling’er is the daughter of Fang Linhan’s sister. As elite children of the Fang family, from birth to the present, they will enjoy a lot of heaven and earth treasures every day, coupled with advanced fighting spirit cultivation mind, countless people’s instructions, Achieve their glory today! Looking at Jiang Ling’er who had returned in the envious eyes, Fang Nan “lu” gave a hint of wry smile,

While Fang Nan was stunned, the voice of the old man had already sounded, Fang Nan! ! When he arrived, Fang Nan got up, sorted out his clothes, and walked towards the grudge crystal! Suddenly came boos around,

“Haha, that waste is here again!”

“Last year I was 11 years old, I only had a fourth order of fighting spirit. I think he has become a fighting master now! Haha …”

“Compared with Master Donglai and Master Hao, it’s a world difference!” Even a person who shook his head said: “The son can’t be taught, the dung wall can’t be brushed!” Haha … There was a burst of laughter around !

Fang Nanqiang endured the anger in his heart and ignored the irony of others, came to the crystal and put his hand on the crystal. Fang Nan felt a little uneasy in his heart with a trace of anticipation for his achievements! The crystal gradually lighted up, however, what Fang Nan looked forward to had no effect, and the Qiqi crystal slowly stopped at the fifth level of Qiqi! Fighter Fifth Order! Before Fang Nan took his hand down, there were laughter from all around, and there was a ridiculous voice from all over the place, “I said he wouldn’t do it!”

“Haha, it takes only one year to grow a year!”

“It’s really wasteful …”

Fang Nan took his hand down, and his heart was bitter. He didn’t expect it to be only one order higher than last year. Is that still the case? Is the progress still so slow? Unexpectedly, the gap in the environment is so important. I have made a hundred times more effort than ordinary people. Perhaps I have closed another soul “medicine”, and my own hard “exploration” may not be as good as others’ guidance and loss. Unwilling, sad … Looking at the crystal, emotions tumbling in Fang Nan’s heart, Fang Nan’s face of Xiao Suo, walked out like a walking dead.

Next, Fang Donghao! The old man’s voice rang again, and the fat man Fang Donghao walked triumphantly towards the Dou Qi Crystal, looking at Fang Nan, who was walking beside him, with a ridiculous smile on his face. Cultivation is about talent, and your qualifications are doomed all your life! “Fang Nan seemed to ignore Fang Donghao’s ridicule as if he hadn’t heard it, and went straight out.

Seeing that Fang Nan didn’t take care of herself, Fang Donghao grunted and mumbled: “Like your mother, the life of a poor life, but she also tried to practice arrogance, it’s really delusional delusion!” Fang Donghao’s words seemed to be like a needle in an instant “Shooting” into Fangnan’s heart, just like your mother! Life is poor! ! ! Words are like knives, tearing the heart! Fang Nan stood there like a lightning strike!

Hearing Fang Donghao’s words, Jiang Ling’er wrinkled her eyebrows and moved her lips. She wanted to say something. After all, she didn’t say anything. She just sighed softly and watched Fang Nan shake her head! Although Fang Donghao is a bit excessive, this is the case in the big family, there is no need to sympathize with the weak!

The Jiang Dong next to him is even more bland. For him, the strength of arrogance is equal to the status. The irony of the waste of the other party is justified. There is no pity, but he still holds a kind. Watching lively juggling.

Fang Nan slowly turned around, staring at Fang Donghao with a staring face, his face was pale, his hands were tightly clenched, the blue muscles were exposed, and his shoulders were constantly twitching because he was too excited! The teeth are critical, but blood has slowly overflowed from the corner of the mouth!

Looking at Fang Nan’s terrible appearance, Fang Donghao snorted and said, “Waste, want to hit me! I will let you know what is the difference today!” After that, came to the Dou Qi Crystal, and the fat hand was released Going up, the grudge crystal gradually lights up, and a golden star appears! A golden star that represents the strength of the fighting master!

First Class Fighter! ! ! Thirteen-year-old Fang Donghao turned out to be the first-level strength of the fighting master! As if to make a comparison! Everyone was in an uproar, the praises rose, and the awkwardness was unconscious. With such achievements, the Imperial College is steadily entering! Enjoying the praise of everyone, Fang Donghao looked at Fang Nan proudly, even with a taste of education, said: “See it! We are born aristocrats, you are born garbage, powerful Fangfu, do not welcome you Such rubbish! “

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