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Chapter 7 Stealing

They quickly received the marriage certificate then the next day they went back. She meant to hide the marriage first and did not want to hold a vigorous wedding. I did not expect the Yu family to agree very well and did not know how Yu Tingchen told them.

Gu Xi wanted to tell Gu people later that they would not care anyway.

Yu Tingchen is also a reticent but meticulous look-although she thinks it is pretend.

After all, the first time she saw him was terrible.

But none of this mattered to her.

Yu’s mother was attentive and told her softly after the meal that they would eat again when the grandmother was discharged from the hospital.

Well, although the groom is not good, his family is very good.

She has not felt such a warm family atmosphere for a long time.

After eating, Yu Tingchen took her back to his residence. Dark blue tones and beige tones are intertwined with each other. They are simple, elegant, and typical single men’s apartments. Their flash marriage flashes too fast, and Yu mother has no time to renovate.

After taking a bath, Gu Xi was wearing a cartoon pajamas, sitting cross-legged on the bed invisibly.

Yu Tingchen is still working in the study.

She folded her hands in silent prayer and had

better not come back all night! Amen.

Gumbling…I had no mood to eat one night, and now I am hungry.

So hungry.

His study revealed a cold light, Yu Ting Chen should not so early return to the room ……

another thing diaphragm should not.

Really hungry.

Gu Xi turned his eyes cleverly, picked up his phone and dialed a number…

Yu Tingchen looked up for a few minutes, and it was already half past ten.

Is that girl already asleep?

He walked lightly in front of the bedroom, and there was a soft light in the crack of the door, and there was a faint smell of … food? ? ?

Yu Tingchen opened the door swiftly, and he was also a little stunned.

I saw his newlywed wife sitting cross-legged on the soft wool rug, holding the takeout box in one hand, and poking the ball with a bamboo stick in the other. The mouth was stuffed, and the corners of the mouth were full of sauce. Sent in his mouth…

“What are you doing?” Yu Tingchen asked her badly.

Gu Xi was obviously frightened by his sudden appearance, his hands shook, and the balls fell back into the box, gradually making her sleeves full of sauce.


Hearing Yu mother say he has a serious cleanliness.

Will he be thrown out for food in his bedroom…

Gu Xi ignored the man’s disgusted eyes, wiped the sauce on his mouth, blinked his eyes innocently, trying to arouse the sympathy of the man.

“I’m hungry…”

Yu Tingchen was wearing dark gray cotton pajamas, tall and tall, with wide shoulders and narrow hips, and his pajamas also felt noble.

He walked over slowly and squatted in front of her.

Gu Xi looked down at the cartoon pajamas with a few drops of sauce, and suddenly found conscience:

Yu Tingchen’s superb marriage to her is really a violent thing… Really shit luck… yuck!

He frowned and glanced at the food box in her hand.

“What is this.”

“Curry beef balls! It’s delicious!”

“What is beef balls?”

Gu Ximo. A man of such a noble background should have never eaten such a street snack.

Seeing how he wanted to eat, Gu Xi thought he was so pitiful. She thought about it, and Da Yi pushed the food box in front of him with awe, and kindly poked him the biggest pill.

“Well, you try.”

Yu Tingchen stared at her without opening her mouth for a long time.

Gu Xi was a little tired and wanted to let go, even if I didn’t want to eat, I finished it myself!

The man suddenly opened his mouth and bit the whole ball.

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