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Chapter 5 Choosing a Marriage

“Hello. I don’t know my wife asked me to come…”

“Come and come sit down, don’t be tired.” Mrs. Yu pulled her down enthusiastically.

Her kind and warm smile reminded Gu Xi of her grandmother, she couldn’t refuse.

A couple sat across the sofa, equally elegant. The three looked at her with a smile on their faces.

Gu Xi was a little frightened. She laughed dryly,

“Hehe… hello. I don’t know what happened to me?” The

air stopped for a while. Mrs. Yu took the lead to speak,

“Xiao Xina, when will you marry our family Tingchen?”

Yu father Yu mother still looked at her with a smile.


Look at this momentum, should they be Yu Family?

Gu Xi looked confused, and Yu Yu introduced gracefully.

“Miss Gu, this is Ting Chen’s grandmother, we are his parents. Tingchen is not too young, what are your plans? “

Although it means one thing, Yu Dad is much more euphemistic than his mother.

Gu Xi figured out why this big battle was. They wouldn’t misunderstand what she has to do with eroticism?

Usually watch lace news, The rich family does not accept a humble daughter-in-law, even if she is Miss Gu Jia, it is well-known that she is just an illegitimate daughter

who is not to be seen. They are estimated to be a good mandarin duck? Unfortunately, none of the mandarin ducks.

Gu Xi is not humble To answer:

“Uncle and aunt, you can rest assured that I have nothing to do with Yu Tingchen. “

Lady Yu panicked first, took Gu Xi’s hand,

“Silly boy, don’t we mean that! Feelings can be nurtured again!”

” Uh …thank you grandma.” Mrs. Yu was coquettish with a “grandma”.

Who doesn’t know that she most wants a granddaughter-in-law.

“However, I did not intend to marry him.” Gu Xi said firmly.

“Is there anything wrong with our family Tingchen?” Yu mother said.

Not bad.

It’s because I never looked at him seriously.

How could he marry him.

“It must be that Tingchen is not good to you! You can rest assured that I have called him back! I will help you clean him up!” Mrs. Yu was angry.

Who prevents her from hugging Xiaojin Sun and who is anxious!

Gu Xi was about to talk, and suddenly there was a steady footstep. A tall, tall body blocked the sunlight outside the door, and looked like a satan with wings in the backlight. But at this moment the man’s face was soft and his voice was magnetic,

“I’m back.”

Gu Xi glanced up. Yu Tingchen’s slender and tall figure, three-dimensional facial features such as finely crafted crafts, smooth face lines, eyes still as deep as ink, thin lips tight. The whole body exudes graceful elegance.

It’s not easy to get along with it. Gu Xiqing couldn’t help but think of the courageous night, his face turned red unnaturally.

Yu Tingchen frowned slightly when he saw Gu Xi sitting on the sofa.

I didn’t expect them to move so fast.

This “unforgettable” woman…so don’t want to see him?

Old lady Yu got up and took Yu Tingchen to sit beside Gu Xi.

She straightened up inadvertently.

The most majestic father Yu said, “Ting Chen, I know everything about you, what are you going to do with it.”

Yu Tingchen leaned back on the sofa with his arms on the edge of the sofa, and looked like he was hugging Gu Xi from a distance. A faint fragrance lingered on the tip of the nose,

“Whatever should be done.”

Gu Xi silently drank tea, the man stared at the petite back, his mouth slightly raised, and said lightly,

“Then choose a day to get married.”

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