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Chapter 11 The most fearless thing for me is trouble

I was not afraid of Su Pei Sanshao. The trouble is that Su Zibao also felt that Han Li was not looking at his eyes, and when he felt a sigh, Han Li threw himself up.

With both hands held down, Su Zibao couldn’t move, “Han Li, what are you doing? Are you crazy?”

“If I were your son’s father, you still want to marry me, you want to marry Pei Yi! Dream!” Han Li sneered, so he must come up and kiss.

Su Zibao said, “Are you sick? Now, what time is it? I thought I could get married if I was pregnant. Even if I accidentally get pregnant, I won’t want you to kill me!”

“I don’t care!” Han Lizhuangruo has been controlled by greed.

Even if Su Zibao was born again, he was just a weak woman, and he was not his opponent at all. Fortunately, the wedding dress worth a lot of gold was very reliable.

While Han Li took the knife and wanted to pierce the wedding dress, Su Zibao saw the opportunity to kick in his crotch. He suddenly bowed his body and twisted his aching face.

Su Zibao took the opportunity to run outside the door!

But after only one step, the other party grabbed her wedding dress and Su Zibao fell to the ground with a puff.

“Your little bitch dare to kick me!” Han Li was so sweaty because of a pain in his foot that his anger was pressing on Su Zibao.

Before waiting for his hands, the door of the room rattled and Pei Yi appeared in the door in a white dress.

“Pei Yi, save me!” Su Zibao shouted quickly. I thought it was my mother, but I didn’t expect it to be him.

He was dressed in a well-cut white suit, with a sneer on his handsome white face, and his narrow and long eyes were full of ruthlessness.

Han Li was surprised, and immediately said, “We are cheating! It is she who seduce me first!”

Your uncle, at this time, the old lady will be dragged into the water.

“Oh, is it? Cheating?” Pei Yi walked in and closed the door, walked directly to Su Zibao, kicked Han Li over.

Su Zibao quickly got up and was about to explain to Pei Yi that he wasn’t cheating. When he saw the other person punching Han Li in the face, he said fiercely, “What kind of thing do you deserve to cheat with my Pei Yi woman!”

” Yes… it was she who seduce me first…” Han Li, the soft egg, pushed everything on Su Zibao at this time. It seems that Pei Yi just passed by and should not know the whole story.

Pei Yi carried his collar, his handsome face was full of anger, and a knee hit his lower abdomen. “Really? You say it again!”

Han Li’s body shivered, and her speech was unfavorable, “She… …Seduce me…”

“Bang Bang!” Pei Yi moved like a cloud of water, beating the handless chicken Han Li like a punching bag, almost fierce, Su Zibao looked at his posture is definitely not lacking fight.

Han Li’s bruised nose was swollen and covered with blood.

The smile on Pei Yi’s face was still the same, but he was as horrible as a demon. “I’ll say it again!”

“Yes… she…”

Waiting for Han Li to finish, Pei Yi stepped on his finger and grinded, Su Zibao next to them heard the clicking sound, and I really don’t know how hard Pei Yi used.

“Ah! Broken! It’s me! It’s me!” Han Li shouted in pain, never daring to speak hard again.

Pei Yi kicked him away with a single kick, without looking at him again, and turned to look at Su Zibao, who was still in shock.

“Thank you.” Su Zibao said sincerely. If it was not Pei Yi, she did not know what would happen.

Pei Yi’s sharp eyebrows slightly raised, “You are my woman, such a small character, you don’t need you to come forward in person.” The

voice is magnetic, a little dissatisfied, a little blamed.

“I don’t want to cause you trouble.” Su Zibao lowered his head, his attitude was very low. She was rescued just now, and she was very grateful to Pei Yi.

Pei Yi stretched his index finger slightly into Su Zibao’s eyebrows, Su Zibao whispered in pain, and saw a thin lip line lifted slightly, revealing a daunting and arrogant smile, “My little Pei, the least fear is trouble.”

Su Zibao rubbed the place where he was shot in the forehead, honestly following the words of people, “Well, yes, I will definitely help you find more trouble next time.”

Pei Yi whispered, holding Su Zibao’s little waist toward the door Go outside. Su Zibao glanced back at the muddy Han Li on the ground and said, “How does he deal with it?”

Pei Yi didn’t squint. “Someone will pick it up.”

Since Pei Yi took over, Su Zibao didn’t have to worry. When the two went out of the room, they saw Su Jiaxin waiting at the door with an anxious expression, and looked at Su Zibao before he was relieved: “Sister, you are fine. I was just going to find our mother, and I hit Pei Sanshao, he said To redeem you with money, I really thank Pei

Sanshao ‘s five million…” Su Jiaxin was scared. The appearance of Han Li just now is really terrible.

Su Zibao couldn’t help smiling, it turned out to be the case. As for the five million, how could it be, not to mention Pei Yi, their Su family would never give it.

That kind of scumbag, it would be cheaper to beat him.

With that, Su Jiaxin also stretched his neck and glanced inwards. When he saw Han Li with bruises all over the ground, he was shocked, “This… what’s going on?”

“He beat him.” Su Zibao pointed to the calm Pei beside him Yi.

Su Jiaxin immediately applauded, “Awesome! Brother-in-law is too powerful!”

This little nizi, who just returned to Pei Sanshao, changed her mind with the enemy at the sight of Han Li’s miserable behavior.

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