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Sweet flash marriage Chapter 3

“Yu…Yu Ershao…” Gu Yaohua’s eyes opened like bronze bells, his mouth was pale, and he said incompletely.

No wonder such a big situation… It turned out to be the first Yu family in the city A, known as Yu Ershao of the living king. In the business world, he does have the power to dominate all sentient beings.

Gu Shishi looked straight, and it turned out that this was the legendary Yu Ershao…

“We found the wrong room, I’m sorry…” Gu Shishi stood up and apologized gracefully, his voice dripping with tenderness, and his eyes were fascinating and constant. Throw a wink at Yu Tingchen.

“What’s the matter?” The man raised his eyes lightly, his calm eyes flashing a bit of impatient cruelty, ordering the guests indifferently.

Gu Yaohua smiled, “Go away…we will go right away…do not disturb you Yu Er…”


door has been closed mercilessly.

The sunlight passed through the heavy curtains, and there was a little light in the room.

Gu Xi opened his eyes confusedly, his body sore and weak, his chest cramped, and Xiaoqiao was tightly held by his big palm. Dull gaze running

up the arm…

Muscle-stretched chest with shocking scratches on it… Clear chin… Delicate and charming facial features…

Suddenly dreaming!

Her face was flushed red, The head is like a paste, chaotic chaos reminded of the confusion of last night.

No, no,

Gu Xi shook her head, the call was definitely not hers.

She dressed lightly on the bed, her eyes inadvertently glanced at the red spots on the sheets, and her heart suddenly fell into an ice cellar.

How does she face Xu Cheng now with this look? That gentle man like water… had agreed to study abroad together, and now, everything is impossible. How could she still stand beside him.

The man in front of him involuntarily took away her for the first time and took everything away from her…

but Gu Xi couldn’t help him.

She recognized him.

Yu Tingchen, a character who often appears on TV, the son of a real estate giant, is said to have eaten in black and white, only covering the sky in city A. A woman who wants to climb onto his bed can circle the earth twice.

Say that although he bows to her, someone believes?

Instead, the women might scold her for hunger and thump him.

It was a big deal, he had nothing, and she must have been kicked out of Gu’s house, even her grandmother…

but this wickedness wouldn’t work!

Gu Xi took a hundred pieces out of his wallet and threw them on the bedside table with great effort.

Huh, even if the old lady I called a cowboy!

Gu Xi clapped her hands cleverly and turned

to leave, he was a little hesitant at the moment, maybe a hundred dollars would give him more.

It made me so hurt! Bad review!

She copied Grandpa Mao and replaced Grandpa Zhang Lu.

After some entanglement, Gu Xi sneaked out of the suite sneakily, for fear of being seen.

Yu Tingchen woke up refreshingly, and there was no one beside him.

The man reached out and rubbed his hair, pondering the indulgence and madness of last night.

Although it was designed by someone, the woman… tastes good.

Yu Tingchen picked up the pajamas at the head of the bed and prepared to take a bath. A green banknote was pressed underneath, and there was a note. The handwriting was quite beautiful:

pornographic, service fee for you! keep the change!

Finally, a star was drawn: one star bad review!

Yu Tingchen picked up the crumpled piece of money, and his face was suddenly black and scary. Dead girl, is he worth a dollar? Dare to question his level? Who was so cheerful last night?

Let him find her, and definitely make her change to five stars!

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