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Chapter 13 Always This Unconcerned

He slightly squinted his eyes and, when he could no longer see the mother-son pair, instantly hung them down to conceal the loneliness that briefly appeared in them. Returning his focus to the laptop on his lap, he looked at his half-finished homework. He felt somewhat vexed and decided to turn the laptop off.

A middle-aged man in a suit carefully opened the rear door of the extended Lincoln and showed the dessert he had purchased for the boy.

“Young master, your dessert.”

The butler carefully unwrapped its packaging and passed the cake to him, along with a fork.

The boy received them indifferently. Staring at the delectable dessert, the scene of the boy’s smiling face as he hugged his toy still appeared in his mind. Suddenly, he had no appetite.

“Not eating.” He pushed the dessert aside and coldly ordered, “Let’s go.”

The butler, Uncle Qiao, stared at him blankly. He proceeded to clean up and throw the uneaten cake into a trash can by the road, and boarded the vehicle.

The vehicle rode off into the distance.

Night fell.

The Mu Group. The office of the chief executive officer (CEO).

Entering one’s sight were luxurious fixtures, stylish and elegant, extravagant to the core.

A man stood still by the window, his vigorous figure tall and slender. With a towering height of 1.89 meters, his presence was overbearing.

He expressionlessly looked into the distance, at the city’s bustling nightscape, with slightly furrowed brows and distant eyes.

Mu Wanrou slowly pushed the door ajar and saw the figure silently standing by the French window. The corners of her mouth formed a gentle arch.

This man held the highest power in the Mu Group. He was the son of the chairman of a conglomerate, the chief executive officer of an empire, the Mu family’s Mu Yazhe, and, her fiancé.

They might not have held a wedding ceremony yet, but she was already the Mu family’s young mistress in name. Their future wedding would definitely be grand and magnificent; the greatest sensation of the century.

This man was also a sensation within the upper class of society. Many young ladies from well-known families were attracted to him. When she recalled today’s headlines about the dating rumors between Mu Yazhe and a diva, Mu Wanrou was madly jealous!

In the eyes of an outsider, she was the future young mistress of the Mu Group. Who would know that Mu Yazhe and she were only husband and wife in name but not in actuality?

This man was extremely cold to her.

This put her in an extremely awkward situation.

Mu Wanrou placed her handbag lightly on the sofa and gingerly walked to his behind. She reached out her arms to gently cuddle his fit body, and leaned her face on his broad, strong back.


His eyes regained focus. He tilted his face while maintaining his composure. Under the cool lights, his facial contour was prominent and his clean-cut features were a masterpiece. He had handsome brows and an attractive jaw. The best part of his face was his alluring, deep-set, almond-shaped eyes with pupils as dark as an obsidian, which could shake the heart and soul of many.

This was a handsome and mature man. His handsomeness was not just something on the surface; although his cold face looked young, he gave off the innate aura of an emperor, haughty and domineering, naturally perfect.

He appeared imposing with every move he made, just like emperors and overlords high above the masses in ancient times. With a wave of his hand, he could dictate everything.

Just by his presence, one would know that he was a man who had braved many storms – a man with a cold nature.

“Grandpa let me come to ask you. Are you going back to the Mu residence tomorrow night?”

His eyebrows slightly twitched, and a nonchalant voice came out from his lips, “No.”

She noticed his lukewarm expression and stole a glance at the paperwork piled up on his desk. She asked, with a tiny voice, “Zhe… Did I disturb you?”

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