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Chapter 8 What a Landscape

Ting Yu Chen looked at it, frowning Zizi flavored chewing balls, as if to eat delicacies, she smiled and asked,

“How does it taste?”

“Well, you now have to eat! I can not blame you eat in the bedroom Ha!”

Gu Xi continued to eat with peace of mind, suddenly Yu Tingchen reached over and grabbed her take-out box.

“Hey…” She was about to take it back, but withdrew her hand weakly under Yu Tingchen’s scary eyes.

“I want to forgive you for one?” Yu Tingchen withdrew her eyes and poked her pill at ease in her mouth.

“Uh, huh…you eat, you eat…” She immediately became dog-legged.

Gu Xi drooled droolingly and watched him eating away the balls. Alas, the most painful thing in the world is not hunger, it is hungry to see how well others eat.

Seeing how she bowed her head, Yu Tingchen kindly left her half a ball. Gu Xiguan was not able to kiss indirectly with any saliva, and his eyes quickly moved to his mouth.

There was a smile in Yu Tingchen’s eyes,

“Who made you eat supper instead of buying my share.”

“I thought you wouldn’t eat these junk foods.”

“What other snacks do you like to eat?”

Gu Xi suddenly got excited, I dreamed happily,

“A lot, such as beef noodles, milk tea, fried chicken, fried lotus root, pancake fruit, hot little chaos, egg filling…”

Yu Tingchen was also a little hungry.

“Bring me a copy tomorrow and send it to my company.”

“Okay.” Gu Xi likes to share food with others.

It’s too boring to eat Shan Zhen Hai Wei all day, she wants to develop his new continent thoroughly!

After eating and drinking, Yu Tingchen began to seriously look at the little woman in front of her.

The large pink Helllokitty printed on the cartoon pajamas of coral velvet, has a beautiful face, a few strands of hair hanging playfully to the lips, and when you bow your head, the white and tender neck is exposed, just like a quiet and elegant white swan.

It should be said that she is stupid or naive, can she be in the same room as him, shouldn’t she seize the opportunity to wear a vacuum lace pajamas?

But this thing is wearing furry pajamas, and it should be warm and soft to hold… in fact, he did the same.

Yu Tingchen got up and hugged her waist from behind, um, softer and warmer than expected, and fragrant…

“Ah!” Gu Xi apparently forgot that this man hides the animal nature.

Listening to the woman’s unconscious coquettish cry, the crazy memory that night came back to mind. Yu Tingchen bit her small earlobe passionately and passionately, her big hands rubbing irregularly on her upper body.

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