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Chapter 2 Jumping into the sea to escape marriage

“I told you not to force the baby. This is all right. You force the baby to jump into the sea and still lie in bed! If there is a baby Three long and two short, I’m desperate with you!” Lin Xuejiao roared.

“That’s because she didn’t grow up and jumped into the sea! The Pei family is still in the sky. If it wasn’t for the marriage that the old man left, do you think people can count on her?” Su Guoqiang was also angry and said angrily: “The old man said, Su Zibao married Give Pei’s family half of her property as a dowry! If the marriage fails, she won’t get anything.”

“Anyway, my words are here! If Su Zibao can’t marry Pei Yi, she will disobey her grandfather’s last wish. If I want to elope with the poor boy who doesn’t know where, I will be without this daughter! Get rid of her immediately!”

“You…you are really so cruel! That’s your own daughter!” Lin Xuejiao screamed , Pushed to Su Guoqiang, sister Su Jiaxin and illegitimate daughter Su Liya quickly pull the frame, four people in a mess.

Su Zi just woke up and heard their dispute. The maintenance of the mother, the support of the younger sister, the disappointment of the father, and the hypocrisy of the illegitimate daughter Su Liya, everything is very clear.

It turned out that her marriage was related to inheritance of family property. No wonder so many people didn’t want her to marry Pei’s family. The scum man who deliberately approached her was only afraid to come for dowry. From the experience of her previous life, she can see from the memory that she has no feelings for the original owner, but it is just a joy.

In the rebirth of life, Su Zi will naturally not let himself be planted in the hands of scum men. It is absolutely impossible for her to go to the scum man for elopement, not to escape marriage for him.

So now it is this precarious marriage that is before us.

According to Su, if he could not marry Pei Yi, he would be kicked out of the Su family. Although her ability is enough to survive, facing Xia Chengye who has stood at the peak, revenge is far away.

If she can continue this marriage, she is the eldest lady of the Su family and the third grandmother of the Pei family. As far as the memory knows, the Xia family is better than the Su family, but not as good as the Pei family.

This is a great opportunity. In order to use her, Xia Chengye feared that she would get rid of it when she went to the rival company, or that her parents would kill her family if she was suspected!

In his mind, power and wealth are the most important, she is just a tool for his purpose. She must take the things he valued most by hand and wait until he has nothing left before stepping on him to get rid of hatred.

Yun Ting Entertainment, Xia Family, Xia Chengye, will never let go!

The first step in revenge is not to let yourself get kicked out, otherwise you can’t protect yourself. She needs the identity of Su Jiaqianjin, the identity of Pei’s daughter-in-law, and the rich dowry represented by this marriage.

Su Zibao, you are dead. Let me Su Zi live for you, from now on, I am Su Zibao!

I will also take on the responsibilities of your body, as if I thank you for giving me a second life.

Having figured out the most urgent task at this time, Su Zibao opened his eyes, scanned the crowd, and said, “Everyone misunderstood. I didn’t jump into the sea to escape marriage. I fell into the sea when looking at the scenery. I was very satisfied with Pei Sanshao. Marriage, I never thought of dissolving the marriage contract, which worried my parents.” The

plain words instantly stunned all the people who had just quarreled.

“Baby, what do you say? Are you really suicidal? But Su Liya said you jumped into the sea just to escape marriage?” Lin Xuejiao looked at Su Zibao in surprise, holding her in her arms, “Baby, don’t be afraid, If you really don’t want to marry, your mom won’t let you marry. Your dad doesn’t care about you, you still have mom, mom won’t let my baby daughter live on the street. I will give you my private house money when you don’t want it. I’m afraid, my mother won’t force you…”

Su Zibao’s eyes turned red for a moment, and she couldn’t help but fall down holding Lin Xuejiao’s tears, “Mom…” She didn’t have much recognition for this body, but Lin Xuejiao’s remarks Zi Zi made Su Zi think of his parents who died in a car accident.

Although she only grew up in an ordinary family in the last life, her parents also loved the single daughter in her palms. As a result, she had never seen them before she could filial piety.

Xia Chengye! I swear, if I don’t kill you scum in this life, I’m going to lose my life. Lin Xuejiao in front of you, thank you, thank you for letting me wake up and have loved ones again. This time, I will never let anyone hurt my loved ones!

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