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Chapter 1 Let Young Master Accept You

Mid-level luxury residential area.

“Hello, my name is Han Ruo.” The woman stood in the hall, her hands folded and tense.

She came to apply for a nanny, and the employer is the father of her biological son.

What she had to take care of was the child who was born after nine deaths and was taken away.


The man looked through the information, raised his eyes, and looked at the former woman with exquisite eyes.

Han Ruo has concealed her previous appearance, wearing a pair of old-fashioned black-framed glasses on the bridge of her nose.

“If you want to successfully apply for this position, there is only one condition, that is, the young master accepts you and is willing to let you stay.”

The man’s voice was faint, and his face was cold and gloomy.

Han Ruo nodded quickly, “Yes, I understand.”

I was about to see my son, who was taken away from birth, and she was so nervous that she sweated in the palm of her hand.

The man stood up, with a height of one meter and nine, and a powerful body, with invisible coercion, which made Han Ruo step back subconsciously.

“Huh.” The man’s lips and corners were wicked, and his smiling eyes laughed: “Cowardly stupid woman, I’m afraid it won’t stay long.”


Inexplicably scolded, Han Ruo’s fingers tightened one by one, and the knuckles were white.

She was about to refute, and at the next moment, a touch of Jiao Didi suddenly sounded: “Zicong.”

The woman walked in from outside the door, her sharp eyes fixed on Han Ruo’s flat and uncommon face, her eyes became gentle, no hostility, and her voice was beautiful: “Who is this?”

Han Ruo was also looking at each other, his eyes flashed in surprise.

This is Mo Zicong’s girlfriend, probably her son’s future stepmother?

“Beichen’s babysitter.”

Mo Zicong’s eyes fell on the woman, a rare tenderness: “Why are you here, I originally planned to pick you up in the past?”

“I sent the laptop to Beichen by the way. You know, he is a technology fan and he likes this kind of electronic products best.

The man’s eyebrows twisted. “He’s got a skin, don’t follow him like that.”

Su Anran smiled brightly: “No, if I can really please Beichen, I will do whatever I want. You give it to him, don’t tell him that I sent it, or else he smashed it again.”

“You.” Mo Zicong shook his head, holding the laptop, and suddenly turned to Han Ruo.

“If Beichen can take over this computer, and can also agree to let you stay, you can take on the role of nanny.”

“Be careful, Beichen has a short temper, don’t let him hurt you.” Su Anran said with concern.

“Okay, thank you Miss Su for your concern.”

Han Ruo held the laptop and responded politely, but secretly felt a little nervous in his heart.

Is her son really grumpy?

“Come with me.” The butler stepped forward and motioned to Han Ruo to follow him upstairs.

“Yes.” Han Ruo glanced at Su Anran and turned to keep up.

Only she knew that at this time, her heart was undulating.

Behind the woman’s Jiao Didi’s voice came: “Zicong, let’s go quickly, lest the party be late.”

Upstairs, in the aisle, the housekeeper handed her over to Aunt Xu, who grew up taking care of Mo Beichen.

“This is Han Ruo, Young Master’s new nanny.”

Aunt Xu greeted him and whispered: “Young Master is getting upset, you need to be careful to prevent him from hitting you with something.”

“…” Han Ruo was stunned and asked weakly: “Does it hurt you when you get up?”

“Of course, he has been smashed several times before. In short, you should be careful.”

Aunt Xu led Han Ruo into the bedroom.

The little devil of the mixed world sat on the bed with a quilt, and his eyes were wet and charming like little elk, looking at the woman who came in curiously.

It’s him! Han Ruo was dumbfounded for a while.

His pink and tender flicked face, long eyelashes, tall nose bridge, and cherry mouth.

If it wasn’t for the chill that came out of his eyes like his father, Han Ruo would think it was a little princess, her little replica.

“Little Master.” Aunt Xu was careful to accompany: “This is the new nanny.”

“New?” The little devil lifted the quilt and stood up.

He Luo slept, his naked body appeared in front of the woman’s eyes, and opened his arms: “Come over and wait for Ben to dress.”

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