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Chapter 1 car accident to rebirth

“Su Zi, now I am the heir to the Xia family. I really want to thank you, if not you, I am not so easy to take this position. But Su Zi, you It’s just that a civilian woman doesn’t deserve to enter my house. I’m going to be engaged with Bai Jiaqianjin now. What should I do? If you are so powerful, if you hate me and go to your opponent’s company because of love, it will be very distressing. “”

“Your parents are here too, just right. I don’t know if they know about us, but just to go with you just in case. Don’t blame me. If you blame it, you’re the one who gave birth to you.” A filial daughter.”

“You love me so much, willing to sacrifice everything for me, then sacrifice again, die. Farewell, dear Su Zi.”

His voice on the phone was still so familiar and gentle, but transparent The biting cold and vicious. At the next moment, the two vehicles in the plan collided, and the fire was skyrocketing.

Su Zi awakened suddenly, sweating. Into the eyes is a strange white ward, filled with a pungent smell of disinfectant, dizzy, but… I am still alive? What about parents? Are they there too?

No, no, this is not my body. what is the problem? Su Zi frowned, and countless memory fragments hit her mind, and it took a while to realize.

It turned out that she was really dead, but just reborn on this body. The owner of the body is Su Zibao, one of the four giants of Haicheng, Miss Su’s family. Because she was dissatisfied with the family marriage, she jumped on the sea on the luxury luxury ship this morning to escape marriage. Unfortunately, she drowned and was picked up by her.

Su Zi looked around in the ward, picked up the remote control near the bedside table and turned on the LCD TV, continuously changing several channels.

She was also the director of Yunting Entertainment in her last life, and a well-known entertainment planner in the circle. There will be news broadcasts on the news of her death. is fake! Everything is fake! No, Xia Chengye will not do this to me.

“Ms. Su Zi and her parents, all of them were killed, and none were spared. They mourn deeply…”

Finally, Su Zi’s eyes stayed on the TV, her white and soft fingers clutching at the white sheets tightly, shaking violently beyond her control.

True, this is not a nightmare. A boyfriend who has been in love for eight years, a well-planned car accident, buried her and her parents’ lives. And all this is just because he wants to get engaged with Baijia Qianjin.

Su Zi has known Xia Chengye for eight years and thought he would one day marry him. But he used her to get the Xia family’s inheritance rights, the first thing was to kill her, and marry a celebrity who was in the same family as him.

Eight years of love are all scams, she is just like a joke, she did not find his indifferent. He became his secret girlfriend for eight years, sacrificed everything he devoted himself, and the result was such a result.

I hate it! Xia Chengye, you are waiting. God didn’t let me die. Su Zi swears that in this life, I must avenge my parents and myself.

“Huh, how could there be the sound of a TV, baby! Baby, you are awake!” a lady walked in and pushed in the door, rejoicing.

Su Zi looked at her and had just learned from her memory that this person was the physical mother, Lin Xuejiao.

The original owner Su Zibao can be described as a stupid and miserable young lady, Lin Xuejiao especially spoiled her. Su Zibao used to be a little girl when she was in high school. Lin Xuejiao helped her clean up the mess. The mother-daughter relationship is very good.

Su Zibao has no intentions. She is the temperament of a young lady who has no one in her eyes.

Su Zibao’s father, Su Guoqiang, was old-fashioned and serious. He hated the girl for sending her abroad to study abroad and cut off her financial resources. Unexpectedly, this was also calculated. The arranged scum man deliberately approached Su Zibao. Su Zibao was so obsessed with him that he had reached the point of not marrying.

However, Su Zibao had booked a baby kiss with the three young masters of the Pei family from an early age. This time, he was forced to come back to get married. Su Zi thought of a sudden dizziness in her brain, how did she fall into the sea, and how did her memory just break here? Are there any hidden feelings?

Su Zibao also has a sister named Su Jiaxin, which is also carved out of Su Zibao’s model. Like her temper, she has no intentions and is stupid and arrogant. Parents have bad feelings. In addition to their sisters, there are a pair of illegitimate siblings.

Su Guoqiang prefers sensible illegitimate sibling siblings and dislikes Su Zibao.

Just thinking Su Zibao shook, and fainted again.

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