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Sweet flash marriage Chapter 1 Affection

“Give me some action! Turn around and the old lady deducts your salary!” the hotel manager shouted loudly.

Tonight, Gu’s group held a banquet on the second floor of Shengshi Hotel to celebrate the 20th birthday of Miss Gu’s second daughter family Gu Shishi.

The spectacle was huge and the hotel was too busy to stop. Gu Xi in a cleaning suit, holding a broom, watched the Gu family celebrating on the stage slightly fascinated.

“Look, don’t dream! You think you are Miss Gu!” Sister Procter & Gamble interrupted her thoughts. Gu Xi bowed his head and smiled wryly. She is indeed Miss Gu Jia, but what about that?

She was just a shameless illegitimate daughter, and her mother entrusted her to her father Gu Yaohua and died.

However, Gu Yaohua is a thin-hearted man who thinks she is embarrassed. If not for her face, I am afraid he will kick her out of the house. He never fulfilled his duty as a father except for giving a place with Vajra.

Gu Shishi is her half-sister, but their treatment is very different.

She knew that she shouldn’t be here today, but the hotel was short of staff today and had a high hourly salary. She needed money very much.

The manager came over and pointed impatiently, “You, clean the room on the 17th floor!”

“Good.” The prosperous and happy, never missed her.

Contrary to the excitement of the second floor, at this time, the first floor of the hotel was quiet and solemn, and the hotel manager led three or forty people in a respectful line up at the door.

Seven or eight luxury cars stopped at the door.

A man stepped out of the low-key black Maybach, quickly walked to the back seat, and pulled the car door.

The surrounding atmosphere quickly cooled to freezing point, tall and slender men quickly walked into the hotel surrounded by a group of black bodyguards, such as a Siberian cold wind quickly blown, the hotel staff bowed their heads and dared not take a peek.

If you look closely, you will easily find that the man’s cold eyes hide forbearance, a trace of sweat on his forehead, and thin lips tightly squeezed, seeming to endure.

“How long!” The man’s voice was cold and stubborn, with no patience.

“About ten minutes, she will be here soon!” Assistant Ji Yun kept dialing the phone.

The man’s voice was assassinated, just like the Shura from hell

. “The fire door was extinguished within tonight.”

A small sect in every district dared to “fell in love” in his wine!


Ji Yun carefully put the man on the presidential suite bed and retreated.

“Master, you rest first, I will send someone to pick her up!”

Yu Tingchen pulled the tie, the button of the shirt had collapsed, exposing his sturdy chest. He snarled low, his sweat dripping steadily, and there was a tremor in his voice.

A stream of heat quickly gathered under him like a fire, and he desperately needed to find a vent…

“Shit!” Yu Tingchen cursed fiercely, and the noble’s elegant etiquette was thrown out of Jiuxiao Yun.

Offended him, he made him better than life!

Outside the door, Gu Xi lightly knocked on the door, and the door was unlocked and no one responded.

She poked her head inside, her voice clear and polite.

“Is the guest’s room need to be cleaned?”


Gu Xi hadn’t had time to respond, and was dragged into the soft bed by a powerful force.

Then a male Wei An’s body covered up, and in a panic, Gu Xi’s weak hands pressed against his chest tightly.

The light was dim, and she could not see the features of the man on her body, but her face was as beautiful as a sculpture, her eyes were as deep as ink, as if a huge vortex vowed to pull her into the sea of desire, exuding a hot and dangerous atmosphere.

Although this man is extremely tempting, it does not make her fall in love at first sight, right?

Gu Xi struggled violently with his hands and feet, but the strength was very different, and the man’s iron arms fixed her firmly on the bed.

Yu Tingchen frowned at the tumbling woman under him.

The hair is messy, the soft goose egg face, the peach eyes are clear and clean, and the jelly-like red lips are shining with temptation…

This woman is looking…not bad… to his appetite.

“Slightly smaller.” The man frowned lightly and whispered.

It seems that I don’t know if I’m an adult.

Gu Xi old face blushed, for the first time in his life, he was pressed on the bed by naked eyes, and commented on her…

“Is there any problem with your eyes? I have C!!” The man’s deep eyes brushed a ray The smile, fleeting, thin lips slightly raised, and began to “meal”.

“Hey, estrus! I’m not a lady! Let me go!” The man unbuttoned the collar of her collar unchanged.

“I’m just cleaning auntie! Are you so old-fashioned! Ah, you are a crime!!”

“Yu Tingchen.” The man’s eyes flashed the hunter’s light,

“Why?” Gu Xi struggled angrily , The name is a bit familiar.

“Waiting to sue me. But now, I have more important things to do…”

Gu Xi hasn’t had time to refute, his red lips have been blocked, male. People chilly atmosphere instantly invade her mouth …… fragrance a room charming, return to silence.

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