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Chapter 4 Forced Marriage

“Tuk Tuk” knocked on the door,

“Come in.” Yu Tingchen’s tone was not good.

Ji Yun pushed open the door diligently, I am afraid that it would hit Master’s “good thing”.

Sniffing and searching in the room like a dog gossip, no figure is seen.

That woman is gone? Alas, heartbreak. I accidentally missed the first woman of the young master.

He adjusted his tone,

“Young Master, the old lady is in the hospital, please go and have a look.”

” Got it .”

Mrs. Yu lay leisurely on the bed, and her father, Yu, sat around. Mother Yu handed her the cut apple and gently said:

“Mom, we lie to Tingchen like this…is it not too good.”

“You parents don’t care about your son at all! Let my old lady worry all day. “Mrs. Yu gave her a blank look.

“You go to travel every year. Tingchen is busy with business every day. Everyone is about to run three times. The wife has not landed yet!” She complained angrily.

“Health grandson maybe a little easier than little golden sun!”

Yu Yu father mother quietly silent.

“Mom, you eat a little more.”

Yu Tingchen hurried to the VIP ward, and heard the cries inside from a distance.

“Oh… I feel terrible to die…”

“Grandma, how are you doing?” Yu Tingchen stepped forward, holding Mrs. Yu’s hand, frowning.

Grandma loved him since childhood, every time his parents tried to teach him, he hid behind his grandmother cleverly.

“It’s not the same as before…” Mrs. Yu grumbled in depression.

Receiving the eyes of old lady Yu, Yu mother walked forward and said anxiously:

“The doctor said that Grandma’s high blood pressure is serious again, the possibility of stroke is very high, and I can’t stand a little stimulation.”

“I’m so old, it’s time. It’s just a regret…” Mrs. Yu’s eyes Tears.

“Mom, don’t say that.”

Mrs. Yu wiped her tears pretendingly, “I just want to hold Xiaojin Sun someday…”

Yu Tingchen bowed his head to avoid the problem.

It’s forced marriage again.

“I’m not in a hurry.”

“You are not in a hurry! I’m an old woman alone, and I can’t see my grandson getting married when I die…” As

she said, the old lady Yu was really sad.

“You have to find the right one too.” Old God Yu Tingchen was perfunctory, there was really no way for their family Lafayette.

Upon hearing this, Mrs. Yu came to her head, and she stood up sharply,

“I think the girl who entered your room last night is good!”

Well, at least it looks good from the monitor.

Yu Tingchen gave Ji Yun a quiet look.

Finished. Offended the boss! After hearing her talk about the woman, Yu Tingchen had nothing to resist.

Except for that one dollar…

Yu Tingchen has been annoyed by marriage urging. Anyway, it’s the same for anyone. They just like it.

“I think about it.”

Gu Ximang walked aimlessly on the street, his thoughts flying.

It was miserable, not only was she slept, but the salary of last night was detained by the supervisor, she was really poor now.

Suddenly, a row of Gu Ken lengthened to stop at the roadside, and walked down a few suits and leather shoes, blocking Gu Xi’s way.

“Miss Gu, please come with us.” The car stopped in front of a gorgeous European-style house, the suit man got out of the car, and respectfully led the road,

“Miss Gu, please.”

Gu Xi looked confused. Was brought to this place for no reason…

Can she resist?

The big guy on the left seems to be very capable of playing, the one on the right… seems to be too.

Going through the bird-scented and floral Guyin Trail, passing through the glass flower room and the rose promenade, Gu Xi came to the spacious living room.

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