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Chapter 6 Transactions

Yu mother echoed again and again, “Yes, your boss is not too small, it is time to solve the big events in life.”

They have already checked Gu Xi. Miss Gu’s family, although illegitimate, is innocent and decent. The key is that Tingchen likes it! He usually has a good face with Miss Qianjin?

Mrs. Yu stood up excitedly, “I have to ask the old man to choose a lucky day!”

“Great! The Yu family finally has a little golden grandson!”

Anyway, it was not long before.

Let the old smelly ladies show off their great-grandson in front of her every day! She will show her back fiercely in the future!

Gu Xi was gorgeously ignored… Now that I am married, should I ask my opinion?

Why doesn’t the man next to object!

Gu Xi pushed him in the elbow, but the man stood up to hug her slim waist naturally.

If it weren’t for the enemy now, Gu Xi just wanted to beat him into a pig’s head!

After eating this girl, I still want to get married!

Gu Xi interrupted their illusions cruelly,

“I’m sorry, I’m not going to…”

“We’ll go upstairs and talk.”


Yu Tingchen interrupted her, under the intentful eyes of the three. Arm around her upstairs.

“Let me go!” Going into a room, Gu Xi struggled violently.

Yu Tingchen turned her back against the corner and supported the wall with one hand. The tall body blocked the light above her head.

Gu Xi was unwilling to show his weakness, “There is nothing to discuss between us.”

“I’m your first man, what can’t be discussed?” Yu Tingchen looked at her red ears and smiled evilly.

“Don’t I give you a dollar?” The man’s face was black like a scorched pan. Gu Xi felt inexplicably cool and continued to add oil and vinegar.

“Why, it’s too

little ? ” If it’s compensation… it’s a little bit less . “Yu Tingchen replied thoughtfully with her pretense.


Compensation? Lying trough, the old lady took a big loss and asked me to compensate! But

he, Gu Xi gasped to him with a white eye, turned and wanted to go, but Pulled back by a strong force. The man’s delicate and unmatched face enlarged in front of her eyes, her eyes fascinated, and

she licked her thin lips. Her heartbeat slowed by two beats. The

man was satisfied with her reaction, and turned away , putting his hands in his pockets. The calm and rational Yu Tingchen was restored in an instant.

“Get married. “

” Why? “

My parents like it, and it looks good to me.” “

Gu Xi choked with his tone and rolled his eyes.

“Do you think it’s supermarket shopping? Buy it when it looks good? Besides, I don’t know you. “

She still hopes for the man in her heart…although it is impossible.

Yu Tingchen’s voice is ambiguous, “Don’t you all understand it in depth? Or do you want to relive it here? “

…” The

man corrected his tone, “Marry me, I have the ability to cure your grandmother’s illness.” “

Gu Xi calmed down. The

only loved one who loved her was lying on the bed waiting for money for surgery. She worked day and night, but she couldn’t even make up the odds. She

agreed, and she and Xu Cheng would never again.” Impossible.

“How sure are you? “

” Ah? “Yu Tingchen didn’t understand her for a while.

“My grandmother’s illness.” Gu Xi raised his head and looked up at him. The eyes were filled with mist, and Yu Tingchen’s heart was tickled and soft as if swept by feathers.

“I will help her find the best doctor. As long as you agree to get married.”

“Okay. No regrets.”

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