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Chapter 14 Fiancée Only in Name

She noticed his lukewarm expression and stole a glance at the paperwork piled up on his desk. She asked, with a tiny voice, “Zhe… Did I disturb you?”

Even though she was set to be his wife, even if she was already the legitimate young mistress of the Mu family, when facing this unfathomable man, she still had to mind her every move. Despite growing up with him, she felt that she had never truly entered his heart.

Their engagement led her to think once more that she was the luckiest woman in the entire world. She deeply loved this man, but, ironically, she never understood him entirely.

Even though he was her future husband, he was usually not concerned about her. He was like this even on their first meeting. Actually, he was like this to everyone. He was domineering, prideful, and callous; she had never seen him be affectionate to anyone – except for Yichen, that was.

Only in front of Yichen would he conceal his overbearing aura.

Mu Yazhe’s thin lips slightly crooked. His ice-cold voice bore a tinge of tenderness when he answered, “No.”

Mu Wanrou smiled a little and rejoiced inside for his slight concern, her eyes overflowing with immense love.

She slowly went around to his front and, with arms stretching out seductively, hung on to his shoulders intimately. Her voluptuous body alluringly closed in toward his chest. She inched closer to his attractive face with half-closed eyes and sent a kiss toward his thin, attractive lips.

Mu Yazhe’s slanted eyes stared vacantly at her. Jolting his face aside, her kiss landed on his jaw instead.

Dumbfounded, Mu Wanrou raised her brows and looked up, only to see him glancing indifferently somewhere else. The corners of her lips bitterly furled.

She laughed at herself silently. Yes, how could she forget? Although they were going to be husband and wife, his lips were always a forbidden area. No one was allowed to touch them. The two of them were just acting according to circumstances and were merely together for formality; he had no exceptions for other women.

Mu Wanrou was very angry. She cupped his face with both her hands as tears foamed in her eyes from resentment.

“Zhe… Do you love me? Answer me honestly. Do you really love me, or are you just following your grandfather’s wishes? Are you just treating our marriage as an order?”

Despite her holding it in all the time, the news of him dating another woman in a magazine today still made her angry and sad!

She was unable to bear watching him, a god-like man in her heart, be taken a share of by another!

There was no change in emotion in Mu Yazhe’s calm demeanor; it was still as cold as snow. He did not know why his thoughts were on the hundred-billion-yuan development project instead of on Mu Wanrou, who was standing before him.

Mu Wanrou was indignant and attempted to kiss him a second time. He effortlessly turned his face and dodged her, shunning her far away.

“Wanrou, stop fooling around.”

Mu Wanrou let out a bitter laugh, her heart somewhat dreary. She already knew that he would dodge her, yet it still hurt. He had never kissed her once or any other woman for the matter.

The capital’s young master Mu had a heart of stone. There were many women around him who were attracted to him, yet none of them was special.

Even she, his legitimate fiancée, the woman closest to him, was never given an exception.

Did he really love her, or was he treating her as a comfort to his loneliness?

Perhaps, it was not even that. Was he even willing to act with her?

She did not suspect this only once. If grandpa had not decided their engagement, if this marriage was not established on his wishes, this man would probably not have looked at her more than once.

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