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Chapter 10 Costs to Feed Dogs

Su Liya told Han Li that Su Zibao’s dowry is half of the entire Su family’s property. They don’t know the exact number, but they are definitely tens of millions. Up.

He used to be so forgiving for Su Zibao’s dowry, but now Su Zibao has already married others, and he has to get some benefit anyway, otherwise he will lose money.

“Are you ill! My sister is still using your money? Don’t joke, my sister used to spend money on you, otherwise you, a poor student, will wear a name brand. Now that you’ve broken up, it’s the former flower Dogs are sold, why are you so sorry to ask my sister for money? Five million, you dare to speak up! I said my mother gave you half a million, why don’t you, and thought you really like my sister, rich and incapable of sex , Dare to love you is too little, I ah!” Su Jiaxin scolded disdainfully.

Han Liji blinked his eyes, like a gambler who lost, and said crazy, “How can you, the mistresses, understand my suffering. You are born with everything, and why do you have any straw bales, but like People like me have to struggle at the bottom. I would have been born in a big family! Five million, if you don’t give it, you don’t want to go out to the wedding! Without the bride, I see how your wedding will continue!”

“Why are you so shameless…” Su Jiaxin wanted to scold again, but was pulled by Su Zibao and shook his head slightly at her.

This world has never been fair. Su Zi in the previous life is only an ordinary family background, but still relying on hard work in a high position in the career. A big man, with hands and feet, does not struggle well, and even if he wants to rely on a woman, he would be embarrassed to complain about world injustice?

But now Han Ligou jumps off the wall. In order to prevent him from doing irrational things, he should not force him.

“Okay, I can give you five million, but I haven’t brought five million now. In this way, you let us go out, and I will write a check for you.” Su Zibao said, “Only my mother has a check, there are Credit card, bank card, our sisters have nothing.”

Su Zibao didn’t tell lies. The expenses of the two sisters were managed by her mother. The mother was very generous with the daughters, and she never bought less luxury goods.

“No! What if you go out and don’t recognize the account!” Han Li vetoed.

Su Zibao nodded, “Then I will be left hostage, let my sister go to get a check, so it’s

okay ?” “Sister!” Su Jiaxin pulled her sleeve, whispered, “The wedding is about to start, wait for ten thousand I’m in trouble as soon as I’m late. Or you go to Mom to get a check, I’m hostage here.” At

this time, this sister still considers herself like this, Su Zibao’s heart is warm. She was the only daughter in the previous life, but now, she has a sister!

In this life, she will protect her sister and her loved ones.

“No, I can’t leave you alone with him.” Su Zibao firmly refused. She herself began to regret that she was too reckless just now, and the two women came to Han Li. Unexpectedly, Han Li looked polite and elegant, and would act so shamelessly.

Han Li weighed it and said, “Okay, Su Jiaxin can go out and get a check. But I only wait for you for ten minutes. If you can’t get a check or expose things in ten minutes, I will… I will…”

Han Li He glanced around and suddenly picked up the knife on the side table, threatening fiercely, “I’ll cut her face!”

“Jiaxin, go quickly.” Su Zibao shouted immediately. The man is crazy.

Su Jiaxin was also scared by the bright knife, glanced at her sister, and quickly pushed the door and ran out. In fact, she didn’t know what to do herself. Did she not tell Mom to take the check or tell Mom to let her handle it? What if that guy is not good for her sister?

Su Jiaxin hesitated while thinking and suddenly reacted, what am I thinking? Five million, such a large sum of money, not the usual tens of thousands of dollars to buy a bag. If I don’t say a reason, how can my mother give me? In other words, my sister wanted me to tell my mother!

After Su Jiaxin left, only Su Zibao and Han Li were left in the room. This is a very ordinary room with sofas and dining tables. There is a window on the side of the sea. You can enjoy wine and dinner while enjoying the sea view.

With a dignified atmosphere, Su Zibao sat alertly on the corner of the sofa and distanced herself from Han, thinking that he was really reckless this time.

Never make this mistake again next time!

Han Li was staring at Su Zibao to prevent her from running away, but her eyes changed. Su Zibao is pretty good, once evaluated as a vase by the celebrity circle, although it is a derogatory term, but it is enough to explain her beauty.

Coupled with today’s marriage and dressing up carefully, the city is absolutely stunning, the country is fragrant, and the beauty is beautiful.

Han Li couldn’t help but watch, suddenly thought, he is really stupid! Su Zibao has been with him for so long, but he has never been to her.

If she was her first man, if she was pregnant with his child, would Pei Yi still want to marry her?

He can divorce even if he is married, he still has a chance! As long as he gets the woman in front of him.

Thinking of this, Han Li’s eyes were fiery.

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