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Sweet flash marriage Chapter 2

At that time, at the banquet hall on the second floor, Gu Yaohua and his current wife Lin Meizhi stood on both sides of Gu Shishi, holding her hand lovingly and cutting the cake together.

With countless flashes on the stage, Gu Shishi became the focus of everyone. The sense of vanity in his heart was greatly satisfied. The exquisite face hung with a decent smile. He personally distributed the cake to the media reporter intimately. Wave favors.

Gu Yaohua was particularly satisfied with this clever and sensible daughter, and also climbed up to the eldest son of the Fang Group. Gu’s growth is just around the corner!

Gu Shishi seemed to remember something, and asked Gu Yaohua innocently,

“How about my dad, sister? I want to leave this cake for my sister.”

Gu Yaohua’s eyes flashed over her shadow, her old face reddened with anger,

“Don’t care about her! The occasion will only be disgraceful!”

Gu Shishi lowered her eyebrows and looked down at him, a cool smile on her eyes.

She knows that Gu Xi is doing miscellaneous work in this hotel tonight. She has already called her to stare at her. When the party is almost over, she wants Gu Xi to be embarrassed in front of the media!

An illegitimate daughter of unknown origin, dare to come back and grab her position as Miss Gu family!

A bodyguard-like person quietly leaned in to whisper a few words next to Gu Shishi, and the girl’s delicate and beautiful face flashed a light of calculation.

Unexpectedly, Gu Xi’s little bitch was so loose, the cowboy she arranged had not arrived yet, and Gu Xi couldn’t wait to go to bed with the wild man! This is all right, save your mind, this time we must drive her out of Gu’s house!

In the center of the hall, Lin Meizhi was chatting with a group of noble ladies. Gu Shishi and Ji Shi walked gracefully to Lin Meizhi’s side, repeating the words of Cai Cai.

“It really helps me! I must tell your dad as soon as possible!” Lin Meizhi’s heart was filled with joy, and then she smiled and ran away with a worried expression to tell Gu Yaohua.

“What? She dare! My Gu family’s face was completely lost by her!!”

Gu Yaohua rushed to the 17th floor with Gu Shishi and Lin Meizhi evading reporters.

However, the hallway tonight was so quiet that even the hair falling down could be heard. Gu Yaohua, who had seen the world, could not help but have some legs weakened-the

17th floor was completely emptied, and the heavy black bodyguards guarded the end of the room. They are not ordinary bodyguards, they are equipped with German-style guns.

Lin Meizhi immediately saw Gu Yaohua hiding behind her.

“Small poem, did you remember correctly?” Gu Yaohua turned back and asked Gu Shishi a little unsteadily. If she said what she meant, she could go down a step.

“Dad, I saw it with my own eyes! My sister entered the room with a cowboy!” Gu Shishi stubbornly looked around the bodyguard and muttered in Gu Yaohua’s ear disdainfully.

“Maybe this group of people are all cowboys, uniforms and temptations! Sister must want to scare us away so that we don’t spoil her good things! We can’t let her succeed! The reporters are all around!”

Gu Yaohua thought of his ugly home. The door lintel was stained and his old face was red with anger, rushing to the door of the room desperately.

“Go!” The black-faced bodyguard fiercely blocked the uninvited guest from the door.

“I’m her dad! Let her die to see me!”

“Do you know who is inside? The consciousness immediately rolls for Lao Tzu!”

Between the three and the bodyguard’s sliding, the door opened from inside.

“Sorry… Master, I’m sorry!”

The man who appeared at the door of the room was as beautiful as a god. His naked upper body had distinct barriers and indifferent eyes.

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