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Chapter 9 Challenge

Oops, the breeding pigs are in heat again.

Gu Xi grabbed his rubbing hand in confusion,

“Yu Ershao, you rubbed the sauce on my clothes.”

Yu Tingchen reached out and looked at it, and his fingers were covered with yellow and yellow. Curry paste.

He just wanted to throw her out of the window and was wiped out by the fire.

He gritted his teeth and stared at Gu Xi bitterly.

“It’s none of my business… You are in heat for no reason…” Gu Xi felt very innocent.

“Shut up.”

Yu Tingchen stared at her for a while, and finally decided to take another bath.

Gu Xi patted his chest and exhaled.

It seems that beasts are still beasts, and they cannot be taken lightly in the future.

Yu Tingchen came out after taking a shower, only to see that the little woman had occupied half of his bed and slept soundly.

Gu Xi curled up, revealing a large amount of snow on her chest.

The fire that Yu Tingchen had just extinguished was up again.

After all, a cat that has been opened can still be a vegetarian.

Anyway, she is already his wife.

Thinking about this, Yu Tingchen climbed into the bed, pulled her over and pressed her under, and extended her big hand from the hem of her pajamas…

Gu Xi slept soundly and stretched out his snowy arms hanging around his neck, The red face rubbed the man’s strong chest, and his voice was soft, sweeping Yu Tingchen’s heart like a small brush.

“Don’t make trouble…it’s so sleepy…” The

man sighed, stood up in frustration and slept to the side, wrapped her hands around her waist, smelling her fragrant hair and fell asleep.

No hurry, we will come to Japan.

Gu Xi felt a good dream. When he woke up, it was almost ten o’clock. Yu Tingchen had already gone to the company.

Fortunately, on the weekend, she had no classes.

The phone at the bedside rang, and she answered her sleepy eyes.


“Xiao Xi, are you up?” Yu Mu’s kind voice came from the phone, and Gu Xi was a little sober.

“Mom, good morning.”

“I called to call you at more than seven o’clock, and Ting Chen said that you haven’t gotten up yet.”

“This child is, and how to make your wedding day so tired.”

Refute not, do not refute are not, Gu Xi chose not to speak.

“Did you have anything to do with me?”

“It’s okay , is it possible that you can give Tingchen food at noon? His stomach is always not very good, he is busy and often eats on time.”

Gu Xi answered without thinking , “Okay, I was about to go at noon.”

“Okay. Tingchen in our family will trouble you later.” Yu mother is very pleased, the two children have a good relationship, maybe there will be a grandson soon!

Yes .” After all, he promised to cure his grandmother, but he still had to please him.

Recalling that the beast named for snacks last night, she thought about it, but still took the money to buy food in the supermarket downstairs.

Although the snacks are delicious, they cannot be used for lunch.

She carefully selected an incubator to hold food and food. Since he had a bad stomach, then she simply cooked the food the first day and let him take it back to eat, healthy and delicious.

When Gu Xi went to the Junsheng Building, the employees had already been off work. She took a big bag of food and squeezed the elevator for a long time before reaching the top floor.

The secretary at the front desk did not know where to go, and the whole floor was surprisingly quiet.

Ji Yun came out of the meeting room to get the documents, and he happened to meet Gu Xi. He stepped forward to say hello enthusiastically,

“Young lady!”

Gu Xi felt very strange

after hearing this title, “Secretary Ji, you will call me Xiao Xi later Okay.” She turned to look at the president’s office, nobody.

“Mrs. Yu, Mr. Yu is having an emergency meeting.” He thought for a while, “I’m going in to inform Master!”

Gu Xi stopped him and smiled slightly, “No, I’ll wait for him here. You don’t need to tell him “”

She waved her hand to signal him to go back to the meeting.

Although meeting for the first time, Ji Yun had a good impression of this young lady. Instead of being an ordinary woman, the young master would have been quarreling and wanting to come out with her.

No one came out after half an hour.

Gu Xi had not eaten lunch yet, and was dozing off on the sofa hungry and sleepy.

A sharp female voice came,

“Hey, give me a cup of coffee.”

Gu Xi looked up, standing in front of a tall, turbulent, mature woman with thick makeup. Linda looked down at Gu Xi with a contemptuous look.

The director of her diligent marketing department came up to send the documents in person. She wanted to dress up carefully to attract Yu’s attention. As a result, she was absent, only to see a woman wearing a rustic dress dare to sit outside the president’s room, and she was angry at the moment. On her.

I don’t want to look at myself, I want to seduce President Yu. Linda kicked Gu Xi’s calf with the point of high heels,

“Did you hear me? I will complain to you if you don’t go!”

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